The Run Away Persimmon

The Run Away Persimmon

by Suzanne Coomber


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ISBN-13: 9781449009113
Publisher: AuthorHouse
Publication date: 09/10/2009
Pages: 20
Product dimensions: 8.50(w) x 11.00(h) x 0.05(d)

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The Run Away Persimmon

By Suzanne Coomber


Copyright © 2009 Suzanne Coomber
All right reserved.

ISBN: 978-1-4490-0911-3

Chapter One

Once upon a time there was a kind, loving grandmother and her cute, joyful grand daughter named Shelby.

One Saturday morning, grandma met Shelby and her mommy and daddy at the Farmer's Market. The market was full of colorful fruits, vegetables, pastries and the lively Farmer's Market Musicians.

Grandma was watching the musicians play and sing when Shelby arrived in her wagon. Her mommy and daddy had filled the wagon with sweet strawberries, crunchy apples, juicy grapes, big artichokes and dark green broccoli.

I first saw grandma and Shelby walking hand in hand to the table where I was sitting with my friends from the farm. You see, I am a Persimmon and my name is Peter. I was fresh picked yesterday by farmer Jones and he brought a whole box of us to the market to sell.

My friends and I are very popular this time of year because it is the only time that we are full grown, ripe and ready to do our job.

We are ready to be picked in the fall of the year when the leaves turn into beautiful colors of yellow, orange, red and brown. This happens before Thanksgiving which means that we are a special holiday fruit. We grow in large trees and turn a bright orange when to be picked.

I was very happy when grandma picked me up and put me in her big basket with myfriends the corn and apples. We then all went off to the pastry stand to buy Shelby a cookie.

Along the way we stopped to listen to the market musicians. Grandma was tapping her toe and Shelby was smiling and clapping her hands. I was so excited to be in their family and the thought of going home with them made me very happy.

I was wondering how I would be used. I decided that I would like to be made into a big persimmon cookie with lots of my friends the nut and raisins. I would be able to live at Shelby's house and maybe travel to school with her in the lunch box. Boy, that would be so much fun!

Shelby was looking at me in the basket and picked me up in her warm little hands. I must have laughed or wiggled because all of a sudden I left her hands and found myself rolling very fast out into the middle of the market.

I was rolling up and down and around and around. All I could see were the shopper's feet. I was frightened, alone and sad because I thought I would never see Shelby again.

Just then I heard Shelby cry out, "grandma, grandma the persimmon is running away." A friendly lady caught me in her hands and brought me back to Shelby who gently put me into the big, safe basket.

I heard grandma say, "I'm so glad the persimmon was not hurt and that we can bring them all home for Thanksgiving. They are so beautiful and will make a lovely arrangement to look at before they get soft and are ready to make delicious persimmon cookies."

Peter the persimmon was happy to know that he would be going to grandma's house to stay and would be able to see Shelby again.

His greatest joy was to know that he would be made into delicious cookies and make Shelby's family happy and healthy. He would be enjoyed at tea time, maybe be taken to a Christmas party and perhaps live in Mr. Mixie Dough, the cookie jar, with other cookie friends.

Peter the persimmon was thankful that he did not run away and he lived happily ever after knowing that he was loved and enjoyed by his new family.


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