The School Library Media Manager

The School Library Media Manager

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The School Library Media Manager by ABC-CLIO

New AASL guidelines and rapidly changing technologies have precipitated this new edition of Woolls' standard text. Today's library media specialists manage electronic environments and help move teachers and students into the world of Internet resources in addition to maintaining their traditional roles in the media center. Placing the school library media program in the context of recent changes, this work gives practicing media specialists, library students, and anyone considering a career as a media specialist a complete overview of the profession. It covers everything from available education programs and guidelines for selecting a position to all aspects of management (e.g., staff, facility, collection, budget, marketing, evaluation, and planning for the future). A practical and thorough introduction to the field, this work serves well both as a text and a professional resource.

Product Details

ISBN-13: 9781563083181
Publisher: Libraries Unlimited
Publication date: 08/15/1994
Series: Library Science Text Ser.
Edition description: Older Edition
Pages: 336
Product dimensions: 6.00(w) x 1.25(h) x 9.00(d)

About the Author

BLANCHE WOOLLS is Director, School of Library and Information Science, San Jose State University, California, and President, International Association of School Librarianship. She is past president of the American Association of School Libraries and the recipient of the AASL Distinguished Service Award.

Table of Contents

Preface     xi
Acknowledgments     xiii
The School Library Media Center in Today's Global Environment     1
Education in the United States     1
The Education Environment Today     4
Alternatives to Traditional Education     10
The Media Center in the Educational Environment     11
History of School Libraries and Library Media Centers     12
Relationship with Public Libraries     15
Exercises     18
Notes     19
School Library Media Centers Today     21
Collaboration and Integration with the Curriculum     22
Information and Technology/Digital Literacy     22
Information Literacy     23
Technology/Digital Literacy     25
Writing a Technology Plan     26
Online Database Searching     27
Online Public Access Catalogs and Circulation Systems     28
Communications Links     28
Telefacsimile Transmission (Fax) and Internet Access     28
Filtering     29
Local and Wide Area Networks to Wireless     30
Teleconferencing and Distance Education     31
The Role of Library Media Specialists and Critical Thinking Skills     32
A Day in the Life of a High School Media Specialist     34
Exercises     36
Notes     36
Becoming a School Library Media Specialist     39
Preparing School Library Media Specialists     40
Choosing a Library Media Specialist Education Program     44
Obtaining Certification     46
How to Find a Job     47
Continuing Professional Education     49
Recuriting for the Profession     51
Exercises     51
Notes     52
Choosing and Beginning the Job     53
Determining District Administrative Practice     53
Beginning the Job     59
Facility Factors     60
Human Factors     62
Finding Out About Staff     63
Finding Out About Building Administrators     63
Finding Out About Teachers     64
Finding Out About Students     66
Finding Out About Parents     66
Collection Factors     67
Locating Curricular Resources     67
Rules for Circulation and for Use of Computers     68
When the Students Arrive     69
Exercises     71
On the Job: Managing the Media Center Program     73
The Library Media Advisory Committee     74
Strategic Planning     74
Policy Statements and Needs Assessment     75
Objectives     78
Organizing     78
Systematic Feedback and Adjustments     80
Graphic Representations of the Planning Process     80
Flow Charts     81
Extended Projects     81
Scheduling the Media Center     83
Electronic Calendars and Daily Plan Books     86
Leadership and the Library Media Specialist     86
Leading the Planning Process     89
Exercises     90
Notes     91
On the Job: Managing the Facility     93
Rearranging Facilities     96
Remodeling the Facility     99
Planning New Facilities     101
Moving a Media Center     107
Exercises     108
Notes     108
On the Job: Managing Personnel     109
Managing Media Center Staff     110
Job Titles and Job Descriptions     110
Personnel Management Competencies     111
The Role of the Media Specialist in Staffing     112
The Media Specialist as Part of the Teaching Staff     113
The Media Specialist as Leader     113
Securing Qualified Personnel     114
Assigning Job Responsibilities and Motivating Staff     115
In-Service Training     115
Standards of Performance     116
Evaluating Staff     117
Managing with Administrators     118
Managing with Teachers     120
Managing Students     121
Managing Parents and Volunteers     122
Friends of the Library     123
Exercises     123
Notes     124
On the Job: Managing Access to Information     125
Right to Privacy     125
Defending the Right to Access Information     128
Copyright     129
Technology Decisions     130
Integrated Library Systems     131
Building and Maintaining the Resource Collection     132
Circulation of Materials     132
Selecting Materials and Equipment: Format Decisions     133
Selecting Materials     133
Selecting Information from the Internet     136
Selecting Equipment     137
Acquiring Materials and Equipment      138
De-selection of Materials (Weeding)     139
Options for Cataloging     142
Housing the Collection     143
Exercises     144
Notes     144
On the Job: Managing the Budget     145
The Fiscal Year     147
Writing Specifications     149
Cost Accountability and the Media Specialist     150
Writing Proposals to Expand Programs     152
Developing the Statement of Needs     153
Preparing Goals and Objectives     154
Establishing the Plan of Action     154
Planning for Evaluation     155
Deciding the Dissemination     156
Describing Local Resources     156
Building the Budget     157
Additional Considerations     158
Exercises     160
Notes     160
On the Job: Managing Services     161
Understanding Curriculum     162
Analyzing Teaching Methods     164
Assistance with Classroom Assignments     166
Teaching the New Kinds of Literacy     167
The Media Specialist in the Classroom     169
The Media Center as Classroom     169
Media Center Activities      170
Conducting In-Service Training Sessions     173
Exercises     176
Notes     177
On the Job: School Library Media Centers and the Reading Program     179
Ready Access to a Good Book Helps Improve Reading Skills     184
Commercial Reading Incentive and Software Programs     185
Sharing Reading Research     187
Exercises     187
Notes     188
On the Job: Advocacy and the Media Center     189
What to Market     192
How to Market     192
Promotion     196
Preparing Presentations     197
Exercises     198
Notes     199
On the Job: Managing Program Evaluation and Assessment     201
Quantitative Measures     204
Qualitative Measures     205
Appraising the Facility     206
Staff or Performance Appraisal     206
Collection Measurement     208
Administrator's Program Appraisal     210
Contributing to the Education of Students: Assessing Student Learning     211
After the First Year     211
Exercises     212
Notes     212
On the Job: Cooperation, Networking, and Social Networking     215
The Internet and the World Wide Web     216
Embracing New Technologies     219
Electronic Publishing     220
Continuing Access to Information in All Formats     220
Exercises     221
Notes     221
Leadership and Professional Associations     223
Education Associations     225
Library and Media Associations     226
School Library Media Specialists and the Political Process     230
School Library Media Specialists in the Global Community     233
Looking Like a Professional, Making You a Professional     233
Exercises     238
Notes     238
Writing a Technology Plan     239
Sample Letter of Application     241
Questionnaire     243
Presentation of a Five-Year Long-Range Plan     246
For Library Media Center Development     246
Personnel     247
Facility     247
Equipment     248
Budget     248
Travel     249
Equipment     249
Computer Software     250
Collection      250
Volunteers     251
ALA Intellectual Freedom Policy Statements     254
53.1 Library Bill of Rights     254
Note     255
Publications List     256
Budget Information Needed for Grant Applications     265
Sample Letter to Legislator     268
Index     271

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