The Second Reason: Poems

The Second Reason: Poems

by Jenny Browne



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ISBN-13: 9781597320368
Publisher: University of Tampa Press
Publication date: 10/01/2007
Pages: 85

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The Second Reason 5 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 2 reviews.
koozer More than 1 year ago
Jenny Browne came to visit a class I was in and read some of her poetry. Afterwards I liked her poetry so much I decided to buy this book. The book was nicely formatted into different sections of poetry, and it was easy to read. I really like a lot about the way Jenny Browne writes. One of the things she said to our class was that using adverbs in poetry is just lazy writing-you should work to find a word that implies what you want to say and doesn't need an adverb to get its meaning across. Well I looked, and I'm pretty sure there wasn't a single adverb in her book. This created an interesting effect. The writing was at once more simplistic and infinitely more complex. I found that it was harder to understand, because so much of the meaning was implied, or at least I think it was. I can't be completely sure. While the poems were easy to read on the surface, they were really difficult to make sense of. I think this was because of the lack of adverbs honestly; when you pick a noun to get your meaning across, it comes with its own set of meaning baggage. This opens up more interpretations for meaning, but also makes a poem kind of confusing. A couple of the themes that recurred throughout the book were really cool. She grappled with the idea of motherhood, both physical and emotional. She also kept mentioning the color orange, which was cool but also confusing, because it was mentioned in different poems with completely different meanings so I was unsure if they were intended to relate or not. The way Jenny Browne's brain works is fascinating. There is a fragmented feel to her poetry. It's almost like stream of conscious poetry. All in all, if you like poetry I would recommend Jenny Browne.
Ari84 More than 1 year ago
In this unique book, "The Second Reason," Jenny Browne takes the ordinary and turns it into something marvelous and sacred. Jenny Browne writes about 9/11, about pregnancy and childbirth, about the relationships between a husband and wife, about neighbors and colors. Browne visited BYU and I had the opportunity of meeting her. After she read some of her works to the audience, we conversed, and she signed my copy of "The Second Reason." Jenny Browne is an intelligent, kind, spontaneous individual. She spoke with enthusiasm, read her poetry with deep emotion, and transmitted this emotion to her audience, including myself. In "The Second Reason" Jenny Browne writes of all she has seen, felt, and experienced. Reading the book leaves one immersed in the world of Jenny Browne. Jenny Browne takes the mundane and turns into something extraordinary. The reader finds himself revering the little things of this world that we tend to take for granted. Jenny Browne takes a different approach to life and writing. She writes creatively, even including some Spanish words and Hispanic flair in her poems. For example, she explores the Spanish word "Amarillo," in the book. Jenny Browne is a beautiful person with a sweet spirit that one is able to feel by talking with her for just a few minutes. Through her writing, the reader is able to sense the beauty of her soul. Her poems are all about what it means to be human. I recommend this inspiring and new collection of Jenny Browne's poetry to everyone!