The Sacred Alchemist: Alchemical Keys to the Ascension

The Sacred Alchemist: Alchemical Keys to the Ascension

by Aurora Juliana Ariel PhD


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The Sacred Alchemist: Alchemical Keys to the Ascension by Aurora Juliana Ariel PhD

The life of the Sacred Alchemist is a Mystical Path, a Grand Adventure as mastery is gained and the highest potential attained. Life becomes so much more glorious than ever imagined when the Art of Sacred Alchemy is incorporated and all adverse conditions are transformed. It is a Sacred Journey where a High Destiny is won and where every dark night gives way to a glorious new potential.

In this book, masterful alchemical keys are given that allow life to be lived so richly and where great fulfillment is realized. An abundant life, where the bountiful gifts of Spirit weave their magic into our Sacred Destiny and purpose for being here. Everything makes sense as the deepest aspects of our Divine Nature is unveiled. Like a treasure hunt in the deep jungles of the human psyche, jewels beyond price are retrieved as the human self is transformed. It is then we can partake of the majesty and grace of a Benevolent Kingdom, seeing with new eyes and living in our truth, the blessing of which is a never ending treasure trove of sacred experiences. As we enter the new reality, everything changes and the world around us transforms. The future becomes brighter and all challenges resolve.

This is a heroes journey to the most sacred part of the Self, a trek ancient ones walked before us to attain the Illumination that enlightened the world. This is a path unique to each one, a sacred tryst with our Illumined Self to bring our most Sacred Offerings to an awakening world, unveiling the Inner Truth that is the greatest treasure of all.

"Sacred Alchemy helps put the soul on a more benevolent path to ever more beneficent futures. I have great hope that as more utilize this art of healing, we will witness a complete transforma- tion of the planet & a Heaven on Earth experience." -Bernadette Jean- Marie, CHT, Board of Director, Temple of Sacred Alchemy

"Aurora is one of the most powerful healers & insightful expe- rienced teachers I have ever met. She has dedicated her entire life to creating solution driven tools so that anyone can access the highest possible outcomes when working with her. Her Sacred Alchemy healing & Sacred Alchemist programs address the most difficult life situations & bring healing in all areas." -Turiya Vallis, Therapist, Cofounder &Host of Awakening Heart Network

"Any one who experiences Sacred Alchemy & embarks on their own personal journey with TheQuest, will experience a won- derful & fascinating world within themselves. Once access is made & the transformations are felt, one can begin the process of discovering who they are & where they are from. The work is glorious & the benefits are nothing less than reclaiming one's life. Dr. Aurora Ariel shares her life's work & with unfailing energy, provides the blueprint for Self Actualization." -Luke Garvey, LCSW, TheQuest Life Coach/Counselor, Georgia

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ISBN-13: 9781547283118
Publisher: CreateSpace Publishing
Publication date: 06/08/2017
Pages: 158
Product dimensions: 6.00(w) x 1.25(h) x 9.00(d)

About the Author

#1 Bestselling Author, Creator of The Quest, and Award Winning Author of the Earth 2012-33 series, Aurora is a pioneering doctor whose research and work have given her a profound understanding of the psyche and the tools to heal an ailing humanity. A living testimony of her own work, she is now sharing her Alchemical Keys with the global community, helping others realize a Higher Destiny than the fate their human programs would dictate. Dedicating her life to the advancement of humanity into an Age of Freedom, Enlightenment and Peace, she founded a vast humanitarian endeavor with 7 vehicles.

Aurora was awakened in her teens to a planetary conscience that inspired her mission and dedicated her life to the healing and advancement of humanity. At that young age, she received an extraordinary Divine Sponsorship that helped guide her destiny, giving her a vast body of knowledge, deep understanding of global conditions, their underlying causes and remedies, and an exceptional healing ability that has resulted in countless transformed lives since she was 16. Aurora holds over 38 certificates and degrees in advanced healing methods as well as a BA, MA, and PhD in Psychology. She is also a Kahuna in the Hawaiian Tradition, successor of Shaolin Grand Master Pang in the Morna Simeona Lineage.

Inspired to translate her knowledge into healing and life transforming media productions, Dr. Ariel set up her own multimedia company, AEOS, which released 34 products in seven collections of healing inspired music, books, and audio CDs since 2008, including her award winning first book, Earth 2012-33: The Ultimate Quest, which highlights TheQuest as a remedy for a world in transition. To date she has authored 8 books (and co-authored 2 more), produced and narrated 47 audio CDs, and produced 16 music CDs, 15 of which she co-composed and sang on. A host of exciting music, books, and films are soon to follow.

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