The Secret's Secret: Unlocking the Secrets to True Health and Happiness

The Secret's Secret: Unlocking the Secrets to True Health and Happiness

by Ozer Ucuran Ciller


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ISBN-13: 9789944424929
Publisher: Citlembik Publications
Publication date: 07/16/2012
Pages: 232
Product dimensions: 5.40(w) x 8.20(h) x 0.80(d)

About the Author

Successful entrepreneur and businessman (and spouse of Turkey's first female prime minister),Ciller began in the 1980s to delve into philosophy, alternative medicine, and theology. His several books have found a wide audience in Turkey.

Table of Contents

Dedication 9

Foreword 11

1 Life's Enigma 13

The secret of existence as concealed in the law of attraction 15

Mastering the rudiments of the law of attraction and esotericism 20

Questioning quantum 22

Homeopathy and resonance therapy 26

II The Existence of Life 29

Intelligent design and the theory of evolution 34

Divine and non-divine religions 36

Information and the cosmos 38

III The Secret's Scientific Explanation and the Secret's Secret 43

Resonance 54

Mechanical resonance, biological resonance and the resonance of divine justice 57

IV Resonance and Scientific Approaches 61

Homeopathy and biological resonance 66

The emoto magnetic resonance analyzer 70

Resonance repatterning and the bio-digital o ring 76

Morphic resonance 79

Schumann resonance 81

Infoseuticals and biological resonance 83

V Vibrational Medicine (Bio-Informational Medicine) 87

The body's data-energy fields 95

Newtonian medicine's plumbers and the electro-technicians of vibrational medicine 98

VI The Importance of Resonance's Energy to Our Physical and Subtle Bodies 103

The physical body 111

The etheric body 112

The emotional body 114

The mental body 115

The spiritual body 116

VII What We Must Do for the Health of Our Bodies 119

Physical bodily health 122

Probiotics 124

Prebiotics 126

Synbiotics 127

Real detoxification 127

The pH value (acid-alkali level) of our bodies 129

Alkaline and acidic food lists 131

Foods with the highest acidic value 134

The etheric body's health 134

The emotional body's health 136

The mental body's health 140

The spiritual body's health 144

VIII The Synthesis of Health Living and the Energy Values of the Human Conscious 149

The energy values of the human conscious 155

The emotional body's synthesis 157

The mental body's synthesis 159

The spiritual body's synthesis 159

IX The Significance of Love 163

Thought is energy 165

Considerations about loving ourselves 167

What we have to do to love ourselves 168

The ways of reasoning 171

Synthesis thought 172

Realist thought 173

Analytic thought 173

Idealist thought 174

Pragmatist thought 174

Universal love begins with loving yourself 176

Love and balance 182

How do we become a loving person? 184

X The Secret's Secret: Loving Yourself 195

Conclusion 209

Glossary 217

Bibliography 227

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