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The Seeker and The Teacher of Light: On the Teachings of Joachim Wippich and the Mystery of 3-6-9

The Seeker and The Teacher of Light: On the Teachings of Joachim Wippich and the Mystery of 3-6-9

by Jerry Gin


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"I AM coming into harmony 100% with everything that is."

"I AM Everything 100% I AM."

What if you could learn how to bring healing and harmony into your life, your body, your mind, your spirit, and the world by understanding who you really are-vibrationally?

One night, Jerry Gin held up his hand in the dark. He could clearly see a beam of light stretching from his palm across the room to the wall. After a lifetime of seeking to understand how the universe works, and a highly successful career as a biochemist and pharmaceutical entrepreneur, he dedicated himself to being a spiritual seeker. Thus began a quest spanning more than two decades of fascinating research and exploration into the nature of what lies behind that which appears. And when he met the healer Joachim Wippich, Jerry's learning took off a thousandfold. The Seeker and The Teacher of Light is the fruit of this discipleship and friendship.

Inside these covers, you will come to understand that we are more powerful than we might have ever imagined, and that our realization of Oneness is the key not only to healing ourselves, but also our world. Here you'll find:

  • Joachim's specifically phrased Affirmations to bring us to the I AM level, a higher, healing vibration affecting body, mind, and spirit.
  • Fascinating experiments in consciousness, such as how plants react to human thought and how humans react (for better and worse) to their own thoughts, proving that we do indeed create our own reality.
  • How the universe creates, and we can create with it.
  • Sacred shapes that can be used to bring about higher-vibration energies and healing.
  • How matter arises from light.
  • How polarities can be brought into balance and harmony on every level.
  • Dowsing and resonance, and how to work with a pendulum for well-being and healing.
  • And many other elements that open us to our true identity as I AM - the One Being.

As the author puts it: "This book is called The Seeker and The Teacher of Light. I am 'The Seeker,' as I have been on a journey to reach a deeper level of knowing, and have come to the same truths as Joachim, but from a different direction. Joachim is 'The Teacher of Light,' because he has remembered who he is."

Whether you have already been on a quest for greater understanding or are just beginning, The Seeker and The Teacher of Light is for anyone looking for the next step in their spiritual journey-anyone intrigued by and wanting to explore the true nature of our individual and collective reality.

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Product Details

ISBN-13: 9781736398203
Publisher: Torus Press
Publication date: 03/08/2021
Pages: 242
Sales rank: 566,535
Product dimensions: 6.00(w) x 9.00(h) x 0.55(d)

About the Author

Jerry Gin is the Chairman and CEO of FMBR (Foundation for Mind-Being Research), a non-profit organization that seeks to advance the consciousness of individuals and organizations to enable us to live in greater harmony with one another, the earth, and the cosmos. His credentials span both science and business, with a PhD in Biochemistry from UC Berkeley, a BS from the University of Arizona, and an MBA from Loyola College. He has held Director positions at Dow Pharmaceuticals and Syva/Syntex. His professional science activities include laboratory medicine, clinical chemistry, pharmaceuticals, ophthalmology, and dentistry. His entrepreneurial activities include founding ChemTrak (developed the first home cholesterol test), Oculex Pharmaceuticals (developed the first intraocular drug delivery), Nuvora (developed products that offer sustained delivery for the mouth), Visionex (ophthalmic diagnostic), and Livionex (dental gel, metal modulation).

Jerry's driving passion for the past 20 years has been exploring the nature of the universe. To this end, his activities have included research, studies in many diverse disciplines, experiential activities in self-exploration, and growth and knowledge through inner knowing. The current book, The Seeker and the Teacher of Light, is a culmination of his views as to the nature of the universe, as well as the views of his friend, Joachim Wippich.

Table of Contents



Chapter 1: Journey from Bending Spoons and Dowsing to Healing, and My Friend Joachim

Chapter 2: Joachim's Central Message about Healing and Remembrance

Chapter 3: You Are Not Just Your Body

Chapter 4: As Above, So Below - The Formation of Matter

Chapter 5: How We Create from Our Thoughts

Chapter 6: I AM

Chapter 7: Harmony and Balance

Chapter 8: Dowsing, Harmony, and the Vibrational Level­­

Chapter 9: Harmony and BioGeometry

Chapter 10: Healing - Harmony and the Self (I AM)

Chapter 11: Joachim Wippich - Teacher of Light

Chapter 12: Journey of a Seeker

Chapter 13: The Mystery of 3-6-9


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