The Scientific Enterprise in Early Modern Europe: Readings from Isis

The Scientific Enterprise in Early Modern Europe: Readings from Isis

by Peter Dear



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ISBN-13: 9780226139470
Publisher: University of Chicago Press Journals
Publication date: 10/28/1996
Edition description: 1
Pages: 348
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Table of Contents

Peter Dear
The Melanchthon Circle, Rheticus, and the Wittenberg Interpretation of the Copernican Theory
Robert S. Westman
Laboratory Design and the Aim of Science: Andreas Libavius versus Tycho Brahe
Owen Hannaway
"Good Fences Make Good Neighbors": Geography as Self-Definition in Early Modern England
Lesley B. Cormack
What Happened to Occult Qualities in the Scientific Revolution?
Keith Hutchison
Galileo, Motion, and Essences
Margaret J. Osler
Science and Patronage: Galileo and the Telescope
Richard S. Westfall
The Telescope in the Seventeenth Century
Albert Van Helden
Descartes on Refraction: Scientific versus Rhetorical Method
Bruce Stansfield Eastwood
Early Seventeenth-Century Atomism: Theory, Epistemology, and the Insufficiency of Experiment
Christoph Meinel
Robert Boyle and Structural Chemistry in the Seventeenth Century
Thomas S. Kuhn
Newton's Alchemy and His Theory of Matter
B. J. T. Dobbs
Totius in verba: Rhetoric and Authority in the Early Royal Society
Peter Dear
The House of Experiment in Seventeenth-Century England
Steven Shapin
Maria Winkelmann at the Berlin Academy: A Turning Point for Women in Science
Londa Schiebinger
Appendix: Articles on Early Modern European Science in Isis, 1970-1996
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