The Second Coming

The Second Coming

by Beinsa Douno
The Second Coming

The Second Coming

by Beinsa Douno


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Thematic collection of excerpts from lectures delivered by Master Beinsa Douno on the second coming, end of the world, history of races, the new man, evolution of the universe, solar system, earth and man, the inclination of earth's axis, the white brotherhood and the black lodge, invisible world, the last hour and the judgment day, the sixth race.

Will the end of the world come in 2012?

"You worry about things, you shouldn't worry about. For example, I hear you all say: "What will now happen to the world?" We have boarded a steamship, what is there to worry about? It has a captain up there and a fireman below. It also has sailors. The steamship bends to one side and then to the other. They ask: "What is going to happen?" All this has been provided for! The captain is up. I will remain calm - the steamship will take me to the port. One day it will arrive to a certain port and you will get out. What's the bad thing about that? And you, when you leave the steamship, will start crying. You will say: "Is this where we were supposed to land? The Earth circles round and its orbit is millions of kilometers. There are stations on its way. I don't know at what station are you going to get off. Now you are going to get off at the "Annunciation" station. The New Doctrine will be announced to you. Blessed are those who bath in heavenly light! Blessed are those, who get warm on the Divine warmth! And blessed are those, who guard themselves from the Divine Force!"


"The world itself will be saved. A salvation through fire is coming in the world. The future culture will come with a fire, which will burn the whole Earth and everything will be refined, the poor and the rich will go in front of the fire. It will polish them, make them all equal brothers. The rich will stop being rich at that fire, and the poor man will stop being poor at the fire, the priest will stop being priest, the philosopher will stop being philosopher. All the people will be alike, they will be pure after going through that sacred fire, they will give each other a hand and Nature will tell them: "Live prudently, so that my fire does not fall onto you again".

Master Beinsa Deuno (Peter Deunov)

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