The Saint (Gaunt's Ghost Series)

The Saint (Gaunt's Ghost Series)

by Dan Abnett
4.9 9


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The Saint (Gaunt's Ghost Series) 4.9 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 9 reviews.
PainFrame 6 months ago
Great book, sure as sure. Dan Abnett is the writer that introduced me to the Warhammer 40K universe and to this day he remains one of my favorite Black Library authors. This excellent compilation is a great example of why. His writing is detailed, infectious and what I would call “crunchy”, however you quantify it, this guy can really tell a cool military story and this value packed edition has four novels of the highest quality within. The Saint is actually the second collection of Gaunt’s Ghosts, the first being The Founding. You should start there if you haven’t already. It will only deepen your appreciation of some of the plot twists in this one if you are familiar with these characters already, although this book is easily understandable to the uninitiated. Any fan of war fiction or sci-fi in general will find a lot to love in this under appreciated gem.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
awol360 More than 1 year ago
With each of his books, Dan Abnett proves to be a master of his craft, and the books in The Saint are no exception. Gaunt's Ghosts return the serve the Emperor of Mankind and leave you wanting more. The writing immerses you into the trenches and hardships of battle, and the lives of the Tanith First and Only. One of the greatest things about the book is the realistic way that he treats the characters; It's the lot of an Imperial soldier that they may never return, and those that do are never the same. A must have/must read for anybody who's a fan of Warhammer 40,000!
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
weirddoc More than 1 year ago
Whether you are a fan of Warhammer 40K or just a military buff, the Gaunts Ghost series is a well written, fun and exciting series. Commissar/Colonel Gaunt is a great personality and proves to be exceptionall resourceful. The supporting characters add to the story line and the end result is a riveting series of novels.
Da_Maruader More than 1 year ago
Dan Abnett writing draws you into the story and makes you relate to the characters in the book.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Guest More than 1 year ago
Many book series boast about their legacy. There are none, however, who can boast as mighty a follow up as The Saint. You will be placed amid new, more malicious and ruthless war zones with the new Verghastite and old familiar Tanith Ghosts fighting against the ferocious new Blood Pact soldiers of Chaos. You will see war with all of its loss and ever life consuming danger as never before and know that no one is safe. This book is recommended to anyone read The Founding or any other Black Library books and fans of movies like Wind Talkers.