The Secret Life of Insects: An Entomological Alphabet

The Secret Life of Insects: An Entomological Alphabet

by Peter Milward

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Every science, including the study of insects, may have circumscribed limits, but its deeper principles open up new worlds of possibility. Milward uncovers these hidden principles by examining the daily lives and habits of insects. His studies lead him to fascinating speculations, taking the reader into the realms not only of literature, as suggested by the subtitle, but also of philosophy and theology. When Milward discusses what everybody knows about insects and what he has personally observed, he relates insects to human life in general. His insights help us feel a certain fellowship with the insects, or at least with some of the more familiar insects. He does not let us forget that there is an important difference between human beings and insects. Human beings think. It is our ability to think that makes us what we are, but it is thinking that enables us to discover our affinity with insects. "The Secret Life of Insects" does not probe into the hidden lives of insects or treat them as individuals. His main interest is the light insects may throw on our human experience, and the assistance they may lend us as we seek to transcend our human experience. Milward aims at the level of common knowledge. In contrast to entomological scientists, Milward finds shadowy glimpses of hidden meaning in the insect world. These intimations or shadowy glimpses reveal thoughts and possibilities that will extend the human imagination. As a consequence, this work will inspire philosophers, as well as general readers interested in reflecting on the profundity of ordinary life.

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ISBN-13: 9781351474429
Publisher: Taylor & Francis
Publication date: 09/08/2017
Sold by: Barnes & Noble
Format: NOOK Book
Pages: 154
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About the Author

Peter Milward is emeritus professor of English Literature at Sophia University in Tokyo, Japan. He was the first director of the Renaissance Centre at Sophia University when it first opened in 1984. Including his frequent contributions to the St. Austin Review, he is the author of numerous books including A Lifetime with Hopkins, Shakespeare the Papist, and What is a University?

Table of Contents

Prologue: The Anonymity of Insects vii

1 Ants in Antarctica 1

2 Bees in the Bonnet 7

3 A Song for Sentimental Centipedes 13

4 Such Darling Daddy-Long-Legs 19

5 Evenings with Earwigs 25

6 Freedom for Flies! 29

7 The Grasshopper in Grub Street 35

8 Little Jack Hornet 41

9 Jumpers and Junipers 47

10 The Kat and the Katerpillar 53

11 My Fair Ladybird 61

12 Mesmerizing the Mosquito 67

13 The Gnat is a Nitwit! 73

14 O for an Oil-Fly! 79

15 The Problem of the Praying Mantis 85

16 Queen Bees in Question 91

17 The Readiness of the Red Admiral 97

18 I, Spider 103

19 This Tremendous Termite 109

20 Uses of the Unicorn 113

21 Very Venerable Vermin 119

22 Wee Willie Waspie 123

23 Sex and Insex 129

24 ZZZZZZZ 135

Epilogue: Yintimations of Yantomology 141

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