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The Sea Glass Murders

The Sea Glass Murders

by Timothy Cole

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A headless corpse tossed in a dumpster unites a small-town cop and a formidable retired lady spy to track a killer in a wealthy New England neighborhood.

A decapitated body burned to a crisp might be found in any dumpster in any city in America, but not in the aristocratic Gold Coast community of Westport, Connecticut. Local cop Tony DeFranco dutifully collects evidence, knowing that the State Police will take over the case. But when the state investigator tries to cover up the murder, DeFranco starts a rogue investigation.

DeFranco forms an alliance with retired CIA case officer Dasha Petrov, whose elderly, ladylike appearance masks a lifetime’s experience with violence and deception. As the body count mounts, DeFranco relies on Dasha’s insights and skills acquired over decades of global troubleshooting to stop a killer operating at the pinnacle of American power.

A glimpse at the sordid underside of position and wealth, The Sea Glass Murders is an action mystery with an immersive, fast-paced plot and unforgettable characters.

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ISBN-13: 9781610353755
Publisher: Linden Publishing
Publication date: 10/06/2020
Series: A Gold Coast Mystery
Sold by: Barnes & Noble
Format: NOOK Book
Pages: 320
Sales rank: 913,613
File size: 1 MB

About the Author

Timothy Cole has enjoyed a thirty-year career as journalist, editor and author. A former technology editor at Popular Mechanics, he currently serves as editorial director of Belvoir Media Group, publishers of health information products from Harvard Medical School, The Cleveland Clinic, Massachusetts General Hospital and other health centers. Tim and his wife, Sarah Smedley, live in Greenwich, Connecticut, and New York City.

Read an Excerpt

DeFranco knew from experience that the sound of incoming bullets usually began with broken glass or splintered wood—long before you heard any gunfire.

So when a laughing, vibrant Tracy Taggart brought her wine glass to her lips as Paisano rocked gently in the breeze—he wasn’t completely shocked to see the glass shatter in her hand, and to see a huge hole erupt on the wooden bulkhead four inches to the right of her beautiful face.

They were under fire.

Tracy looked at DeFranco, puzzled more than shocked. The only cut he could see was a nick along her hairline. But an instant later it produced a welter of blood that seized DeFranco by the heart.

“Get down!” he shouted.

Tracy complied, wiping blood from her eyes. DeFranco twisted around to kill the cabin lights on Paisano’s master panel.

A second burst of gunfire came into the center salon of the trawler, blasting out windows, drilling through the wine bottles, riddling the dinner plates, and turning their salad and lasagna into an orange, atomized cloud. Paisano went dark as more bullets came into their space, pressing them into the teak-and-holly cabin sole.

He grabbed her by the waist and slid them both in a heap down the companionway steps to the aft cabin.

“You okay?” he asked her, knowing how stupid he sounded.

“It’s nothing,” said Tracy. He reached up into the after head and grabbed a towel and started wiping up the blood, which streamed in a rivulet down the right side of her face.

“I picked the glass out of it,” she said. “I’m okay. Ideas?”

More bullets pocked and tinged into the main cabin just feet away—and Tracy and DeFranco were both coming to the same realization.

They would have to fight their way out.

Table of Contents

Chapter 1 – Discovery
Chapter 2 – Body of Secrets
Chapter 3 – Devil in the Details
Chapter 4 – Protector against Evil
Chapter 5 – Strange Alliance
Chapter 6 - Betrayal
Chapter 7 – Sea Glass
Chapter 8 - Dasha
Chapter 9 – Anatomy of Trust
Chapter 10 - Instinct
Chapter 11 – Organs of Deceit
Chapter 12 - Tracy
Chapter 13 – Human Contact
Chapter 14 – Plan of Action
Chapter 15 – Body of Evidence
Chapter 16 – Stalker
Chapter 17 – Find the Corpse
Chapter 18 – Competition
Chapter 19 – Firepower
Chapter 20 – The Chief
Chapter 21 – Numbers Game
Chapter 22 – Telltale Video
Chapter 23 – Tale of the Tape
Chapter 24 – Close Encounter
Chapter 25 – Hunker Down
Chapter 26 – Seeds of a Coverup
Chapter 27 – Danger this Close
Chapter 28 – Curtis Steps Up
Chapter 29 – Good Hunting
Chapter 30 – The Power of a Name
Chapter 31 – Safe Harbor
Chapter 32 – Fired for Cause
Chapter 33 - Moriarty
Chapter 34 - Conspiracy
Chapter 35 - Rajastan
Chapter 36 - Tag
Chapter 37 – Time and Space
Chapter 38 - Probe
Chapter 39 – Scene of the Crime
Chapter 40 – Broad Shoulders
Chapter 41 - Forensics
Chapter 42 - Notifications
Chapter 43– Forever a Spy
Chapter 44 – Hail to the Chief
Chapter 45 – Tour de Force
Chapter 46 – Threat Level
Chapter 47 – Trail of Blood
Chapter 48 - Whirlybird
Chapter 49 – Morning Glory
Chapter 50 – Mining the Truth
Chapter 51 – More to the Story
Chapter 52 – Combing the Morgue
Chapter 53 – Hearsay
Chapter 54 - Closer
Chapter 55 – Danger Time
Chapter 56 – Hard to Get Good Help
Chapter 57 – Threats and Opportunity
Chapter 58 – A Gust of Wind
Chapter 59 - Fusillade
Chapter 60 – Into the Breach
Chapter 61 - Counterattack
Chapter 62 – Field Expedient
Chapter 63- Unmasked
Chapter 64 - Loot
Chapter 65 – Draw Down
Chapter 66 – Familiar Territory
Chapter 67 – Surprise
Chapter 68 - Dilemma
Chapter 69 –Tables Turning


In The Sea Glass Murders, I wanted to take the reader on a fun romp through the seamy underside of a wealthy seaside suburbia.

In this case, the scene of the crime is a highbrow enclave within tony Westport, Connecticut, home to both moguls and misanthropes. Our unlikely protagonist? Ex-CIA operative Dasha Petrov. Think Hercule Poirot and Miss Marple with a Russian accent.

She’s now retired from her secret life in America’s clandestine services. But her skills remain pin sharp as she teams with a Westport police detective and a local television reporter to stop a serial killer on a rampage. Dasha’s also utterly unafraid, as we learn when the curtain comes down.

In a world of zombies, vampires and chiseled-out action figures, I thought it was time to give the mantle of heroine to an elderly woman with heart, brains and steel.

—Timothy Cole

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