The Secular Songs of Henry Purcell, Vol. 2

The Secular Songs of Henry Purcell, Vol. 2


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Release Date: 06/14/1994
Label: Hyperion Uk
UPC: 0034571167206
catalogNumber: 66720


  1. I love and I must, song, Z. 382
  2. When her languishing eyes said 'love', song, Z. 432
  3. Not all my torments can your pity move, song, Z. 400
  4. Ah! cruel nymph! you give despair for soprano & continuo, Z. 352
  5. Sylvia, now your scorn give over, song, Z. 420
  6. Since one poor view has drawn my heart, song, Z. 416
  7. I resolve against cringing, song, Z. 386
  8. Gentle shepherds, you that know, song, Z. 464
  9. If grief has any pow'r to kill, song, Z. 378
  10. She that would gain a faithful lover, song, Z. 414
  11. Fly swift, ye hours, song, Z. 369
  12. Hears not my Phyllis (The Knotting Song), song, Z. 371
  13. Phyllis, talk no more of passion, song, Z. 409
  14. Celia's fond, too long I've loved her, song for soprano & continuo, Z. 364
  15. In vain we dissemble, song, Z. 385
  16. When my Aemelia smiles, song, Z. 434
  17. Farewell, ye rocks, song, Z. 463
  18. What a sad fate is mine, song, Z. 428 (2 versions)
  19. I take no pleasure in the sun's bright beams, song, Z. 388
  20. Love's pow'r in my heart shall find no compliance, song, Z. 395
  21. How delightful's the life of an innocent swain, song, Z. 373
  22. She who my poor heart possesses, song, Z. 415
  23. Love arms himself in Celia's eyes, song, Z. 392
  24. When first my shepherdess and I, song, Z. 431
  25. Through mournful shades and solitary groves, song, Z. 424
  26. If music be the food of love, song, Z. 379 (3 settings)
  27. Scarce had the rising sun appear'd, song, Z. 469
  28. Who but a slave can well express, song, Z. 440
  29. High on a throne of glitt'ring ore (Ode to the Queen), song, Z. 465
  30. Incassum, Lesbia, incassum rogas (The Queen Epicedium), song, Z 383

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