The Secert True Life Book 3: Lost Books of the Bible

The Secert True Life Book 3: Lost Books of the Bible

by Apostle Rosalind Solomon (Editor)

Paperback(3rd ed.)

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. I come to reveal all the gifts that you possess. You have had them since 1first created you even though you were unaware of those gifts. It is now time to truly know yourself, and to recognize your heritage, so that you may become great in spirit.
2. From era to era I have given you my revelations. I first gave you the Law, then my doctrine, and finally full knowledge of your spiritual mission.
3. You say that I have been with mankind three times, but truly I have always been with you. I am the Father who in the first era revealed his law of justice to humanity, who in the second era incarnated his Word in Jesus, his son, and who today manifests himself spiritually to the world. Thus, throughout the eras, I have given you a divine parable that speaks of your spiritual evolution and makes you aware that only one God, one Spirit, and one Father has spoken to you throughout the eras.
4. You ask me why I manifest myself spiritually to humanity in this era? My response is that I want you to become enlightened, to achieve spirituality, and to live in harmony with your brethren, for man has been divided throughout history. Some have sought spiritual treasures, while others have sought and loved the material riches of the world. There has been constant conflict between spiritualism and materialism. They have never been able to understand one another.
5. Remember that when the Messiah arrived among the people of Israel, they became divided into those who believed in my truth and those

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