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Tristan Wilder, self-made millionaire and devastatingly handsome CEO of Wilder-Nation is on the verge of a very lucrative buyout. With tough negotiations ahead, he's armed with his acquisition pitch, ready to launch the deal of a lifetime. There's just one glitch. The last thing he expects is to fall for the hot business owner he's trying to sway.

Dylan Reeves, computer science engineer and founder of the very successful social media site, Secret, is faced with a life-altering decision. A devoted family man with three kids and a wife, Dylan has been living a secret for years. Fiercely loyal to his convictions, his boundaries blur after meeting the striking owner of the corporation interested in acquiring his company. For the first time in his life, reckless desire consumes him when the gorgeous computer mogul makes an offer he can't refuse.

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ISBN-13: 9781941450062
Publisher: Kindle Alexander LLC.
Publication date: 06/06/2015
Pages: 326
Sales rank: 918,956
Product dimensions: 5.25(w) x 8.00(h) x 0.68(d)

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The Secret 4.8 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 8 reviews.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
One of my favorite romance books ever....and most definitely my favorite M/M ronance. Loved the story and the charscters...made me laugh and cry and appreciate live at every level.
asgoodrich More than 1 year ago
I really enjoyed this book. I saw some pre-release controversy from people refusing to read Secret because Ms. Alexander refused to say whether or not the book contained cheating and while this is not a hard limit for me, I was interested in how it would play out in the book. While I will neither confirm nor deny the existence of cheating, I will say that if it’s a deal breaker for you and you really want to know before you buy the book, then download the sample because the author addresses that issue within the first chapter of the book and I for one loved how she did it and how it set up the remainder of the book. I loved both Dylan and Tristan’s characters. It was pretty clear from the outset that although both men owned and operated very successful companies, they had each built their companies from the ground up and had not allowed their wealth to get the better of them – unlike Tristan’s COO Landry appeared to have. I was particularly enamored with Dylan. It was clear from his conversations with his staff and in what he was looking for in the buyout of his company, that above all else, he’s a man of loyalty. This becomes even more obvious when the author reveals exactly how dedicated he is to his family and the relationship he has with his wife. It is Dylan’s loyalty that makes his response to Tristan that much more difficult for him. Where Tristan won me over is that rather than fighting his feelings for Dylan and clinging to his bachelorhood, he recognized that the time he spent with Dylan was different than with his previous partners and that his feelings for the man were worth exploring. What really impressed me was that once he committed to trying to build a relationship with Dylan, Tristan was willing to wait and was unbelievably patient and understanding of Dylan’s situation. I’m not suggesting that he shouldn’t have been, but rather that I appreciate that the author chose to have Tristan respond as an adult rather than act like an insecure 18 year-old – she kept Tristan’s character authentic to his age and accomplishments in life. One of the aspects of Ms. Alexander’s writing I enjoy is that while she can write some seriously steamy sex scenes, her primary focus is on the relationship development between the main characters. No doubt about it, the sex between Dylan and Tristan is hot, even more so when the two men begin to admit their feelings to themselves and they shift from having sex to making love. I loved how Tristan took his time with Dylan – listening to him, paying attention to his responses, and guiding him to insure that they both enjoyed their time together. He never attempted to make Dylan feel inadequate because of his inexperience. I will admit that although I wasn’t surprised that their secret was discovered, I was shocked with the way it occurred and how Dylan’s daughter found out. That said, I absolutely loved how their family rallied together during that evening of revelations and came out stronger for it. Thankfully Secret didn’t leave me bawling like a baby like Always did, but it has been added to my re-read list all the same and I look forward to reading it again soon. I received a complimentary copy of the book in exchange for an honest review. Reviewed by Angela at Crystal's Many Reviewers!
khulseman More than 1 year ago
The best secret I’ve read in awhile “I’ve always had to keep quiet” This is a first time read from this author for me. I participated in an author takeover on a FB group and decided to give this Ms. Alexander a try. I am sure glad I did. The story evolves around the budding relationship of Dylan and Tristan. Dylan is currently in a marriage of ‘convenience’ and is waiting to finally live his life. Tristan is the ultimate California playboy without a care or relationship to worry about it. Both lives take a change of course as they meet over business transaction. I found that I could relate to the character of Dylan. Most of stories of this genre is where the one character meets the dashing billionaire and swept off their feet. In this case, Dylan is swept off his feet by Tristan and wholly overwhelmed. Dylan feels not capable of relating to Tristan at his status both of wealth and sexual orientation. I know if I had a billionaire romance me, I’d feel overwhelmed too! The big stressor for the story is that Dylan is still in the closet. Although I am an upfront, what-you-see-is-what-you-get person, I have friends who have struggled with their true feelings. With this I felt all of Dylan and Tristan’s frustration with moving forward. I would definitely recommend this book if you are a huge contemporary romance fan. This story had it all, the struggle to the HEA. I look forward to reading more from this author.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Archaeolibrarian More than 1 year ago
I received this book from Enticing Journey Book Promotions in return for a fair and honest review. When I read the synopsis I wondered just how the hell that Kindle Alexander was going to make this story as good as the ones in her past. I'm afraid that I'm a BIG fan of Mitch so the bar was set pretty high. With the first chapter of Secret I was wondering. How could this turnaround? It just didn't seem possible. It appears that I should have had more faith and confidence in the writing of Kindle Alexander. Not only did she turn this around, make the storyline one of the most interesting I've read this year, pull the reader into the lives of each and every character, but she did it with style and aplomb. And not's let forget the smokin' hot scenes between Tristan and Dylan! Phew, I'm melting here. I am not going to say much more because I really don't want to put down any spoilers. Trust me, this book is simply amazing and it will not go the way you think. There are so many secrets here, waiting to be uncovered by the reader, it would be a crime for me to spoil that for you. Absolutely marvelous, off the charts and I'm afraid to say that Mitch now has a contender in Tristan. Highly recommended. Merissa Archaeolibrarian - I Dig Good Books!
ReneeEntress More than 1 year ago
4.5 star I was pulled right into this M/M story. The story flowed well and I was able to connect to the characters. The story has laughs, heartbreak, and secrets.  This is Dylan and Tristan’s story. Dylan is a married father of three.  He and his wife have been keeping a secret about his sexuality.  He is not sure how to take the attraction he feels for Tristan.  How can Dylan possibly come out and if he does how will that work with his family?  Dylan learns that with the love of family he can truly become the man he was supposed to be and his family will support him thought it.  With the love of everyone Dylan and Tristan can finally get their chance to have a relationship and life together.   I recommend this book and can’t wait for the next story from this author.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Kindle Alexander is an awesome writet. All her books tell great stories from beginning to end. Secret is no exception. Loved it
taisheena More than 1 year ago
I rarely read M/M stories but this one was highly enjoyable. Kindle has a way with surprises in this plot.  I love her well-written descriptions. I like how she shows how all relationships, m/m or f/m need the same care and considerations. Love is what’s needed.  I loved how Tris pulled Dylan out of the closet, even as Dylan fought it. The whole family ends up overcoming obstacles in order to be whole.  I was gifted this book in exchange for an honest review.