The School of Intentional Living: A Real-World Approach to Living Life on Your Terms

The School of Intentional Living: A Real-World Approach to Living Life on Your Terms

by Sean Rosensteel


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Discover how to live on YOUR terms and free yourself from conventional wisdom.

Are you sick and tired of following conventional wisdom, living your life on other peoples' terms and following the beaten track? Do you want to learn how to break free from going through the motions and live the way you want? Then it's time to read this book.

Far too many people are stuck in unhappy lives, betrayed by the promises of conventional wisdom. But when the traditional idea of success fails you, where do you turn? And how can you apply the lessons you've already learned in school to create the life you truly desire?

Inside this book, you'll join author and founder of The Intentional Living Academy Sean Rosensteel as he shares his powerful and eye-opening story. Bankrupt at the age of 28 after following conventional wisdom all his life, Sean discovered that the path to true happiness and fulfillment was redefining the way you look at the world and breaking free from the life society tells you that you're supposed to live.

Here's just a little of what you'll discover inside:

  • The Secret to Identifying What Truly Matters in Life
  • How to Organize Your Priorities, Stop Wasting Time, and Make the Most of Every Day
  • The Key Differences Between Proactive and Reactive Living (and Why this Defines Everything You Do in Life)
  • Practical Methods for Setting and Reaching Your Goals
  • Simple Ways to Eliminate Distractions
  • How to Check Your Progress and Stop Yourself from Getting Off-Track
  • And Much More...

With practical advice and simple exercises that you can start practicing immediately, this profound and detailed book provides an all-new way of looking at life. Drawing on fundamental lessons you've already learned, this groundbreaking approach arms you with the knowledge you need to take life into your own hands and escape the chains of conventional wisdom.

Get ready to live the life you truly deserve!

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ISBN-13: 9781735178943
Publisher: Sean Rosensteel
Publication date: 07/21/2020
Pages: 168
Sales rank: 1,150,695
Product dimensions: 5.50(w) x 8.50(h) x 0.39(d)

About the Author

Sean Rosensteel is an author and founder of The Intentional Living Academy. He currently lives in Dallas, TX with his loving wife, Karen, and their three young children. For more information visit

Table of Contents

Introduction: Why Conventional Wisdom is a Trap

  1. Subject Areas
  2. Progress Reports
  3. Homework Assignments
  4. Lockers & Backpacks
  5. Study Hall
  6. Structured Days
  7. Classroom Environments
  8. Majors, Minors & Electives
  9. Lesson Plans
  10. Retreats
  11. Office Hours
  12. Extracurricular Activities

Conclusion: Will You Pass or Fail?



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