The Samuel Sessions

The Samuel Sessions

by E. M. Nicolay, H. L. Jang


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Nearly two decades and hundreds of hours of telepathic sessions working with a group of Seventh Dimensional Human Angelic guides have led to this extraordinary compilation of spiritual guidance, essays, and revelations. Intended to assist us to discover a fuller understanding of the Soul's journey, "The Samuel Sessions" brings unique insights to awaken us to our full potential and provide the keys needed to unlock vast mysteries, including a truer vision of the Universe, the real story behind a Soul's extraordinary journey through the Twelve Universal Dimensions and a look into your own relationship to your Higher Self and your guides. Join us as light is shed on the reasons we are currently facing upheaval and transition in a world that is passing through the current period of Ascension, an ancient evolutionary process natural to all Universal beings, time-space waves and celestial bodies. "The Samuel Sessions" offers a bold new perspective on the unwinding of the current timeline and will assist you to understand the truth about how entire Solar Systems and Galaxies evolve to higher dimensional fields. This book is a vital and timely travel guide for use by all Human Angelic Souls navigating the sweeping energies of Ascension.

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ISBN-13: 9781733418201
Publisher: Forethought Publishing
Publication date: 09/06/2019
Series: Essence Path Series , #5
Pages: 210
Sales rank: 455,621
Product dimensions: 5.50(w) x 8.50(h) x 0.44(d)

About the Author

E.M. Nicolay is a gifted internationally-known intuitive, clairvoyant, author, Reiki Master, medical intuitive, workshop leader and professional coach who has dedicated himself to assisting individuals, organizations and businesses to access higher guidance through a better understanding of their Soul’s journey, which he describes as their “Essence” path.

For over a decade, he has worked with thousands of individuals to explore the spiritual, energetic and karmic patterns that influence the manifestation of their day-to-day reality. Early in his “awakened” career, he began assisting several Jungian Psychotherapists with particularly difficult cases, helping them to delve into and solve the metaphysical, karmic and archetypal mysteries hidden within their patients’ specific patterns, phobias and conditions. His reputation as an Intuitive grew quickly as he became known to a wide range of Healers, Metaphysicians, Clerics, individuals and business owners, helping them to better understand their own Essence paths and navigate the realities and hidden patterns they were creating for themselves.

Nicolay’s books, the "DISCOVERING YOUR ESSENCE PATH" series, are an intensive look into the next stage of metaphysical and higher guidance, including how to understand one’s higher purpose, the energetic principles of dis-ease, the multi-dimensional nature of the Soul and the importance of one’s vibrational (energetic) quality, where the resonance of Fear or Faith has a direct impact on the world and life we create for ourselves. His third book, “The System Lords and The Twelve Dimensions” is a detailed look at the universal structure and the concept of Ascension, which he describes as the evolutionary process of the Soul and the Universe as a whole.

His fourth book, “Timeline Collapse & Universal Ascension” continues the extraordinary journey into higher levels of spiritual guidance and awakening. This two-part tale provides us with detailed information concerning the collapse and regeneration of the current Third Dimensional timeline, predictions concerning major world events, and an explanation of why there is a widening rift between those destined to continue on within Third Dimensional incarnations and those destined to Ascend to a higher vibrational version of Earth called Terra. Part Two opens an unprecedented window into the Ascension of Human Angelic Souls with details of life on Fifth Dimensional Terra.?

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