The Science of Salvation

The Science of Salvation

by G. McClaren Forde


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We live in a world where astounding technological advances take place on an almost daily basis and we are awed to see and comprehend how these amazing discoveries enrich our lives. Shouldn't we, as persons of faith, have as much awe and exhilaration for the 'spiritual innovation' our Creator has employed to not only enrich our lives but to reconcile us to Himself?What if I told you ...That God is the ultimate scientist? Not because God 'experiments' on us but because He has a precise 'formula' for our redemption.That the fundamental principles of biology, genetics and law are all incorporated into what we refer to as 'Salvation'?That 'righteousness' is not just a 'gift from God', but it is the 'life of God' we actually 'inherit' in the same way we inherit our parent's eyes, talents or sense of humor?The Science of Salvation shares with you that the spiritual themes of personal salvation can be comprehensively understood and more thoroughly appreciated by examining the reality of the things we know, see and take for granted in nature and our own bodies! It is a sublime revelation that God's plan for the redemption of humankind is more than mere religion or superstition, it is true science!

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