The Secret Diamond Sisters (Secret Diamond Sisters Series #1)

The Secret Diamond Sisters (Secret Diamond Sisters Series #1)

by Michelle Madow

Paperback(Original ed.)



Savannah. Courtney. Peyton.

The three sisters grew up not knowing their father and not quite catching a break. But it looks like their luck is about to change when they find out the secret identity of their long-lost dad—a billionaire Las Vegas hotel owner who wants them to come live in a gorgeous penthouse hotel suite. Suddenly the Strip's most exclusive clubs are all-access, and with an unlimited credit card each, it should be easier than ever to fit right in. But in a town full of secrets and illusion, fitting in is nothing compared to finding out the truth about their past.

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ISBN-13: 9780373211098
Publisher: Harlequin
Publication date: 02/25/2014
Series: Secret Diamond Sisters Series , #1
Edition description: Original ed.
Pages: 400
Product dimensions: 5.30(w) x 8.20(h) x 1.20(d)
Age Range: 14 - 17 Years

About the Author

Michelle lives in Boca Raton, Florida, where she is writing more novels for young adults. She enjoys reading, spending time with family and friends, traveling, shopping, sunshine, Disney fairy tales, and Broadway musicals. She loves connecting with fans online, so be sure to follow her on Facebook (Michelle Madow), Twitter (@MichelleMadow), and Instagram (@MichelleMadow). For more information, visit her website,

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"You're definitely coming to the movies with us tonight, right?" Savannah's best friend, Evie, asked as Savannah got out of the car. "And sleeping over again?"

"Of course." Savannah shared a conspiratorial smile with Evie, knowing that "movies" was code for pretending to walk into the theater while Evie's mom was watching, then having Evie's current boy toy pick them up and drive them to the unsupervised party five minutes away. They could only stay at the party for three hours, but it was better than not going.

"Thanks for driving me home from volleyball, Mrs. Brown," she said, waving to Evie's mom. She was always glad Mrs. Brown didn't mind dropping her off, because Evie was the only friend of hers who had seen where she lived. If the other girls on the volleyball team saw the ramshackle apartment building where she lived with her mom and two older sisters that looked more like a run-down motel than a home, they would probably laugh about it behind her back.

"It's no problem, Savannah," Mrs. Brown said from the driver's seat. She had the same strawberry-blond hair as her daughter, and the two could almost pass as sisters. "Are you sure you don't want me to pick you up tonight?"

"I'll get one of my sisters to drop me off." She didn't want to make Mrs. Brown come out of her way twice in one day. It was already more than enough that Evie's mom drove her home every day after practice during volleyball season, and that she didn't mind when Savannah stayed the night for two or three days at a time over the summer.

Anyway, her sisters owed her after making her come home now, when she was supposed to have stayed the rest of the day at Evie's before they went out for the night. Life would be so much easier once she got her license. Of course, she would have to figure out how to borrow Peyton's car. Convincing her sister would be difficult, because Peyton had saved up for years for that beat-up piece of crap whose engine sounded like it could die any day, but the possibility was better than nothing.

"See you soon, S!" Evie called as her mom pulled away from the curb.

"Bye, E," Savannah replied, and they both made the sign-language letter for C with their hands. Savannah and Evie called themselves S.E.C., which stood for the "Savannah/ Evie Club," and the letter C was their special symbol. "See you tonight!"

She walked down the sidewalk to the door with the peeling blue paint, wondering what was up. Her sisters never made her come home when she had plans, but Courtney's voice on the phone had sounded so strained that Savannah knew something was wrong.

She let herself inside and found Peyton and Courtney standing around the stained kitchen table, their grandma and a man

Savannah didn't recognize sitting in the two chairs. He wore a fancy brown suit that probably cost more than everything in Savannah's wardrobe combined, and his expression was so solemn that he looked like he was at a funeral. Her grandma and sisters looked equally upset.

"What's going on?" Savannah dropped her sleepover bag on the cracked linoleum floor. She hadn't been home since yesterday morning, and had an awful feeling this had to do with the one person who wasn't here-her mom.

"Hi, sweetie." Grandma always looked younger than her seventy-so years, but her eyes were so sad right now that her age shined through. "Sorry for making you come home early. I wouldn't have asked unless it was serious."

"Where's Mom?" Savannah swallowed and leaned against the arm of the living room couch, expecting the worst. Her mom had always drunk a lot, but after she'd lost her job as a secretary last year, she had spiraled out of control. Her sisters tried to shield Savannah from seeing what went on, but Savannah wasn't stupid. She knew her mom was drinking all day, so much that she got physically sick at night and in the morning, and that she couldn't hold on to a hostess or waitress job for longer than two months. They could barely keep enough food in the house anymore, since Mom blew all the grocery money on alcohol.

"That's what we needed you here to discuss," the man cut in. He looked like he would fit in better in a fancy office building than their crappy apartment in Fairfield, California.

"Who's he?" Savannah asked Grandma.

"This is Mr. Webster," Grandma said. "He's a lawyer who works for your father."

"What?" Savannah's heart pounded. That couldn't be true. Savannah had always been warned that her father was dangerous, that he didn't want anything to do with her and her sisters. She hated that he felt that way, but it was how her life had always been, so she'd accepted it and moved on. "Am I missing something?"

"We all are." Peyton's eyes blazed. "We've been lied to for our entire lives."

That was becoming clear to Savannah, but it was Courtney who caught her up on what had happened while she had been having a sleepover at Evie's.

"Last night, Mom was pulled over for drunk driving on her way to work," Courtney said, somehow managing to stay calm as she relayed the story. "They brought her to the station, and she lost her license and job." Was that the fifth or sixth job she'd lost in the past year? Savannah had lost count. "I called Grandma to get Mom out of the station, and then…" Courtney shrugged and looked at Grandma, as if she wanted her to continue.

"I hoped your mom would be able to keep a job and get her life back on track, but enough is enough," Grandma said in her matter-of-fact manner. "I know it's never been easy living with her, but I've seen what the three of you have gone through in the past year, and I can't sit back and watch anymore. I would take you in myself if I didn't have so much on my hands with your Aunt Sophie's chemo treatments." Her chin quivered at the mention of her twin, who had been staying with Grandma in her one-bedroom apartment since her cancer diagnosis a few months ago. "So I did the only thing I could think to do-I called your father for backup."

Savannah couldn't believe she was hearing this right. "But our father wants nothing to do with us." She turned to her sisters for support, but Peyton looked angry enough to shoot fire from her eyes, and Courtney's expression was blank, as though she was fighting to hold on to an inkling of control.

"Mr. Diamond has been aware of your living situation, and was about to take action himself when your grandmother called him," Mr. Webster said. "He made some calls last night and arranged for your mother to receive inpatient treatment at a rehabilitation facility in Arizona. She was flown there this morning and is settling in, but the facility has given strict orders that your mom not contact anyone from outside until her doctors feel she is healthy enough to do so. They hope she'll be ready to switch to outpatient status in a few weeks, but they warned it could be longer."

Savannah's head spun. How had all this happened while she had been having a sleepover at Evie's, gossiping about which girls at school they wanted to try to become friends with next year and what guys they thought were hot, while experimenting with daring makeup looks?

"You didn't let me say goodbye?" She looked at her sisters, unable to believe they could betray her like that.

"None of us were able to say goodbye." Courtney came over and wrapped an arm around Savannah's shoulders. "Mom didn't want us to see her like that. She said it would be easier this way, and you know she hates goodbyes. We just need to focus on being thankful she's finally getting the treatment she needs."

"She was probably ashamed, and afraid we would ask her questions she wasn't ready to answer," Peyton said. "And she would have been right."

"But with Mom not here, where are we supposed to go?" Savannah wiped away a tear that had slid down her cheek. She was grateful her mom was getting help, but they still needed her around. Sure, she wasn't always the best at taking care of them, but she was all they had.

"You know I love you and your sisters, and would be happy for you to live with me if there were no other options," Grandma said. "But you deserve more than sleeping on the couch and air mattresses in the living room, and I worry about the stress the changes would cause Aunt Sophie. Luckily, your father has generously offered for you to move in with him."

"Are you serious?" Savannah didn't believe this. She and her sisters had never met their father. And now he was offering for them to move in with him? "Why now? I thought it wasn't safe for us to be around him? And where does he even live?"

Mr. Webster was the one to answer. "Mr. Diamond asked me to provide as little information as possible, because he wants to personally answer your questions, but I can assure you that your safety is his top priority. He's sending a driver to pick you up tomorrow morning who will take you to the airport. I know this is short notice to give you girls to pack, but do what you can and Mr. Diamond will arrange for the rest of your belongings to be brought to your new accommodations at a later date."

A plane. Which meant if it took her mom longer than a few weeks to get better, Savannah would start her sophomore year at a new school, with people she'd never met. How was she going to break this to Evie? And how would she get through school without her best friend by her side?

"What if we don't want to go?" Peyton crossed her arms and glared at Mr. Webster. "I'm almost eighteen, you know. I should have a say in this." Peyton's birthday was in March, which hardly made her "almost eighteen," but Savannah kept her mouth shut.

"As it is now, you're still a minor, so you have no choice," Mr. Webster said. "With your mother unfit, it is in your father's rights to insist you live under his care. You will pack your bags and be ready to leave by ten o'clock tomorrow morning."

"What about the apartment?" Courtney asked. "What will happen to it while we're gone?"

"Mr. Diamond will make sure it's maintained," Mr. Webster said. "I'm sorry to throw this on you all at once. I know this won't be easy for the three of you, but he will answer all your questions when you arrive. Now, I imagine you need time to pack. Is there anything more you want to ask?"

"I think you have it covered, Mr. Webster." Grandma spoke for them. "Now if you wouldn't mind, I would like some time with my granddaughters."

"Of course." He nodded and let himself out.

"You can't expect us to do this," Peyton said to Grandma once he was gone. "All my life you've said our father is dangerous and he doesn't want us around. Now we're expected to forget all that and move in with him? I won't do it. I refuse."

"Your mother has her reasons for wanting to distance herself from your father, and while being around him can be dangerous for those close to him, he's not a bad man," Grandma said. "He'll explain it all to you once he meets you. Just remember that your mother loved him once, and while it won't be easy, I hope the three of you can find it in your hearts to give him a chance. Can you promise to do that? For me?"

When she put it like that, it was impossible to say no. "Okay." Savannah nodded, trying to swallow away the lump in her throat. "I'll try."

Her cell phone buzzed in her pocket, and she took it out to check the text. It was from Evie.

Any luck convincing one of your sisters to drive you tonight?

Savannah stared blankly at the beat-up flip phone. The plans she'd made with Evie less than an hour ago felt like they'd happened in another life. She couldn't wrap her mind around what she'd just learned, let alone tell someone else, even if that someone was her best friend.

Can't go tonight. Something big happened. Not ready to talk about it yet but I'll call you when I am <3

She pressed Send, then dropped her phone in her bag, not wanting to look at it again that night.

The next morning, they lugged their bags outside and tearfully hugged Grandma goodbye. The stretch limo that pulled up in front of their apartment looked foreign amongst the beat-up cars lining their street, and the sight of it sent Savannah's ideas of who her father was out the window. He couldn't be a homeless drugged-out loser if he'd sent a limo to pick them up.

As of last night, the most expensive car Savannah had ever been in was the Volkswagen Jetta Evie's mom drove when she brought them home from volleyball practice or to the mall. Now, she climbed into the sleek limo, her fingers grazing the soft leather of the wraparound seat. Lights lined the ceiling, and there was a wooden minibar across from the long side of the seat, an open bottle of champagne chilling in the ice bucket and three glasses on display. The label on the champagne read Dom Perignon, and while Savannah had never tasted Dom before, she recognized it as a pricey drink from the television shows she watched.

She wasn't hugely into drinking, because she'd seen firsthand how destructive alcohol could be, but she wasn't a prude, either. She didn't want to be "that lame girl" at the party who refused to drink. And now she had the opportunity to taste Dom Perignon! Her friends would be so envious when they found out. It was the sort of drink she imagined she would get to try if her dreams ever came true and she became a famous pop star. One glass wouldn't be the end of the world.

"Don't even think about it," Courtney warned as Savannah reached for the bottle.

"But it's Dom Perignon." Savannah hated when Courtney tried to boss her around. They were only eleven months apart, but Courtney was so responsible all the time. It made the gap feel wider. "It's probably hundreds of dollars for this bottle. We have to try it."

"I'm not trying anything he buys for us." Peyton scrunched her nose and plugged her headphones into her ears.

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The Secret Diamond Sisters 4.7 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 25 reviews.
StefanieS More than 1 year ago
From the moment I first saw The Secret Diamond Sisters cover, I knew I'd love it. I read the back of the book and I was even more confident that it was my type of book! I'm a huge sucker for the &quot;rags-to-riches&quot; stories! Michelle Madow has such a fun, eloquent writing style and the novel transported me to such a glamorous world (one I wish I had!). I highly recommend this novel to everyone!
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
The secret diamond sister love the book and my flavorite character is savannah, so execited for the next book!!!!! I highly suggest you read this book;)
Heather_Anne11 More than 1 year ago
Three sisters are going about their normal lives when suddenly, their whole world is flipped upside down. They haven&rsquo;t had a typical youth, and have had to grow up a little sooner than they would have liked. At least this is the case for older of the three girls, Peyton and Courtney. The dynamics of the book remind me of a mix between Mean Girls and Cruel Intentions. With each chapter switching between 4 different characters, the reader is given the chance to develop their own perspective and to also glimpse inside the lives of more than just one character. You start off looking at the characters in one way, but as the story goes on, you begin to see them grow and change. The dynamics of the story are forever changing, making it a fun and interesting read. It&rsquo;s hard for me to pick just one character that I really enjoyed because they all brought something different to the story. I did find myself feeling hatred toward the sister&rsquo;s dad, Adrian Diamond, and resenting him for his behavior toward being reunited with his daughters. However, I am interested in finding out his secrets and what he is hiding from his family. Overall, I really enjoyed this book and I am really excited to see what happens next.
JenLBW More than 1 year ago
I&rsquo;ve never seen a book written the way that The Secret Diamond Sisters is. Four different point of views which of course are the three Diamond sisters Savannah, Courtney and Peyton. I was surprised though when I reached mean girl Madisons part in the book. I was like this is such a cool idea. We get to be in the mean girls head too! I also really liked how the Campus buzz was placed in there throughout the book as well. I really liked the set-up.  The story had a Gossip Girl in Vegas feel going for it. I also felt like Morgan, Damien and Oliver reminded me of Dangerous Liaisons a bit. (maybe the Cruel Intentions version) The cool thing is that the sisters are coming from a very different rough background and trying to adjust to this new glamorous life. Trying to get to know a father that they knew pretty much zilch about for their entire lives. It gave it a very different feel. All four girls are very different for very different reason. I went through phases with them with the exception of Courtney, I always loved her. Savannah is that girl who wants so badly to fit in. She&rsquo;s the youngest out of the three sisters with an absentee mother and a best friend that always gets the spotlight. She sees Vegas as her chance to finally shine and gain some confidence in herself. Now she goes about this in the wrong way and at first I liked her, then her naivety drove me nuts and then I found her endearing again. She&rsquo;s learning maybe the hard way. Courtney is the responsible one who has always had twenty jobs and trying to be the best she can at school. She goes to Vegas and suddenly all these doors open for her and all this weight is lifted off her. She almost in a way doesn&rsquo;t know what to do with herself and I think is a little lost. Peyton is angry so very angry. She&rsquo;s had to clean up her mom&rsquo;s messes and take care of things more than her sisters know. Now she&rsquo;s transported to Vegas and I think she is bitter at Adrian for not being there for them. For not stopping the things that were going on. I did not like Peyton for most of the book but by the end I had a feeling things are going to be different in book 2 and I&rsquo;m freakin&rsquo; excited to find out how. Morgan. Oh Morgan. I&rsquo;m sorry I don&rsquo;t like you, I don&rsquo;t even feel sorry for you. You blame everything on everyone else except yourself. Nobody has the power to ruin your life if you don&rsquo;t let them. So ya I liked reading Morgan&rsquo;s perspective even though I couldn&rsquo;t like her no matter what she did. Let&rsquo;s talk about boys. Oliver, Damien, Nick, Brett, I forgetting anyone. I like how something would be going on with one boy then another boy would pop up out of nowhere. They were weaved into the girls lives in different ways. Not just interacting with one but sometimes all of them. Michelle does an awesome job of recreating Vegas in your mind. I&rsquo;ve been there many times and have experienced some of the things the girls did. I laughed my ass off when Courtney walks into The Imperial and says this place is a dump. I&rsquo;ve actually hung out there and watched Karaoke. Although the hotel has since changed hands and is now called the Quad. I think you haven&rsquo;t ever been to Vegas you get a great taste of it. Of course now I want to live in an awesome condo with a blamex. I can&rsquo;t imagine experiencing Vegas that way. I totally miss Vegas now. So I can&rsquo;t wait for the next book now to see how things play out. I&rsquo;ve got a feeling things are going to be different with Peyton. I&rsquo;m telling you. I&rsquo;m super excited for it.
TAshmawy More than 1 year ago
In true Gossip Girl fashion, Madow throws us into Las Vegas&rsquo; sparkling lights with a billion dollars and pretty much no rules. If you love stories about the high life, you won&rsquo;t want to miss it. Madow goes above massive shopping sprees and crazy parties though and gives us more: three sisters from a broken family who find out that their long-lost father is a hotel tycoon. I am a huge fan of sister stories, and unlike several novels that just can&rsquo;t seem to understand what sisterhood means, Madow nails it. Savannah, Peyton, and Courtney have been through a lot. While I related to Courtney the most, Peyton&rsquo;s stories about dealing with her mother&rsquo;s crap and trying to shelter her sisters from everything that went on was something that I could definitely relate to. I am the oldest of 4 and there have been times when I&rsquo;ve tried to shield my younger siblings from something. Peyton&rsquo;s courage with being in such a horrible atmosphere is personally something that I thought was fantastic. ¿Then there is Courtney, who responsible as always, gets a job to help pay bills. And Savannah, who is very naive. She has had two older sisters out there to help protect her from her mother. She knows it was bad, but she really has no idea exactly how bad it was. She&rsquo;s a dreamer, carefree, and kind of irresponsible. Definitely the hardest character for me to relate to, but she&rsquo;s also very forgiving and I admire that. It can&rsquo;t be easy to accept someone into your life who you felt abandoned you, but Savannah does that. It takes a really special person and definitely some maturity to recognize that there are two sides to every story, and maybe her Dad&rsquo;s side doesn&rsquo;t suck. The things that the girls have gone through with their mother have caused them to form an unbreakable bond. No matter who tries to come between them it won&rsquo;t work. And I love that. No sisters fighting over the same boy here (because seriously, nothing makes me want to throw a book across the room faster). The Secret Diamond Sisters actually made me cry. Some people will surely say I&rsquo;m over sensitive, but those scenes about their alcoholic mother broke my heart. Every. Single. Time. As much as I loved the glamour, the gritty back story, and the sisterly love, this series clearly has a lot more in store for us. I am expecting some heart stopping secrets to come out of the next novels. I mean, there is clearly more to Adrian&rsquo;s story. I&rsquo;m excited to see Savannah develop and mature. And Peyton. Oh Peyton. She is such a stubborn, trouble maker, but I am sure she will keep us entertained :) Where over the top, high-life stories typically fail to deliver, Michelle Madow excels. Instead of spoiled princesses and people who let wealth go to their heads. We have three sisters who have struggled and dealt with a lot in their lives before being thrust into the limelight. Three sisters who are learning to heal after finally meeting their father. And three sisters who love each other more anything. Tip of the hat to Michelle. Now go pick it up and tell me what you think :)
Alyssa75 More than 1 year ago
***Review posted on The Eater of Books! blog*** The Secret Diamond Sisters by Michelle Madow Book One of The Secret Diamond Sisters series Publisher: Harlequin TEEN Publication Date: February 25, 2014 Rating: 4 stars Source: ARC sent by the author Summary (from Goodreads): Savannah. Courtney. Peyton.  The three sisters grew up not knowing their father and not quite catching a break. But it looks like their luck is about to change when they find out the secret identity of their long-lost dad&mdash;a billionaire Las Vegas hotel owner who wants them to come live in a gorgeous penthouse hotel suite. Suddenly the Strip's most exclusive clubs are all-access, and with an unlimited credit card each, it should be easier than ever to fit right in. But in a town full of secrets and illusion, fitting in is nothing compared to finding out the truth about their past. What I Liked: I didn't really know what to expect with this novel - I don't read too many contemporary novels, and when I do, they are usually contemporary romance novels. This novel was more of a contemporary novel (alone, rather than both contemporary and romance) - I'll explain more about that later.  There are three sisters - Peyton, Courtney, and Savannah (in that order). Fifteen, sixteen, and seventeen years of age. They lived with their mother for all their lives, never knowing who their father was. Until their mother is sent to rehab (she's an alcoholic), and their father swoops in to save them. Turns out their father is Adrian Diamond, a rich hotel owner in Las Vegas. Life in Las Vegas is very different. Savannah loves it, Courtney is homesick but assimilating, and Peyton... Peyton doesn't want anything to do with their father. Each girl has the good life in Vegas, but each girl discovers problems with boys, publicity, and good old Dad. This book is split into FOUR perspectives, not just three. We have the three sisters, and then we have a girl about their age who lives in the Diamond Residence - Madison. Madison is stuck-up and rich, the queen bee of Goodman (the private school that the Diamond sisters will be attending). I didn't like her in the beginning of the book, and I did not like her in the end of the book. The thing about the four girls is that I really did not like three of the four of them. Savannah is naive and silly, Peyton is b****y and slutty, and Madison is equally as b****y, but also cruel and spiteful. Courtney is the only one of them that I actually liked, because she is innocent and sweet, smart and thoughtful. She is also the peacekeeper in the family, so she kind of lets people walk over her, and makes decisions for the good of everyone. That's a good and bad thing. I really like her though. But Madow does a REALLY good job of characterizing each of the girls. I may not like three of them, but each of them is very well-developed. Each one of them undergoes a progression of character development from beginning to end of the novel, which is excellent. Madow did this really well.  I also really like how well Madow sets the scene of this novel. I don't know how Madow deoes it, but the setting is so well-written. I know that Madow lived in Vegas, but she really knows what she is talking about! And everything is so well-described - the new lives of the Diamond sisters is so fascinating and it seems real. Fantastic job with that, Madow! Each girl deals with romance issues. Peyton didn't break up with Mike, her boyfriend back at their hometown. But she hooked up with rich and charming Oliver, but she also likes her very young bodyguard, Jackson. Savannah is infatuated with Damian, but Damian is in love with Madison. Madison is not in love with Damian, and she went out with both Nick and Brett (not simultaneously). Savannah also likes Nick. Brett likes Courtney, Courtney likes Brett. Those two are the most uncomplicated. So it seems like this book revolves around romance. HOWEVER, I think this book is more about discovering one's self. Like, by going through these silly crushes, infatuations, and lusty affections, each girl is growing into themselves. Also, this book features many different types of relationships. Yes, most are romantic relationships, but the book also features sister-sister relationships, father-daughter relationships, stepmother-stepdaughter relationships, and so on.  So, I consider this book more of a contemporary novel, than a contemporary romance novel. Also, this book is part of a series, but NOT a companion series. Like, each book is NOT a standalone. Each book builds on the previous one. This book does not end neatly and perfectly. Relationships are not clear-cut and defined. The ending is not wrapped up. I was surprised by this, BUT, I'm excited to read the next books in the series! It's cool that a YA contemporary series is not a companion series, but it's an actual series. I'm interested in seeing where Madow goes with this series - there is so much she could do! What I Did Not Like: I actually don't think I have any complaints with this one! Or maybe I'm too lazy to think of any. Hmm. Well, I know for sure that I would NOT act like that, as a teenage girl. I'm eighteen, and I'm not that promiscuous (Peyton), naive (Savannah), or cruel/b****y (Madison). I guess I'm most similar to Courtney, being innocent and quiet and the peaacemaker. But... I have a serious temper, and I wouldn't always be trying to keep the peace in the family.  But seriously, I am not anything like Peyton, Savannah, or Madison, and I honestly would not be friends with them in real life. They're not my type of people, and I don't like their character. HOWEVER, it gives the book depth, and each girl is well-characterized. So I'm not totally against their existence. Would I Recommend It: This book probably isn't for everyone, but I certainly enjoyed it. It's a contemporary novel, but I wouldn't tag it as predominantly romance-based. Each of the girls featured DO have some romantic issues to deal with, and it probably feels like the novel is all about romance, but I feel like it's more about growth and relationships.  Anyway, I liked it, and I would recommend it, especially to contemporary fans. Paranormal/fantasy/science fiction fans probably wouldn't be as interested in this book as contemporary fans, but it's worth the read, in my opinion! Rating: 4 stars. Much to my delight, I really enjoyed this novel! I can't wait to read the next novels in the series. And it's an actual series, not a companion series! COOL!
SezjbSB More than 1 year ago
The Secret Diamond Sisters is the first book in Michelle Madow's all new young adult trilogy of the same name. Having been a fan of Michelle's already after reading her Transcend Time trilogy (check it out it's fantastic) I was eager to get my hands on a copy of this book, from the cover to the synopsis it sounded right up my alley, and I'm happy to say that I loved it! How amazing would it be to discover that after living a life with an alcoholic Mother and no money that your absentee Father happens to be a billionaire, one of the richest men in America, and that you'll be going to stay with him in the penthouse apartment at his hotel/casino, with a blamex (black american express credit card) in hand, your own bodyguard and invitations to the best parties, well that's what happens to Peyton, Courtney and Savannah after their Mom is sent to rehab. At first in awe but also at the same time confused and hurt that their Father has ignored them for so long they find themselves suddenly plunged into a world alien to them, where social standing is important and business can be made and broken by the behaviour of a family member. No one takes to their new lives more so than the youngest Savannah, who takes to her new life like she had always been in this world, of course this wouldn't be a contemporary without a bit of romance, and it's in abundance here with all three sisters finding themselves with crushes some deemed inappropriate for the new society they find themselves in. I'm very intrigued to discover just what it is that their Father Adrian is hiding from them, and just what this secret means to the girls and how it will affect them, and I'm looking forward to see how all the various relationships will end up. A great contemporary filled with all the things I love: great plotline, characters and fantastic writing. I eagerly anticipate the second book to see what happens next with the Diamond sisters.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
The awesomeness of everything in this book blew me away.  The characters were very well developed (especially considering this book takes place over the course of a week), the writing was wonderful, and the plot was intriguing. Here are my top five reasons why this book deserves every bit of those five stars and more (one for every star). 1. The protagonists. Savannah, Courtney, Peyton, and Madison have got to have the most diverse attitudes among a group of female main characters. Not only is each girl unique, but they all have very distinct plot lines (all of which I found to be very enjoyable). The character development was great as well so you really feel as if you know the girls well by the time the book is finished.  2. The plot. If you like The Princess Diaries at all, you will love the premise of The Secret Diamond Sisters. Filled with plenty of fun, romance, and drama, this novel will leave you reading well into the night. (Shout out to all my fellow booknerds who read until four in the morning because they need to know what happens. This book is perfect for you.) 3. The writing. It's hard to believe Michelle is so young because she is a master of her craft. Giving each girl a distinct voice (which can be hard to do and many authors fail at this), I never once was confused about whose plot line I was following. Bravo to you, Michelle. 4. The boys. This one is self-explanatory because there are a lot of boys and I consider the majority of them to be top notch book boyfriend material. 5. The way everything comes together. No, this book did not serve the sole purpose of leading up to its sequel. Yes, the last few chapters left you wanting more, but this book had a real plot line and did way more than just that. There you go, five reasons to go pick up The Secret Diamond Sisters at your local bookstore. The Secret Diamond Sisters is the perfect combination of skilled writing, a fantastic plot, and relatable characters. I highly recommend it even if you think you'll hate it because I legitimately think it's impossible not to like this book.  (Now if I could only convince Harlequin to release Diamonds Are Forever ASAP so I can read it as soon as I'm finished Diamonds In the Rough.)
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
I can honestly say that this book was a lot of fun! At first I was a little skeptical about this book, only because of what it was about. I have never read anything like this genre before. I normally have specific taste when it comes to books, but I am very glad that Michelle sent me this book to read. In this book three sisters, Courtney, Peyton, and Savannah, have to move to Las Vegas to stay with their father, they have never met, because their mother has kept them out of that kind of world. These girls are not happy about this decision but they understand because of what is happening in their life at this time that they must. They soon discover that their father is a very important man in Las Vegas and they have everything they could ever need at their feet. It took me a few chapters to really get into this book but once I did I couldn't put it down. It reminded me a great deal of Gossip Girl. Even though I did not read those books, I watched the TV show and loved it, and it has the same feel as the TV show. All three of the sisters are different in their own way. Courtney, whom I liked the most, is the nerdy, smart, and shy one. Peyton is the hard-rock, grungy,and rebellious teen. Savannah the youngest, is the out-going, fashion-ista, and sweet one. I loved all three of these girls because they are all so different, you will soon become attached to them. Then you will soon start to meet all the fabulous characters in Las Vegas, that the girls learn to love and hate. Madison, who reminded me so much of Blaire Waldorf(from Gossip Girl), Brett, Oliver, Damien, Jackson, and Nick, were all fun additions to the story. I feel like in this book, you get a sense for all the characters and how they are going to be in the rest of the books. But knowing just what happened in the first book, I will be interested to see where these characters will go and how they will grow more in these books. And of course to see what guy they end up with. (: I do recommend this book a 100 percent! I felt it was very fun and a refreshing read. It's very fast phase but it does leave you wanting more from these fabulous characters that Michelle has created. &quot;And remember- what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas...but that doesn't matter when you live there.&quot; (;
AJ_PBookmarks More than 1 year ago
So. Much. Fun. And how gorgeous is this cover?! I know &mdash; this book has gotten a lot of flack online for many reasons, and while I do think some of them are valid, I have to say that personally, I had a lot of fun reading it. The Secret Diamond Sisters reminds me a lot of Gossip Girl and if you&rsquo;re not a fan of the &ldquo;typical shallow rich girl&rdquo; stereotype, this book is probably not for you. The Secret Diamond Sisters is shallow, juvenile and certainly one of the lighter reads, but its exactly these types of books that I find so difficult to put down because they&rsquo;re just so darn addictive. The Secret Diamond Sisters are a predictable bunch. There&rsquo;s the rebellious older sister Peyton, the responsible middle sister Courtney and the naive youngest sister Savannah. They&rsquo;ve always lived under the care of their alcoholic mother and grandmother, until one day their mom spirals out of control and needs to check herself into rehab. In comes Adrian Diamond, Vegas&rsquo; wealthiest hotel owner revealing himself as their long lost father. Was this book perfect? No. It was predictable and in some parts, a little bit uncomfortable &mdash; especially the conscious and highly questionable decisions that Savannah makes (including allowing guys feel her up!). Savannah is incredibly naive, and for that reason it keeps me on my toes, worrying over her every step. If there was an unbearable sister, it would be Peyton. Try as she might to be rebellious, she eventually gives in (even if a little bit) and for the most part, she&rsquo;s just being annoying because she could, not because there&rsquo;s a reason for her to. My favourite character to follow is certainly Courtney. She has a good head on her shoulders and she&rsquo;s reasonable. I really like how she tries to adapt to her new surroundings while trying her best to stick to her moral guns. It seems that a lot of people have also pointed out how overly lax the drinking-carding system is and how everyone got drunk all the time, but it doesn&rsquo;t exactly bother me. I think to some extent there is a sense of realism, when it comes to underage drinking and clubbing at a young age and perhaps its a little bit overdone, but considering that these kids are filthy rich, I&rsquo;m assuming they can get away with it. I did enjoy The Secret Diamond Sisters. It is the first book in the series and it gave a nice overview of how the sisters are, how the kids in Vegas are and allowed me to travel to Vegas while stuck in my bedroom. The Secret Diamond Sisters is more character-driven; there&rsquo;s not too much of a story arc, other then them trying to figure out their way around their new lives and the people that they meet along the way along with romances. Lots and lots of romance. I&rsquo;m looking forward to read the second book in the series and hopefully we get a little bit more of a story arc and that its a little bit more plot-driven. I definitely want to know more about Courtney&rsquo;s childhood and how Adrian&rsquo;s business plays a part in all of this. I&rsquo;m hoping the author will delve more into the dangerous aspects of his business. The Secret Diamond Sisters is definitely not for everyone, but if you&rsquo;re into exploring Vegas in Gossip Girl style, this book will be right up your alley.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
I gave this book 5 out of 5 star What an outstanding book! This is the first book by Michelle Madow that I have ever read and I am so happy I read it! I first heard about this book/author from my fellow blogger friend Ana Loves hosted the YA Author Event. I found out that Michelle would be one of the authors attending the Chapter by Chapter Book Rave Event hosted by Jennifer L. Armentrout in New Rochelle, so of course I knew I HAD to get her book. I was able to get my book signed and get a picture with her (both my mom and Michelle&rsquo;s mom took a picture of us, which I thought was pretty funny). She is super nice, so if you ever get the chance to go to a book event where she&rsquo;ll be, definitely go. I hate when you read a fantastic book and the author ends up not what you were expecting (which isn&rsquo;t the case here). Now that I am done rambling, let me move onto my review. I LOVE how the book begins with anonymous postings from students and then you are thrown right into the lives of Savannah, Courtney, and Peyton (which I absolutely love). This book was written in third person point of view, but with a twist. Each chapter focuses on a certain character, but in a third person point of view. Each chapter alternates between the three sisters as well as another female character, Madison Lockhart. I love reading books that sets them apart from other books. The way that Michelle writes this book is definitely very unique. Each chapter is very distinct and unique to each character that it focuses on. Another reason why I loved this book so much was how Michelle was easily able to paint a vivid an accurate portrayal of Las Vegas. As someone who has been to Las Vegas before, I thought it would be difficult to write about a novel taking place in this kind of setting because there is soo much going on that it seems impossible to narrow down what to include. Not this book. Michelle was able to capture the essence of Las Vegas in describing everything that these characters saw and felt upon arriving in Las Vegas. If you&rsquo;ve never been to Las Vegas before, you can easily picture yourself there because of how Michelle is able to describe everything in detail, to the floor tiles to the enormous hotels on the strip. I read that Michelle even took inspiration from hotels in Las Vegas for her book. This book  is very reminiscent of Gossip Girl, which I absolutely love. This was a great idea to do, because Michelle is able to capture those readers who are currently in high school, but also readers who may have been a fan of Gossip Girl when they themselves were in high school (me included). There was never a dull moment in this book!! Now the characters. Boy, I could not keep up with them! As a reader,this really kept me on my toes not knowing who would end up with who. There are of course the sisters: Savannah Diamond, Courtney Diamond, and Peyton Diamond. As I began reading this, it was almost disturbing how similar aspects of each character reminded me of myself or even people in my life. I was able to relate to each of the sisters in some way, and one of them more than the other two. I related to Savannah in her idea of being in a fairy-tale and that people are genuinely good and kind. I related to Courtney in that she is focused very much on her academics, is a bit awkward around guys, and would much rather read than go to a club. I would say that I can relate more to Courtney now than I did when I was in high school. Courtney is the rational sister and is able to go about situations more logically than her sisters. Peyton is by far the rebellious one out of the bunch. She is tough and strong, and does care for others but in her own way. I would say that I am only similar to Peyton in that I wore a LOT of black and dark clothes, and those infamous bracelets from Hot Topic (I even had purple hair in college). Peyton&rsquo;s personality is very similar to someone that I am close to in my life, which made me even more fascinated with this book. Michelle did an excellent job in being able to capture the sisters personalities based on their age but also what they are like due to their circumstances. It was all written very realistically. Madison Lockhart is the typical A-list it girl and reminded me very much of Blair Waldorf, who stops at nothing to get her way, especially when it comes to the guys. I&rsquo;m shocked that she can even keep track of what she does. I do like her character in that you can tell that she only reveals her true self to people, but she allows what others think of her stop her from showing what she is truly like. She doesn&rsquo;t realize that if she just lets go of the control a little bit she may have been able to be with who she wanted to be with, but she is so focused on what others think that she won&rsquo;t. I do look forward to see what happens with her character in the second book, and hope that she may let go just a little bit. The guys: I am completely taken by Brett Carmel. He is definitely a guy that is fiercely protective of those he cares about, but is never someone that you would every be afraid to be around. He is so sweet and goal driven. I loved the moments between him and Courtney, but their situation makes me very sad. I also liked Nick Gordon. He also seems like another very genuine and sweet guy, even if he was involved with Madison Lockhart. I wish that there was more of him in the first book, but of course you&rsquo;re only given a little smidgen of him&hellip;. so I guess I&rsquo;ll just have to wait and get the second book (very sneaky Michelle). Now the other guys. Damien Sanders and Oliver Prescott. Even from their names I knew I wouldn&rsquo;t like them (yeah, I was right). These two are the typical elite teens who act like they never do a single thing wrong and that they are gods gift to woman. Can you tell I really dislike these two. I really hate the way they treat the sisters throughout this book. I think that I could just keep writing and writing about this book and these characters. I was very happy and satisfied with what happened in this book. I was also shocked when I realized that this book only took place over the course of a week (and boy does A LOT happen over that time!).  This book sort of ends on a cliffhanger, but not a cliffhanger that you may see in other books, where you&rsquo;re left saying &ldquo;omg, wait, what just happened!? What did I just read?!&rdquo; Luckily, I only have to wait until October 28th to be able to get the sequel Diamonds in the Rough and find out what happens to our beloved and not so beloved characters So readers, if you were a fan of Gossip Girl, or even of stories with incredible, edge of your seat plot lines, and unique writing styles then I would HIGHLY recommend this book to you!!
itslizzie More than 1 year ago
I loved it and was hooked to the story when I first started. This will make you want to go to Las Vegas if you haven't already. Cant wait for diamonds in the rough
Ariana_Abdon More than 1 year ago
This book was SO good! I really loved all the drama! The cover is gorgeous and Michelle Madow is such a sweet and amazing author! Their is so much about this book that I want to say but can't because of spoilers but JUST READ THE BOOK!! Then pick up the next one Diamonds in the Rough because it is so AMAZING!
AMiles More than 1 year ago
This book is amazing! I cant wait for the next one. If you want s good book to read, this is the one to start.
AllaIssa More than 1 year ago
Love, love, LOVE The Secret Diamond Sisters! I love how it was written with different viewpoints, and how it  the plot and characters were so layered. I really can't think of anything negative at all to say! I've been a fan of Michelle Madow's writing ever since I read the Transcend Time trilogy, and I am happy to say she did not disappoint me with her new series!  I especially love all the details it has, particularly her writing on the Las Vegas scenery. Madow does a fantastic job describing the city. You really did get a feeling of the city for this book. The second book is even better! The series is definitely worth the read.  
chapterxchapter More than 1 year ago
I&rsquo;ve been really interested in reading The Secret Diamond Sisters by author Michelle Madow. Ever since I read her novel Remembrance way back when I had just started getting to write reviews, I remember being addicted to her story and the way she wrote. I couldn&rsquo;t wait to get the opportunity to get to read her latest novel about three girls in Viva! Las Vegas. While I had no idea what to expect when I had started the novel, I have to say that it was an enjoyable first novel in a series that I hope to read through and finish. In The Secret Diamond Sisters, sisters Peyton, Courtney and Savannah have been growing up without a father and have been living with their grandmother and alcoholic mother. When their mother crosses the line with her alcoholism, the sisters&rsquo; father resurfaces in their lives and has them moved out to Las Vegas. None of them have an idea who their father is at first, but quickly learn that it&rsquo;s hotel owner and Billionaire Adrian Diamond. Suddenly the girls find themselves with everything they could ever want right in front of them: credit cards, a penthouse suite to live in, anything from their wildest dreams. But not all of the sisters are coming to terms with their absent father&rsquo;s way of life. Savannah loves the Las Vegas lifestyle and all the perks of being a sudden billionaire. Courtney and Peyton however are more reluctant. While Courtney is trying to play the role of the mature sister, Peyton refuses to accept anything from their father.  Apart from having to adapt to their new identities as the Diamond Sisters, they&rsquo;re also learning that with the summer reaching an end and having to join a prestigious school come fall, they&rsquo;re already the talk of the Vegas Strip. That&rsquo;s when the drama starts and comes in the form of a group of rich teens when jealousy, romance and partying soon follow. As a person who has only been to Vegas once in her lifetime (but can&rsquo;t wait to go again) I really liked how the novel does capture the excitement that the city is just filled with. And who hasn&rsquo;t wondered what it must be like to live at the hotels like something out of a TV show, to have more money than you know what to do with. The Secret Diamond Sisters is filled with teenage drama, heartbreak and romance&mdash;and all in Las Vegas while the sisters balance who they actually are apart from who their father needs them to be for his own benefit. Something really interesting was that every few chapters there would be an intermission of sorts, where there would be blog postings to a website mentioning the Diamond Sisters, who the hottest guys at their future school are, etc. Those little snippets made me laugh and smile, plus it gives us a bit of an idea what to expect in the next novel. Still, there were some things that stood out and made me a bit iffy. The most prominent of them being the three sisters Peyton, Courtney and Savannah were all very different characters, but there wasn&rsquo;t a lot of explanation for some of their actions. Among these little things, the romance was one of the big things in the novel that made me have to put the book down every now and then. It all felt very forced, there was no real emotional connection that I could make between the girls and their many love interests that could have made me eager to see certain pairings together. What I still don&rsquo;t understand is why the character Madison got her own POV (point of view) in the story when she wasn&rsquo;t one of the Diamond Sisters. Sure she was a major character, but it was one of those little things that made me quirk a brow at first. Madison was by far my most favorite character in the book, she had the most depth; she had drive and she was the antagonist. But she was an antagonist that was actually very interesting to me. Especially based on the brief bits we got about her past. I would recommend The Secret Diamond Sisters to readers who are interested in teen fiction, want a unique novel about three girls living it up in Sin City and want to be pulled into a lifestyle that we all dream of having .
Sarah_UK1 More than 1 year ago
3.5 stars (Source: I received a digital copy of this book for free on a read-to-review basis. Thanks to Harlequin TEEN and Netgalley.) The three Diamond sisters &ndash; 17-year-old Peyton, 16-year-old Courtney, and 15-year-old Savannah are about to get a shock. Their mother is checking into a mental health hospital for help with her drinking problem, and they are going to live with their father, a man they haven&rsquo;t seen in 15 years. When the girls discover who their father is though, they&rsquo;re in for another shock, because their father is Adrian Diamond, casino and hotel owner in Vegas, and the girls will be living in a penthouse apartment at their father&rsquo;s hotel. Why haven&rsquo;t the Diamond sisters seen their father in 15 years? Are all the boys in Vegas good looking? And should they really irritate the Queen Bee Madison before they&rsquo;ve even been properly introduced? This started out good, but I was a little disappointed that it was pretty much all about the romance. I think I liked Savannah the most out of the three sisters, Courtney and Peyton were both a lot more stubborn and opinionated than Savannah, and their reaction to their father and his money wasn&rsquo;t all that accepting. Savannah on the other hand seized the moment, and the black Amex her father gave to her, and went shopping &ndash; a girl after my own heart. Imagine shopping with an unlimited credit card; just think how many books you could buy! Anyway, I liked the storyline at the beginning in this, and I was also quite impressed by the reasons for why their father hadn&rsquo;t seen them for 15 years. I liked the little twists and surprises, but the romance kind-of put me off a bit. I know that 3 new girls in a penthouse suite are going to attract attention, and fair enough they might get some attention from the other teenage males in the building, but there just wasn&rsquo;t enough sizzle for me. I thought that this book would maybe be a bit more ruthless, I expected there to be a bit of a bad vibe between the sisters and the queen bee, but while Madison wasn&rsquo;t happy about the sisters, her little plans to annoy them were that &ndash; little, and not all that exciting unfortunately. I expected more pranks, more backstabbing, and more boyfriend stealing, and while a certain bet did make things a little more interesting, it still wasn&rsquo;t really addictive reading. There were also some oddities about the romance in this book, there was the aforementioned bet, there were two relationship with people who were off-bounds, and also a bit of a love triangle concerning one of the eligible males. I just didn&rsquo;t really love any of the boys in this book though. They all seemed to have their own agenda&rsquo;s, and Courtney and Peyton both seemed determined to fall in love with people that their father said they were not to even flirt with. I think if maybe the romance had been a bit more engaging that I wouldn&rsquo;t have minded that this book lacked in other areas, but I just didn&rsquo;t really feel anything for any of the love interests, apart from Oliver, and only because I thought he was a bit of an ass. I was also surprised that this whole story took place in a short period of time, and at the start of the summer. I think the fact that they weren&rsquo;t at school maybe decreased the number of opportunities for the popular girls to get at the Diamond sisters, as we only really had the one queen bee at the hotel for them to annoy. The ending was okay, and it seemed that Madison might have been cooking up a new plan at the end so we were left with a bit of a cliff-hanger. It will be interesting to see where this goes, and if Madison&rsquo;s new plan, and maybe even the girls going to school makes things a bit more interesting. Overall; okay story, but I wish it wasn&rsquo;t all about the romance. 7 out of 10.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
If you like fast paced teen drama this book is for you. It&rsquo;s a quick read and it&rsquo;s really fun. It&rsquo;s told from four points of view, from four different girls with distinctive personalities. When you&rsquo;re reading a section, you can tell which character is the POV character - if you liked Pretty Little Liars and the four POVs (and the drama!), then you will like this. Peyton, the oldest sister, has been hurt by people in the past and it&rsquo;s made her have a hard time trusting, angry and cynical. Courtney is the scholarly, motherly middle sister who takes care of the others, while Savannah is the innocent and na&iuml;ve youngest sister. I was surprised to see the fourth point of view from the &ldquo;popular girl&rdquo; (Madison) at school. At first I wasn&rsquo;t sure how I felt about her, but by the end I liked her as much as the others because you get to see the main girls through someone else&rsquo;s eyes. I can&rsquo;t pick my favorite, because whenever I&rsquo;m reading from one POV, that character, at that time, seems to be my favorite. I think there&rsquo;s a little piece of each of them that readers will be able to relate to. While it&rsquo;s YA/teen reading, I think adult readers will enjoy, and I would recommend it for older teens, not so much younger teens, because it does deal with issues (like drinking and sex) that might not be appropriate for a younger audience. I&rsquo;ve never been to Vegas, but the lavish settings in this book made me want to go out there and see it for myself! It&rsquo;s fast paced and you could probably read it in one sitting (and probably would want to, because it&rsquo;s a little addicting). So, if you&rsquo;re looking for a quick, fun read for your kindle before heading to the beach this summer, I recommend this book! Can&rsquo;t wait till the next one comes out!
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
After her YA Paranormal Transcend Time Saga author Michelle Madow presents her brand new and excitingly contemporary and invigorating of a tale of three sisters coming from an almost tough life and thrust into the throws of the sparkling high society life..... and this is just the first book of the series.  Peyton. Courtney. Savannah. The Diamond Sisters. Also the protagonists of the series. They may have been as different as day and night but they are sisters and know how to take care of each other. Peyton came across as the hard ass rebel. She is the oldest of the lot and in all, is the negative thinker of the lot and speaks her mind. Courtney is the middle child and frankly much more responsible and manageable of the lot. And there is the youngest Savannah. Quite naive and rather optimistic of the three, sporting quite a happy disposition towards life and your typical teenager. Together they are the Secret Diamond Sisters, daughters of Adrian Diamond, the elusive and mega rich entrepreneur. I liked that they each had a good head on their shoulders and didn't get blinded by the light and allure of the Vegas strip. They are like a tight knot group and support each other if they the situation calls it. Coming from such harsh conditions and out of the blue finding out that you are the daughter of a rich guy and being given a black AMX card can definitely turn the head of anybody. So I am definitely glad that they showed some perseverance. Then there are the love interests. I liked Brett and Courtney..... they had some pretty real chemistry.... but poor them they are going to be step-siblings. Peyton and Jackson showed some real promise too. And Savannah and Nick as well, although Damien and Oliver and in the mic too.... but lets see how things go from here.... Definitely excited to see who ends up with who.  Got to give it to Michelle. The Secret Diamond Sisters felt definitely a balanced, entertaining, engaging and lovable and real tale of three sisters in  a posh setting. The language is simple and descriptive and paints a colorful picture of Las Vegas and its lifestyle.... And very Gossip-Girl-esque too...... I LOVED IT! &quot;Michelle Madow spins a gorgeous tale of high society life with some well balanced gossip-girl-esque twists &amp; turns in the mix&quot;
WhatsBeyondForks More than 1 year ago
This is the first book in The Secret Diamond Sisters series by Michelle Madow. These three sisters couldn't be more different from one another. Savannah is naive and superficial, Peyton is more of the rebel, and Courtney is smart and cautious. Even though they are so different, these girls have each others backs. Moving to Las Vegas is a complete culture shock to them. They are pretty much set free in Vegas with little supervision. So, much trouble is to be had. We find out some secrets about their lives, but there is still something or maybe a few somethings their Dad is hiding. I thought we'd find out more before this book ended so we would have some answers or movement towards a resolution. I enjoyed the perspectives of all three sisters. It was almost like you had three stories in one. Each sister had their own drama going on, and that kept me engaged too, but I thought there would be a little something more to the overall plot. I felt like something was missing. The ARC of The Secret Diamond Sisters was kindly provided to me by the publisher through NetGalley and the author for review. The opinions are my own.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
I loved The Secret Diamond Sisters!!! It's a fun and fabulous read that has you flying through the pages faster than Mr Diamond's private jet.  Surprisingly, Madison was my favorite character as she seemed to exude a lot if confidence  and I feel there is a lot more to her story.
bookbriefs More than 1 year ago
Wow! This book was so much fun. It made me feel like I was living it up on the Las Vegas Strip right along side with Peyton, Savannah, and Courtney. The three Diamond sisters are each so unique. The book was split up into multiple different characters views. The chapters each alternated between the diamond sisters and the resident &quot;it&quot; girl at their soon to be high school, Madison. There were also little sections scattered throughout from a school online website, where people were posting rumors and things that were going on. It reminded me of part Twitter, part Gossip girl blog. I thought it was a perfect add in to the atmosphere that the Diamond sisters found themselves living in.  Peyton, Courtney, and Savannah are uprooted to live with their absentee father in Las vegas, and overnight their whole lives changes. I appreciated how well the girls each handled this huge change. Sure Peyton was a little grumpy, and sure Savannah was a little spend happy with all of her new money, but I thought overall, they handled themselves really well in this tough situation. I also thought that the celebrity lifestyle was portrayed to a t! Michelle Madow did such a fantastic job creating an atmosphere that seemed to realistic to how teenage/celebrity lifestyle seems to be. It is like the Las Vegas Gossip Girl. I ate it all up.  I really liked all of the Diamond Sisters because they were each so different and I feel like we got to know each of them really well, but if I had to rank them I like Courtney the most and Peyton the least. Courtney seemed like the most level headed of the three and i thought she made the best decisions overall. I liked Savannah, but I wish she was just one year older. She seemed so young at just 15, and everything she was doing just made her seem so much older. I think that is why I like the idea of her with Nick because he seemed to treat her the best. Peyton just seemed like such a sourpuss all the time and in some ways she acted the most immaturely. I understand where she was coming from, but attitude still bugged sometimes. At the end of the story, I started to get a glimpse of a much nicer Peyton, and that made me like her a lot more.  And then there is Madison. I have no idea what to think of her. I guess she was the &quot;mean girl&quot;. And by I guess, I mean that she can be one heck of a B, but for some reason, I just want to believe her soft underbelly. I'm still deciding on who the real Madison is. I will have to get back to you on that one after I read the next book. And you better believe, I will be reading the next book. I am hooked on the world of the Secret Diamond Sisters and I can't wait to go back for more.
TheBookBag More than 1 year ago
Great start to a wonderful trilogy! Wow! How cool would it be to find out your father was a Las Vegas billionaire? But knowing that you, your sisters, and your mother struggled all those years without him and his money? That would be hard. And there would be lots of issues to work through and a lot of questions that would need to be answered. Savannah, Courtney, and Peyton go to Vegas to live with their father, a father they knew nothing about, after their mother passes away. They are dropped into a totally different lifestyle from what they had been used to. But they are pretty much like most typical teenagers; they just want to have friends, have fun, and to fit in. I love this story told from the concurrent viewpoints of all three sisters. Typically in a trilogy such as this, each book would mainly focus on one of the characters. We would see the world through their eyes. This book takes a look at all of the sisters and we get to see how they all act and react to the happenings around them. We really get to know all of the sisters at the same time. Each sister has their own personality and I connected with parts of each one of them. I really did feel like I came to know them all and I am super excited to see where the next story takes us. One line that really struck a nerve with me is this one ~ 'Peyton didn't understand the concept of reading for fun. If a book was good enough, it would become a movie, and she could see it that way.' Ahhhh! How can you not want to read for fun?!
RuthEDay More than 1 year ago
So to be completely honest, I wouldn't have read this book if I didn't know the author from college. This is not the kind of book I usually read. I love YA, I just tend more toward the speculative and historical end of the spectrum. I usually only pick up a contemporary if there's some chance it'll make me cry. Well, this book isn't a tear-jerker, but it certainly felt like a fantasy at times. It starts right when the Diamond sisters--Savannah, Courtney, and Peyton--find out that their mother is going to rehab for alcohol abuse and that they have to go live with their father. It takes them a few more pages to find out that their father is a billionaire and that the'll be living in a super fancy hotel in Vegas. The descriptions of the hotel and the Vegas strip were amazing and it was so much fun to escape into the decadence of this world, a world that I am just as likely to experience as any fantasy world since I may never go to Vegas, and if I do, I'll certainly never have the money to experience it as the Diamond sisters do. There are a LOT of characters in this book, and I was very impressed with Michelle's ability to keep them all straight, and to make sure I could keep do the same. There are four POV characters, and I was sure they'd start running together in my head after awhile, but they never did. Each of the POV characters is so different from the others and they each have their own unique role within the story, and, in the case of the three sisters, within their family. On top of the four POV characters, there are also a TON of boys that could be potential love interests. In most books I read where this is the case, I often find it difficult to tell one secondary character apart from the others after awhile. Not the case with this book. As with the four POV characters, the boys all have their own unique personalities and roles. There's a jock, a bodyguard, a future step-brother, a player, a golden boy, and a desperate boyfriend from back home. I loved the variety! But the thing I loved most about this story was the relationship between the sisters. I come from a family of three daughters, and I couldn't help but draw parallels between my own family and the dynamic these girls have (pssst... I'm totally the Courtney). Their relationship felt very real to me--how they were occasionally annoyed with each other but would stick up for one another not matter what. I also loved how the older sisters tended to shelter the younger one, because I know my sister and I would have done the same for our youngest sister had there been anything to shelter her from (we had a carefree childhood compared to these three).  So, in conclusion, I can't wait to read more about the Diamond sisters and I highly recommend this book to anyone who is interested in Vegas, escapism, romance, or sisterhood. PS. I'm totally shipping all the sisters with specific guys and already have an OTP picked out.
Alicia8484 More than 1 year ago
In her debut novel Michelle Madow introduces us to the Diamond sisters, three girls who recently discovered that they are the heirs to a Las Vegas fortune. This book takes place in the midst of the glitz and glam of Las Vegas. The overall theme &ndash; rich teens living the party lifestyle &ndash; was vaguely reminiscent of the Gossip Girl series, but I found the characters in this book to be easier to relate to and generally I enjoyed the writing style of Secret Diamond Sisters a lot more than that of the Gossip Girl series. The nice thing is that between the three sisters, every reader will relate to at least one of them. I personally enjoyed Courtney&rsquo;s character them most, but I really did enjoy reading about all three of the sisters. They each have their flaws and their strengths, but at the end of the day they are a family and they love each other. That is what makes this story truly great; often when we see books about the &lsquo;high life&rsquo; they involve characters that are too self-absorbed or selfish to be relatable &ndash; that is not the case in this book. The story involves a lot of drama and, of course, there are plenty of secrets being held that may or may not be revealed in this first installment. Overall, Secret Diamond Sisters is great if you want an enjoyable read that will keep you intrigued throughout the book &ndash; I would recommend trying to read it in on sitting, you won&rsquo;t want to put this one down!