The Run Away Pastor: Jonah The Prophet Flees from Preaching at the Crusade

The Run Away Pastor: Jonah The Prophet Flees from Preaching at the Crusade

by Mrs. Nadine A M Brown-Morris


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The Run Away Pastor is intended to let you know that it is ok to be scared when you get the call from God to inform you that he has chosen to send you on an important mission for him.

I write this book just to remind you that you cannot run from the Almighty God. He is everywhere, he knows everything and sees everything.

I Nadine Brown-Morris must admit I ran too from God's call on my life because I did not understand what was happening to me and I knew too much about people, places and things without anyone telling me anything and so I got scared and ran for many years and I took comfort in a misleading message from the Pastor of the Church I attended Title "Justification by Faith!" and did I Justify sinning, yes I did.

I did want to acknowledge I knew anything about anything until I was led to a Charismatic Faith Believing Church years later and saw the prophetic Anointing in operation through modern day Apostles in a Five-Fold ministry.

Even though your family and loved ones might now understand God will make it plain to them what he is doing but remember the Holy Scripture says in St. Mark 6:24 and St. Luke 4: 24. I encourage Get back to the call of God on your life. Sometimes like the Prophet Jonah Pastors also run away from the call of God for their lives. I too ran away for many years ago from God's call on my life.

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About the Author

My name is Nadine Brown-Morris and I am a follower of Jesus Christ presently applying the Apostles Doctrine according to the Book of Act Chapter 2 and Verse 42 Holy Bible to my daily life and pressing towards the mark of the higher calling of God Almighty our Sovereign Lord even though it is not easy because the devil desire to sift me like wheat.

I was called by God as a Prophetess. You might notice that you are also operating in the Prophetic Anointing and I also know the adversary is setting traps for my readers and I am praying for you today knowing that God will raise up any boy or a girl, even a donkey to deliver a word to change your life so that when the day of destruction comes to you just because of these prayers and words of encouragement your deliverance and protection will be sure through supernatural intervention of the Almighty God where miracles just happen for you.

Often when there is a low point in my life and I recall the story of Jonah written in the Holy Scripture in the Old Testament of the BIBLE I take comfort in Jonah's experience of how God will remain constant on his assignments and that we cannot run from God.

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