The Secrets of Happily Ever After

The Secrets of Happily Ever After

by Daphna Levy


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If your relationship is falling apart; if you are experiencing communication breakdowns, have grown apart and feel disconnected, have lost the love and passion you once shared and feel hopeless about saving your relationship, read this book!

You will discover

  • The secrets of good communication and how to prevent arguments and fights
  • How to return to the way you were when you first met
  • How to find happiness together despite your personality differences (incompatibility)
  • How to revive your relationship and rekindle your love and passion
  • The Enemy Within: the biggest threat to your bond and how to overcome it
  • How to create lasting happiness

You will acquire practical tools you can use right away to help your relationship. The advice given is based on years of the author's experience and success in saving marriages.

This is what her clients have to say:

“We came to Daphna as our last resort. She gave us the tools we desperately needed to open our communication and save our relationship. We’ve learned to listen and understand each other. We no longer have explosive fights. We have discussions.” – Karina

“We were stuck, non-communicative and needed help. Daphna showed us the tools and gave our relationship the love and attention it needed. – Autumn

We were able to get back to where we were forty years ago (sweethearts).” – Ted

“These tools not only helped me with my marriage, but in my relationship with my children as well.” – Liz

More testimonials an how to get relationship help can be found on www.TheSecretsOfHappilyEverAfter

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ISBN-13: 9781886668966
Publisher: Golden Millennium Productions, Inc.
Publication date: 04/01/2019
Pages: 148
Product dimensions: 6.00(w) x 9.00(h) x 0.34(d)

Table of Contents


Most marriages are like bread—sooner or later they go stale. Romance goes dead. Passion vanishes. At last, there seems to be no choice but to settle for less and give up on the dream of a Happily Ever After. It is a sad but common scene, and it was the story of one couple after forty years of marriage, several children and a couple of grandchildren—until they came to see me.

When we were done, the husband wrote, “In one month with Daphna, we were able to get back to where we were forty years ago (sweethearts).”

The wife wrote, “Our relationship has really blossomed again!” ­

The reason I share this with you is to assure you that there is hope. You don’t have to settle for a “stale,” plain, lifeless or boring relationship. The love, affection and “spark” you once shared need not be replaced by habit. There is a way to make your marriage “fresh” again, and this book is your guide.

I know you are skeptical and I don’t blame you one bit! On the other hand, what have you got to lose but the fights, the resentment, the frequent upsets and the boredom? What have you got to gain but the possibility of reviving your relationship and making it blossom again?

The advice in this book is based on my decades of experience helping hundreds of people create happier lives. Being a result-driven person myself (I can’t stand endless theorizing!), my advice is strictly practical. I provide tools that you can put into use immediately to improve your relationship and, hopefully, rekindle your love and increase your happiness.

With this book, I put those tools in your hands and leave it up to you to use them. Try them on for size. Test them in your own life and see if they work for you like they’ve worked for my many clients over the years.

And if they do, there is nothing I would love more than hearing about it from you! So, keep me informed.


Chapter 1 The Way We Were

Chapter 2 “We Don’t Communicate”

Chapter 3 Sex and Your Happiness

Chapter 4 Avoid the Poison

Chapter 5 The Enemy Within

Chapter 6 How to Conquer Incompatibility

Chapter 7 Your Relationship Score

Chapter 8 A Picture Tells a Thousand Words: A Visual Guild to Your Happily Ever After

Chapter 9 Recipes for Happiness

Chapter 10 There Is Hope

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