The Search for Mind-Body Energy: Meditation, Medicine & Martial Arts

The Search for Mind-Body Energy: Meditation, Medicine & Martial Arts

by John Bracy


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Part scientific study, part adventure. The Search for Mind-Body Energy is the most comprehensive discussion on internal energy - the life force - ever presented.

In this powerful guide, John Bracy - martial arts master, international instructor, and author of Ba Gua: Hidden Knowledge in the Taoist Internal Martial Art - shares his life-long collection of research, lore, and personal notes to reveal the meaning behind, and secrets of, internal energy.

Follow the East/West quest from ancient secret traditions to modern-day practices and scientific investigations to uncover the meaning of "subtle" ("internal") human energy.

Discover how holistic intention and internal coherence optimizes, and empowers, your mind-body potential, explore in context of:

· The healing force of the non-contact healer

· The internal power of the t'ai-chi ch'uan and aikido master

· The prana of the yogi

· The enlightenment of the Buddhist monk

· The "inner heat" of the Tibetan tantric master

· The qi energy tapped by the acupuncturist and qigong practitioner

· The mana of the Hawaiian shaman

· The source of influence for those who practice conscious intention

· The transumation of sexual energy practiced by tantric masters and the Taoist alchemist

· Cutting edge mind-body technology for the elite athlete, and more

Share in the discussion of mind over matter as you join us in the quest to uncover the ultimate secrets, and potential, of your mind-body energy.

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ISBN-13: 9781913479411
Publisher: Mind Body Energy International LLC
Publication date: 10/26/2020
Pages: 656
Product dimensions: 8.27(w) x 11.69(h) x 1.32(d)

About the Author

John Bracy is a gifted trainer, teacher, and highly ranked martial artist, Shifu (master teacher) John Bracy began his martial art training in 1968. Over the subsequent decades he became a world class authority on both the Chinese internal martial arts and alternative approaches to healing and recovery. Author of "Ba Gua: Hidden Knowledge in the Internal Martial Art," John works along martial arts and other athletes to awaken their greater potential. An expert is spotting dysfunctional body habits that limit athletes, he works alongside medical doctors and chiropractors to assist pain and rehabilitation patients. His soon to be published new book is expected to be an essential text text the subjects of qi,ch'i, prana, and "internal energy" by other names. As one reviewer writes, "it will have a massive impact."

Table of Contents


How Chinese words / phrases are Transliterated in the Present Work

Note on Pinyin Compound Words

Forward by Donald Crone, PhD

Forward by Timur Crone, MA

Section I: The Beginning


Chapter 1: The Quest for Internal Energy

Section II: Internal Energy in Traditional Medicine

Introduction to Section II

Chapter 2: Overview of Traditional Chinese Medicine

Chapter 3: Acupuncture and Energy Channels

Chapter 4: The Ether and an Expanded Physics

Chapter 5: Fascial Lines: Physical Structures that Form the Meridians

Chapter 6: Outer Nourishes Inner: A new Look at "Source Points"

Chapter 7: Variable Outcomes in TCM

Section III: (Mostly) Taoist Yoga & Qigong (Ch'i Kung)

Introduction to Section III

Chapter 8: The Taoist Traditions

Chapter 9: Neidan Inner Yoga

Chapter 10: The Meaning of Sensations: Internal Yoga/ Qigong as a Biofeedback System

Chapter 11: A Little More Advanced: The Three Outer Relationships

Chapter 12: Daoyin Physical Yoga

Chapter 13: Neiguan Inner Yoga of Directed Attention

Chapter 14: Neiguan Advanced Practices

Chapter 15: Comparisons and Contrasts Between Energetic Yoga Systems

Section IV: Non-contact Energetic Healing

Introduction to Section IV

Chapter 16: Energetic Healing, Ancient and Modern

Chapter 17: Possible Scientific Explanations

Chapter 18: Waiqi: Chinese Style Non-Contact Healing

Chapter 19: Warning: Potential Self-Harm for an Energetic Healer

Chapter 20: Experimental Research and Design Problems

Chapter 21: Information: A New Theory of "Energy" Healing

Conclusion of Section IV

Afterword: Comment and Suggestions for Waiqi Researchers

Section V: Energetic Meditation

Introduction to Section V

Chapter 22: Esoteric Energetic Traditions in the West

Chapter 23: Chakras

Chapter 24: Tibetan Tantric "Inner Heat" Meditation

Chapter 25: Taoist Energetic Meditation

Chapter 26: Warnings and Possible Dangers

Chapter 27: A New Look at Energetic Meditation

Introduction to Sections VI and VII

Section VI: The Transmutation of Sexual Energy

Introduction to Section VI

Chapter 28: Sexual Energy in Western Traditions

Chapter 29: Alchemy and Sexual Yoga:

[and more ]

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