The Seduction of Kinley Foster

The Seduction of Kinley Foster

by Lisa Wells


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ISBN-13: 9781682811870
Publisher: Entangled Publishing
Publication date: 05/09/2016
Pages: 270
Product dimensions: 5.00(w) x 8.00(h) x 0.61(d)

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The Seduction of Kinley Foster

A What Happens in Vegas Story

By Lisa Wells, Vanessa Mitchell

Entangled Publishing, LLC

Copyright © 2016 Lisa Wells
All rights reserved.
ISBN: 978-1-63375-415-7


Kinley Foster side-stepped down the airplane's crowded aisle juggling her carry-on, her Mac, and her neck pillow featuring head shots of Jimmy Fallon and Adam Kaufman. Her Trust No Bro T-shirt, stained a horrid hue of orange from her breakfast Slurpee, summed up the type of morning she'd endured. Ugh.

The chatter of excited women filled the small cabin of the chartered plane. Not her chartered plane. She was the green banana in their veggie bin. Dropped in when her plane was grounded due to a minor mechanical malfunction. Minor, my library card. If it grounds a plane, it's major.

She was heading to Vegas for five glorious days with 2,200 other romance writers, romance readers, romance models, romance ...

Those who made a living out of selling love.

And if her nerves didn't combust and kill her, she would pitch her manuscript to an agent. The mere thought gave her hives. More hives than The Rockettes have pasties. But what was a little scratching when it came to chasing your dreams?

"Did anyone else see the ass on our pilot before he disappeared into the cockpit?" said a young brunette with boobs that would make a Playmate proud.

"Are we going to have to talk about asses the whole trip?" one of the few men on the plane asked.

Since when do men not want to talk about asses?

Kinley passed row after row of boobs, bling, and babes in all shapes and sizes. Talking. Giggling. Texting. Drinking.

"I hear they are having a strip —"

An eruption of laughter from those sitting in row ten — seats a, b, and c — kept Kinley from picking-out the last part of the comment. Spotting her empty window seat in row twenty, she stopped. A handsome middle-aged black man, sitting in the aisle seat, stood and helped her stuff her suitcase in the overhead bin.

"Thanks." Chivalry wasn't dead.

"My pleasure." He stepped aside so she could do the awkward dance of crossing over the middle passenger: a full-figured woman who reminded Kinley of Vanessa Williams. Or what Vanessa would look like if she had a Jersey-Housewives' makeover.

A loudly spoken oye told her the dance lacked perfect choreography.

"Sorry." Kinley shuffle-stepped too quickly for her grace-level. Her feet twisted like crossed fingers. She lost her precarious balance ... and ended up with her ass in the face of "Vanessa."

Before her brain could tell her backside to move, a pair of hands planted on her butt. Static electricity ensued. The widespread palms clutching each ass cheek gave an unexpected shove. Already off balance, Kinley went face first into the window. Obviously, Vanessa wasn't a butt-in-the-face-between-strangers type of gal. "Ouch."

"Oh ... My Lord," the lady said in a southern drawl, the volume too loud to be considered lady-like. "I grabbed your tushy and caused sparks."

The gentleman sitting in the aisle seat chuckled. "Darling, you can't just grab a person's tushy without their permission." He sounded like he was joking.

But Kinley couldn't see his face, couldn't be sure.

"Hush yourself. You know I didn't touch her tushy on purpose."

Kinley twirled and faced the woman. She checked her head for a lump.

"I am so sorry," the ass-grabber said, fanning herself with her hand, which had bling rings on every finger.

"It's okay." What else could she say? That's the most action I've seen in a year.

"I'm Charlie." The lady pulled out a lavender silk hankie and delicately dabbed at her brow. "The Shemar Moore look-alike is my husband. Dan. His sense of humor is fractured." She moved the seat belt out of Kinley's way and patted the cushion for Kinley to sit.

"Thanks." Kinley sat and quickly jammed her purse and Mac under the seat in front of her. "I'm McKinley, but my family calls me Kinley." Her words came out rapidly and practically overlapped.

"What an unusual girl's name."

Kinley stiffened. "I'm named after my dad. He died before I popped out of my mom. In a freakish plane crash." She wiped her palms on her jeans. "I didn't pop out of my mom in a freak plane crash. My dad died in one."

Charlie's eyes rounded. "Bless your momma's heart. So lovely of her to name you after your daddy."

Kinley nodded. Remained silent. Some people didn't like to make small talk in a plane. And truly her desire to chatter was all nerves and not friendliness. "She says I'm just like him." Shut. Up.

Charlie smiled understandingly at Kinley, her eyes crinkling at the corners like the grooves in ruffled potato chips. "You must be one of the passengers from the grounded Spirit Airway's plane?"

Dan placed his hand on top of Charlie's as if to inconspicuously quiet a child. "Did you say your dad died in a plane crash?"

"Rushing home to see my brother play in his first little league baseball game." Her brother carried that guilt on his shoulders to this day. He was always trying to be both a brother and a father to Kinley. Overprotective to a fault. "This is my first time flying. You could say I have a phobia when it comes to the friendly skies."

"Well don't you worry one little bit," Charlie said, pulling her hand out from under Dan's grasp and patting Kinley's knee. "This plane is sturdy. I know the pilot, and it's not going to go down over the Grand Canyon like his last one did."

Kinley's spine straightened, and her heart banged out several hard-rock beats. "What?" What? How had she gone from —

Charlie giggled. "Gotcha. Dan says my sense of humor puts the fun in funny."

Kinley took a breath that struggled to get past her closed off throat. She pointed a shaking finger at Charlie. "We'll see how fun your funny is when I write you as an out-of-work, cross-dressing prostitute in my next book."

"You're a writer?" Charlie clapped her hands causing the gold charm bracelets on her wrist to clickety-clack and their tiny charms to chime against one another. She nudged Dan. "Aren't we the lucky ones she's sitting with us?"

"Damn straight," Dan said, not looking up from his issue of Sports Illustrated.

"Do you write the good stuff?" Charlie asked in a stage whisper. Staged as in someone standing on a stage in New York could be heard by those sitting in the balcony of a theater in California. "You know, hunks and sex?"

"Is there anything else?" Kinley tucked a loose strand of hair behind her ear. "I'm going to Vegas for the eighteenth annual Romance Lovers Convention. It's my first time attending."

"I've heard of that. I hear it's a huge party."

"Complete with romance cover models." The perfect place for Kinley to enjoy a scorching affair. Something she was greatly in need of after a one-year hiatus from the dating scene.

"Have you been writing long?"

"Since middle school. My dad was a writer." Stop rattling. She won't care that your New Year's resolution is to do whatever it takes to be successful or to get laid at least once every three months. How sad is it that I had to make a New Year's resolution to get laid? Like I have to work at that like I have to work at getting to the gym or eating more greens. You might be a loser if ... "I write semi-steamy. Not E.L. James ... but close."

"I don't know the names of a lot of authors, but I recognize E.L. James," Dan said, putting his magazine away.

"Of course you do, dear," Charlie said, kissing her husband on the cheek and then buckling her seat belt. She glanced at Kinley and placed a finger to her lips as if about to whisper a secret. "E.L. James has done a lot for Passion Parties, Inc."

The whisper wasn't a whisper.

"She brought orgasms out of the bedroom," someone said a few seats ahead.

"Are we talking orgasms?" asked someone else.

"I had a singularly pleasant one this morning with our latest product," chimed in another.

Kinley clicked her seat belt and tugged on the strap to make sure the connection worked. Was she really sitting on a plane listening to women openly talk about orgasms? What exactly was Passion Parties? What was their link with sexual satisfaction? "How has —" The plane lurched, taxied backward. Stopped. Kinley grasped the chair's handles.

Panic descended upon her like a tornado, twisting the breath out of her. She squeezed her eyes shut and started counting. One, I'm not going to die. Two, what are the odds I'll die today? Three, son-of-a-bitch I'm going to die.

"Bless your heart. You're nervous." Charlie laid a hand over Kinley's and squeezed. "Your hand is ice cold."

Kinley didn't respond. She continued to count. Four ... Guardian angels, where the hell are you? Five ... She turned her head into her neck pillow and envisioned the face there. Adam Kaufman with eyes the same color as —

"Love ... that pillow," Charlie said loudly, causing Kinley to nearly jump out of her seat. The seat belt kept her in place.

Kinley pried open one eye and glanced at Charlie. "Thanks." The word came out muffled and low. Probably because her lips were plastered to Adam's.

"What does it look like?" the lady in the seat in front of them asked.

"It's a travel pillow with Adam Kaufman's face on the left side of the pillow and," Charlie struggled to lean across Kinley to see the face on the other side, "Jimmy Fallon's on the right. When she turns her face into the pillow, it looks like she's making out with them."

"That little Jimmy Fallon can climb into my bed any night," said someone in the plane.

"You can have Jimmy. I'll take Adam. He's got foreplay eyes and an after-sex voice."

The plane jerked. Kinley searched the backseat pocket for a barf bag. "Tell me about Passion Parties. What do you se —"

The plane lurched again.

Kinley's heart wobbled, cutting her question short. She swallowed. Tried again. "Sell?"

"She wants to know what we sell at Passion Parties," Charlie shouted.

"Sex," everyone responded. Even Dan.


The flight from Kansas City, Missouri to Las Vegas, Nevada took less than three hours. By the time the wheels touched solid ground, Kinley knew enough about Passion Parties, Inc. to be a representative.

They sold sex toys. Mostly at house parties. But when the occasion presented itself, they sold them on chartered planes heading to Vegas. Drinking often involved.

"Good luck with your agent pitch," Charlie said, before stepping into the aisle in front of her husband to exit the plane. "And don't stress."

"I wish I could tell you I won't. But I will." Kinley stuffed her newly purchased sex toys into her purse. Along with the We-Vibe 4, a dandy little vibrator with a remote control, she also possessed a toy called the Lipstick Vibe. A vibrator disguised as a tube of lipstick. Plus, she'd won a couple of mystery gifts that she'd yet to open.

Gadgets for today's woman ... add a man to the mix — optional.

On the ground, an attendant told her how to find baggage claim.

She squeezed into the crowd and watched for her hot pink suitcase. With its hand-painted tropical flowers, spotting her case was the easiest part of her day. She leaned forward and grabbed for the handle.

"Here, let me," a man said from behind her.

Kinley took a step back and bumped into a solid form. For an airport luggage boy, he smelled really nice. Sort of like a spring thunderstorm. "Sorry," she mumbled, twisting and sliding out of the gazillions of bodies. How nice of someone to grab her bag for her. She fumbled in her pocket for a dollar and found a five.

"Thank you," she said, handing him the money, while reaching for her suitcase.

He didn't let go of the handle ... or take her money.

Wasn't five enough in Vegas? "I'm not giving you more money." She tugged on her suitcase.

He tugged back.

What the hell? She looked up and stared him in the eyes.

Incredible cornflower blue eyes stared back at her.

She blinked. Scowled. Refused to believe what she saw. She'd only ever known two guys with eyes that shade of blue and one of them was on the travel pillow hooked around her neck. The other — a jackass.


The moment she allowed the thought to take root, it must have shown on her face, because he gave her a slow, you-got-it-babe grin.

Her jaws clenched. Sonofabitch. It couldn't be. Him.

She stepped into his space. The toes of her purple Chucks touched the toes of his fancy-ass dress shoes. She reached up, way up, and fingered the lock of thick dark hair falling over his forehead.

He jutted his chin as if daring her to look.

She'd never been one to back down from a dare. She lifted the hair. "Damn." There it was. Still. The last piece of evidence to know her eyes weren't playing a trick on her. She stepped back. "I thought by now you'd be dead." Killed by a jealous husband or fiancé.

He looked the same but different. Ten years ago he had been crazy cute and sizzling sexy, but now, dressed in a tailored business suit cut to hug his broad shoulders and long legs, his face defined with new character lines, he was an advertisement for power. Rugged. A man's man.

A man who'd taught her not to trust.

"And in my mind, you're always buck-toothed and adorably chubby." His tone was serious. Not teasing. Freaking serious.

Kinley huffed. "I haven't been buck-toothed since I was twelve, and you know it." Chubby was in the eye of the beholder.

His eyes did a slow survey of her.

She stood rigid. Tried to imagine herself through his eyes. Crazy, curly brown hair pulled back in an I-don't-care messy bun. A sensible sweater for warmth. Jeans too tight from too many late night glasses of wine. Shoes made for comfort — not seduction.

Finally, his gaze travelled back up to meet hers.

Did he like what he saw? "Well?" The one word question sprung out of her mouth despite her brain telling it not to.

The last day they'd seen one another, she'd been a sassy sixteen, and he'd been an insufferable twenty-two. She'd wanted to give him her virginity. He'd wanted nothing to do with her. Then, before she could escape his apartment, her brother's fiancée walked naked out of his bedroom carrying an array of condoms and wearing an amused smile.

What in the hell was Ian Thompson doing in Vegas?

Ian touched her scar and grimaced. "The only thing that hasn't changed about you is your sass." He turned and walked toward the exit with her suitcase. "Come on." The comment was said in a casual tone. As if they were friends.

The movement and demand shattered her this-can't-be-real state of mind. "Hey, stop." She grabbed her carry-on and followed. Her brother may have accepted Ian's explanation for that scene in the apartment, but not her. No sir.

Ian's stride was long, and she had to hustle to catch him. "I said stop," she shouted, making people stare. What was it with trust-fund babies that made them think they could always do what they wanted?

He was hailing a cab when she caught up with him. At six foot four, he looked ridiculous standing on the sidewalk with her hot pink suitcase.

"Are you kidnapping my suitcase for a reason?" She dropped her carryon on his feet. "Or is the rumor true that you came out of the closet, and now your feminine side wants my girly luggage for yourself?"

She'd never believed the rumor about her old high school's star quarterback. Mostly because she started it.

But she wasn't above needling the jerk. He probably still believed he was every girl's lose-your-virginity-to dream man.

His lips twitched. "I told your brother I'd make sure you made it to the hotel, get you settled into your room, and keep an eye on you while you're at the conference."

She sucked in a breath of outrage. "What?" Her heartbeat shattered its old mad-to-furious acceleration record. A record set ten years ago in his apartment. Ass. "When?" A desire to knock Ian and her brother's heads together and then push them into a lane of fast-moving semi-truck traffic swept through her. "How?" Why her brother stayed in touch with Ian after he'd been the cause of his marriage never taking place was beyond her comprehension. The guy deserved to be elbowed into a snake pit, not forgiven.

Kinley pulled out her phone. If what Ian was saying was true, she was going to —

"Who are you calling?" Ian asked, giving her a lazy, seductive look.

The words he spoke barely registered. Probably because the way they sounded coming out of his mouth short-circuited her brain and super-charged her girly-parts.


Excerpted from The Seduction of Kinley Foster by Lisa Wells, Vanessa Mitchell. Copyright © 2016 Lisa Wells. Excerpted by permission of Entangled Publishing, LLC.
All rights reserved. No part of this excerpt may be reproduced or reprinted without permission in writing from the publisher.
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The Seduction of Kinley Foster 4.2 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 14 reviews.
BookFidelity More than 1 year ago
I received this ebook on NetGalley in exchange for an honest review. I'm totally confused and in love with this book. You know how I get with the books I really enjoy - spoilers...possibly. I'm in love with it because it has all the tropes and catnip that I adore: kinda friends-enemies-to-lovers, possessive/jealous on both sides, both POVs, the story takes place at a romance book convention (meta!), sassy-geeky heroine, hot-sweet hero, misunderstandings galore, etc. This book was long, well-written, and it made have so many feels. Thisis why I'm also confused by it. The story of Kinley and Ian brought about a sense of nostalgia for me which is the STRANGEST feeling I have EVER gotten from a romance read. In Seduction, Ian is Kinley's big brother's best friend. Kinley has known Ian since she was a kid (he is 6 years older than her) and has harbored much love for him since then. However, due to some misunderstandings, Kinley has hated him since she was 16 and has tried (and failed) to forget about Ian. I'm gonna tell you what happened because I need to process it. No worries, skip this part if you want to be surprised, I'll start a new paragraph to continue after this. So, apparently when Kinley was 16 years old, she arrived at Ian's place and promptly tripped into his arms, kissed him, and asked him to be her first. Ian, never forgetting their ages, and that she's his best friend's little sister, tells her "no." Kinley is understandably stung at the rejection, but to make matters worse, a naked girl comes out of Ian's bedroom. I won't tell you who the naked girl is - she's pretty important to the story. So - why the nostalgia? Obviously, to me anyway, I did not do what Kinley did, BUT I do remember that age when it wasn't difficult to put yourself out there. Of wearing your feelings on your sleeve, and the decision of placing all your expectations, dreams, wishes, and love in this one person in the sheer hope that the person, who has your heart in their hand, will tell you that they love and want you too. It also brought about the crushing reality that is rejection - in the only way a 16 year old can really understand. So this story really took my feelings for a whirl - it's the ultimate kinda-revenge fantasy where everything that wasn't or couldn't be said as teenagers/kids is fair game as adults. It's the ultimate, what if. It also did not hurt that I loved our heroine and hero. Kinley is the perfect amount of sass and romance geek. She is someone who takes her dreams seriously and looks to be better and better with each experience. Ian is sweet, hot, sometimes an arrogant jerk (but not really) who decided to forge his own career path than to fall into the family business. And he's good at it. Their banter is fun, and even their jabs at hurting the other with memories was interesting to read. I loved this story about two people who are oblivious and afraid of their feelings. It's such a human thing to read about. This book kind of broke my rules for what I usually enjoy in romance reads (I don't want to tell you - just think really hard about the stuff that I usually hate in romance books...). If you like stories like this, pick this book up. It has skyrocketed to my number one fave for romance reads. I looked into other Lisa Wells books, but did not really come up with any :( Let me know if you find one I missed!
MoRWAReviewsSTL More than 1 year ago
Kinley Foster heads to Vegas to sell her first romance novel and hopefully get an agent. Love in between the pages was the only love she thought was real. Love of the other kind was doomed by an unrequited crush that smashed her heart in pieces. Now life was going to change for her. That is until HE returned to her life in the flesh. Ian Thompson promised his old friend that he would watch out for his little sister in Vegas. It shouldn’t be hard. However, when he catches up with her little girl isn’t how he pictures her. His mouth gets him in trouble after he makes a bet about helping putting the romance in her manuscript. Can he save himself from being burned or is he already in to deep? The Seduction of Kinley Foster by Lisa Wells is a rocking, sexy roller coaster that makes you want to book a trip to Vegas. Be warned though that there will be scintillating sex, spankings, and sex toys on an airplane. Oh my. Fasten your seat belts.
Musings_of_Madjy More than 1 year ago
I received a digital ARC from the publisher through for an honest, unbiased review. My opinion is my own. Coming into this, I had heard of the "What Happens in Vegas" series, where over a dozen romance authors have written stories involving a Romance Novel Convention in Vegas. But I hadn't read any of the books yet. So, I will say "Thank You" to Lisa Wells for the sassy and sexy introduction to the series! Kinley is a character that many readers, like me, can relate to simply for the fact that she enjoys romance novels. So much that she has taken on the challenge of writing one herself. And I say "challenge" here not in that anyone challenges her, but that writing good romantic fiction takes finesse and skill. Though Ian certainly challenged Kinley in many ways. The "meta-ness" of this novel is really fun, and I thought the peek into being a romance novelist was great. There were parallels in the story between the characters and the plot itself, most notably the teaching of sexual tension and dialogue. Hell. Did he just use the word mollycoddle in his thoughts? He needed to cutback how many Regencies he was representing. Not altogether surprising, E.L. James and "50 Shades of Gray" get a nod or two. This made me think at first that the story would venture into BDSM territory, but there was very little of that. I was happy to find that since I am much more for a strong and sassy heroine. (I haven't read 50 Shades, but I don't think it's my thing.) Kinley fits the bill for "strong and sassy," though she also has some nice insecurities that round her character out well. I feel that she fits right in as a Romance-fan-turned-novelist. She pushed herself out of her comfort zone often, which is something that I, as an introvert, can really relate to. Ian as the love interest was also a character I liked, though I'm not sure I got enough of a view into who he was without Kinley. Overall, I would absolutely recommend this to anyone who is a fan of contemporary romance, especially those who wouldn't have a problem reading a story with very light BDSM and the use of toys.
Anlenhart1 More than 1 year ago
The Seduction of Kinley Foster is another great addition to the What Happens in Vegas series. Kinley has always had a crush on her brother's best friend, Ian. After a humiliating teenage attempt of kindling romance, Kinley has avoided him for the past 10 years. She is now an author and Ian is a literary agent. Ian agrees to keep an eye on Kinley when he and she attend a romance writing convention in Las Vegas. Sparks fly as old feelings are reignited and as Ian pursues Kinley a good time is had by all. This series continues to be a favorite of mine in the Entangled Publishing line. I love how each story is similar, but completely different. This book is both sexy and quite hilarious. I loved the main characters and was happy with the pace and dialogue. If you like a fast read set in a fun setting, this book is for you!
KaraS More than 1 year ago
This is part of the What Happens in Vegas series. Each book is a stand-alone. This book was cute, but didn't have the oomph to rate another star for me. Entangled always are enjoyable stories - this just wasn't a fave of mine. Kinley Foster is a budding romance novelist in Vegas for a romance convention when she runs into her brother's best friend, literary agent, Ian Thompson, who broke her heart a decade ago when he turned her down flat when she offered up her innocence. Kinley and Ian enter into a friendly, albeit sexy, wager that lasts for the duration of the conference. Primarily because they are both too stubborn (and scared) to admit they've developed real feelings for each other. This just didn't have enough chemistry for me to be pulled into the story. So while I enjoyed it - I wasn't drawn into either character. The steam factor was lacking for me as well.
Lori-Gonzo More than 1 year ago
I loved this book. Ian and Kinley had my interest peaked from the very first chapter. The barbs they traded were hilarious, and a great form of foreplay. But Ian also wanted to clear the air. Underneath his fine and hot exterior was a man with a loving heart and major attraction to his best friend's little sister. My goodness they were cracking me up with their banter. Kinley was a spit fire of a woman, comfortable in her own skin and wanting to become an erotic romance author. She was fabulous in her research and goading Ian into what she wanted. And he was sexy with his bargaining. Their history was very sweet until the incident. I loved their ending. They were sexy, funny, smoking hot, and tempting to each other in ways they had never felt before. Definitely a great read from a new to me author. I received this book in exchange for an honest review from the publisher through Netgalley.
2kasmom More than 1 year ago
Kinley Foster has wanted Ian Thompson for a long time. Over a decade ago, she offered herself up on a platter. After being rejected, her hate for him was obvious. Ian is still her brothers best friend. He comes to Vegas for business of his own. Willingly messing with Kinley's plans - if it means doing her brother a favor. She wants to kill them both. This book is full of sexy times. It was a good 2nd chance story, that pulled on my heart strings. There was also a bunch of surprises in store for the reader. Really good, and hard to put down. ***This ARC copy was given by Netgalley and its publisher in exchange for an honest review only.
repsgoddess More than 1 year ago
I received this book in exchange for an honest review. *squeeeeeee* The Seduction of Kinley Foster by Lisa Wells is a must-read. Ms. Wells did a fantab job; it’s funny, it’s sizzling’s simply amazing. Once you start you are not going to want to stop until you get to the very end. Ms. Wells is definitely on my go-to reading list. Thank you!
Sissymae1 More than 1 year ago
I received an eARC, from NetGalley and the publisher, in exchange for an honest review. Librarian Kinley Foster but wants to move forward into writing hot, romance books. They only problem is that she is lacking in the knowledge of what she needs to get this done. Headed to a Romance Convention in Los Vegas she seems to find that one man that might help with solving her problems. Literary agent Ian Thompson and mentor to several different authors. But Ian does has his limits on what Kinley has in store for him....but she sets off with a bet with him to change his mind. This is a really hot, sweet, funny and easy read. Enjoyed having the chance to read this book.
MELHUTCHINSON More than 1 year ago
This is a very fitting story line for a romance book! I think that this is a topic that we all take for granted when we read romance books, but it is definitely one that has to be explored if you want a good romance book to succeed! Kinley is a librarian that has decided she wants to take the leap and start writing romance books. Kinley decides that the best way to learn about this genre is to go to a romance convention where she can possible meet others that write the same thing she is wanting to. She never imagined that she would run into her old flame from when she was sixteen. Now, will the tables turn on Ian and Kinley win out this time? Ian is a literary agent and mentor to several authors in the romance book writing industry. Ian is also at the romance convention in Las Vegas where Kinley has decided to go. When Kinley see's Ian there, she knows that this is her chance to get revenge on him and to get her research that she so desperately needs to start writing her books. Kinley offers Ian an offer that he can not resist and they are off to do their research. The question is, will Ian be able to stay in his professional lane while helping Kinley or will he throw that all out the door and take what he wants from the sexy, seductress Kinley has become? This is a great friends to lovers book that you will not want to put down. I thought that it was very well done by Lisa Wells. I can't wait to see what is next from Lisa Wells for us readers. I received a copy of this book in exchange for my honest opinion, which did not influence my opinion at all.
FizzaYounis More than 1 year ago
Wow, this is one hot romance novel. I loved the story, characters, and pretty much everything about this book. Chemistry between Kinley and Ian is off the charts. Kinley is a erotic romance writer. She is in Vegas to attend romance writers' convention. Ian is there to keep an eye on her, or at least that's what her brother thinks. But she is a grown woman and does not need someone to keep her out of trouble, or she thinks. But on this trip she is about to learn a lot of new things. Ian hopes that Kinley has forgiven him for what happen ten years ago. But apparently she isn't the forgiving type. In any case this trip is not about the past. He has made a promise to his best friend so he'll take care of her for as long as she is in Vegas and then they will both go their separate ways, probably never see each other again. Unfortunately things do not go as planned. And now they are both in trouble... Will they admit their love for each other or keep pretending otherwise? There are many laugh-out-loud moments in this book, some very touching, heartbreaking scenes, and extremely romantic ones too. I enjoyed reading it and hope that others do too. It's the best romance novel (on the more steamy side) I've read in a while. I'd definitely recommend it to all readers.
gigiluvsbooks More than 1 year ago
Librarian Kinley Foster wants to write erotic romance—the steamy, sexy, curl-your-toes kind of stuff. The problem? She desperately needs a little erotic inspiration. And at a romance convention in Vegas, she finds it...or rather him. The sizzlingly sexy guy who refused Kinley—and her virginity—when she was sixteen. Now it's time for a little payback. Literary agent Ian Thompson is a professional. Mentoring an aspiring author is one thing. Giving her a thorough and thoroughly satisfying sexy education is quite another. Especially when she's as stunning and deliciously curvaceous as Kinley. Yet Ian can't help himself when Kinley makes him a wager he can't resist. A wager that will tempt Ian to cross every professional—and every sensual—boundary in the book... Review: This is a wonderful addition to this fun and sexy series! Like all the other stories in the series the events take place in Las Vegas at romance convention. Which I have said before, I just love. This story centers around Kinley and Ian who grew up together and who Kinley has been in love with forever. Though because of a misunderstanding they have been at odds and not talking since it happened years ago. Fate, with a little help from Kinley's brother have brought them back together as Ian plays mentor to Kinley and not just the writing kind of mentor ;) ;) A lot of past hurts are brought up and it does not seem as though time can heal all wounds. As far as I can tell this looks to be this Author's first romance title and I think she did a great job. I was engaged with the story and characters. Her writing was spot-on and writing those important intimate scenes were executed well and did not come off at all like Kinley's first attempt. The characters really did have great on page chemistry and I kept hoping they would work out their problems. Great first foray into the romance world, I will be looking for more from this Author. 3.5Stars *Received a copy of this book from the publisher in exchange for a fair and honest review.*
Bette313 More than 1 year ago
This was a very cute quick read! Kinley enjoys her job as a librarian but her real passion is to become a writer of erotic romances. Problem is she is lacking inspiration. Hopefully she will find something that inspires her at the romance convention she's attending in Las Vegas. What she finds is Ian Thompson. Literary agent and the man who as a teenager refused all of Kinley's advances. He wants to keep things professional. She wants a little revenge. Will they both lose or perhaps will they end up having the time of their lives??? A fun quick read I would recommend.
Lashea677 More than 1 year ago
The What Happens in Vegas novels are enjoyable reads for me. The writers, location and heat have cast an unbreakable spell on me. However, Ms. Wells takes the gold medal with The Seduction of Kinley Foster. There was not one scene that was not immensely funny. With a name like Kinley you know the story is going to be unique. When you add in the middle age sex toy peddlers it goes from rare to hilarious. I received a copy via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review. A seductress in training from the man who broke her heart, to succeed in the most unlike of careers. Priceless!