The Secret of Lucianne Dove

The Secret of Lucianne Dove

by Roberta Smith


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ISBN-13: 9781435709409
Publication date: 01/26/2008
Pages: 248
Product dimensions: 6.00(w) x 9.00(h) x 0.56(d)

About the Author

Roberta Smith is a lifelong southern Californian who has always loved ghost stories, Twilight Zone, irony and the macabre. In between Corvette outings with her husband and too much crime TV, she writes paranormal mysteries with a splash of romance.

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The Secret of Lucianne Dove 3.8 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 5 reviews.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
A very interesting page turner.
JackieBCentralTexasJB More than 1 year ago
Book Synopsis Crusty veteran newspaper reporter Mickey McCoy doesn't realize just how strong his sixth-sense powers are until he comes to Virginia City and crosses paths with the spirit of nineteenth century mining town whore, Lucianne Dove. Driven by a need to heal his own pain, he realizes he has a kinship with this woman from another era who is calling on him for help. If he can figure out what she wants and fulfill her need, he will not only change the legacy of her life, but will change the course of his own. The Secret of Lucianne Dove is the first of three Mickey McCoy paranormal mysteries from author Roberta L. Smith. It is the story of two souls whose connection transcends time - a paranormal tale with heart, soul, and a message about forgiveness. My Thoughts From start to finish this was an interesting and to me very easily read book. The flow of the story as it takes place and the details about each character as they come to light were very natural and gave the reader a feeling of ease as they turned the pages. Mickey is not only an old codger who learns that all is not black and white in the world but he readily endears himself to one as you get to see him in action. Paranormal mystery, coupled with a bit of time travel and old west history is a combination that will make you keep reading to find out all the secrets about both Lucianne and Mickey as they are ferreted out. This is also a treat to the senses as the author creates the atmosphere of Virginia City for the reader to enjoy both in the modern era and as it would have been in the 1800's. It almost made me smell, taste and feel what the characters did as I read along. In a time when women were put into very narrow categories of either being "good" or "bad" Lucianne Dove was labeled as a "bad" woman. In a time when age comes to bear on whether a person is labeled as being past their usefulness Mickey is labeled as being ready to "retire". This story proves to the reader that sometimes if we look past a label we see the true person, sometimes they defy the odds and have more to offer than even they realize themselves! This was a truly unique and picturesque start to what I hope turns out to be something that others like myself will get to enjoy for themselves and am really looking forward to reading more about Mickey in the near future, he stole my heart when he turned out to be good with a hammer and other hand tools! [Ecopy of book provided in exchange for an honest review. ]
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Good interesting read. Light, yet keeps you involved in the plot.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Guest More than 1 year ago
Sometimes an author presents exactly what you want to read¿the book has a beautiful, enticing cover a little mystery a ghost or two strong, endearing characters, a storyline that keeps you turning pages excellent writing and an ending that ties up all the little issues that sometimes are left hanging! Quite simply, I found all this and loved The Secret of Lucianne Dove by first-time novelist, Roberta L. Smith! The book opens in 1881 when Lucianne Dove is being hanged¿for a murder she did not commit. Admittedly she had been a prostitute, having no other way to make money. And she had also been a lover to the man who had been killed. But that was as far as her guilt went. Even as he led her to the gallows, the sheriff felt that hanging Lucianne was wrong. Before she was hung, she asked to speak, ¿Please. Please tell Janie to get in touch with her little sister.¿ It was a hundred years later, more or less, when Mickey McCoy started having dreams. Mickey was still working as a news reporter, though he had passed the normal retirement age years ago. His career had been his life. Mickey had received awards for his writing, but he¿d never felt that his work was completed. When the dreams started, he wasn¿t sure what was happening, especially the one where Marjorie Main in Ma and Pa Kettle in Lake Tahoe, played for an entire night. At about the same time but a couple hundred miles away in Lake Tahoe, a woman named Marjorie was in the midst of a quarrel with her daughter Luce. Luce had also been having dreams and her mother had refused to believe and accept anything that her daughter shared. While Marjorie wasn¿t aware of it, Luce had taken to walking around in Virginia City, sometimes asking the question, ¿Do you know Janie or where I can find her?¿ The dead woman who came to Luce in dreams had told her what to do and where to go. One of the places she was to visit was the Comstock Children¿s Home. Though run down and threatened by individuals at the State Children¿s Services, who supported it, there was much love and concern provided the children who still lived in this orphanage. And so it was the spirit of Lucianne who entered into the dreams of those who would listen and see her, who worked to reveal the secret that had never been shared. Lucianne not only cleared her own reputation for murder but also provided the way through which Mickey McCoy was able to write her story and redeem his own life. This heartwarming tale often centers on the Children¿s Home and readers will soon find themselves involved in the lives of the director, staff, and the children. I have no idea whether any part of the story is based upon fact however, if it wasn¿t, it is certainly written as if it answers one of the greatest mysteries of the past. A touch of history, a touch of romance...this is a beautiful story to curl up with on a dark and cloudy weekend! I¿m hoping this writer considers a sequel! In the meantime, get a copy and enjoy The Secret of Lucianne Dove! You¿ll be glad you did! G. A. Bixler