The Septuagint: The So-called LXX

The Septuagint: The So-called LXX

by Harrison D. Williams


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Those who have fallen into the trap of a “pre” A.D. LXX, a Greek translation of the Old Testament before the incarnation of the Lord Jesus Christ, are primarily Roman Catholic expositors. Now they are promoting yet another a false claim. Specifically, they claim the chronology in the mystical Septuagint, the LXX, is more accurate than the Traditional Masoretic Text as accurately and faithfully translated into the King James Version. After reading this work, perhaps you will conclude as I have that so much of this farce is false and shameful. Dr. Chris Sherbrune said: “Virtually the only historical evidence for a BC Greek Old Testament called the “Septuagint” (= seventy man or seventy day translation, depending on the legend followed) is “The Letter of Aristeas” found in a highly spurious, non-canonical collection of writings called “The Forgotten Books of Eden.” The Zondervan Preface to their Septuagint call Aristeas a “fable.” The Encyclopedia of Religion and Ethics (p. 308) calls it a “manifest forgery.” Notable Old Testament scholar Paul Kahle calls Aristeas “propaganda.” Internally there are many factual errors in “Aristeas,” such as: “Demetrious was never the royal librarian, and he died long before Alexandria’s naval Victory…” (Thackeray, THE LETTER OF ARISTEAS). The letter tells of a conversation between Demetrious and Theodektes, but Theodektes died before Demetrius was born, and the letter itself is [tentatively] dated some 200 years later than the supposed 300 BC translation of the Old Testament into Greek, (The International Standard bible Encyclopedia, p. 2924.”

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About the Author

Dr. Williams was born in Ft. Pierce, Florida, July 11, 1941. He was saved at the age of fourteen at his local Baptist church under Pastor J. R. White where he was active in the church youth group. His local church ordained him to preach the gospel. After graduating with honors from high school, he attended Stetson University where he met his wife, Patricia, and they were married in 1961. Starting in the ministerial program at Stetson and switching to pre-med in his junior year, he graduated with honors with a B.A. After Stetson, he taught high school at Eau Gallie, Florida for two years, and then continued his training at the University of Miami Medical School where he graduated with honors and induction into the AOA medical honorary in his junior year. Following his medical training, Dr. Williams and Patricia settled in New Port Richey, Florida where he practiced Family Medicine as a board-certified family practitioner and was a board-certified emergency room physician. He was active in his community as a hospital board member for twenty years, a chief-of-staff, president of the medical society, an advisory board member and president of Moody Bible Institute's Florida program, a board member of the Health Planning Commission, and a teacher at his local Baptist church. He helped develop and administrate a multi-specialist medical clinic with forty thousand patients and seventeen doctors. He served as Company Commander of a medical unit in the Florida National Guard for nine years. His Biblical training was obtained at Stetson University, Moody Bible Institute, and Louisiana Baptist University. After retirement, Dr. Williams has continued serving the Lord Jesus Christ as an associate pastor, a teacher, a previous vice-president and representative for the Dean Burgon Society, and a member of the King James Bible Research Council. He received a Ph.D. from Louisiana Baptist University. He has traveled to many foreign lands where he has represented the Dean Burgon Society, has taught courses to pastors and has participated in evangelistic events. He is author of the several books, The Lie That Changed The Modern World; The Miracle of Biblical Inspiration; Word-For-Word Translating of the Received Texts, Verbal Plenary Translating; Hearing the Voice of God; The Septuagint is a Paraphrase; The Pure Words of God; The Attack on the Canon of Scripture; Origin of the Critical Text; Wycliffe Controversies; and The Covenant of Salt, The King James Bible's Accuracy & Faithfulness in addition to many articles and booklets. Some of his articles can be reviewed at this web address:
Dr. Williams and his wife, Patricia have two sons, five grandchildren, and nine great-grandchildren. They recently celebrated their 57th wedding anniversary. He and his wife are the Directors of The Old Paths Publications, which specializes in print-on-demand (POD) books. The purpose of their endeavor is to help authors of Biblically sound books make their works available to the public by reducing the upfront costs of printing, storing, and shipping books by printing the books in the US, England (EU), Australia, and by affiliate printers in many nations, and by making the books available by many distributors such as Amazon worldwide, Barnes and Noble, and others.

Table of Contents


Table of Contents 9

Abrreviations Used 10

The Character of God's Words 13

The Introduction 14

An Agenda: Fables Rather than Tables 17

The Imaginary Septuagint 21

The Character of the Spetuagint 21

The Imaginary Septuagint Used for Reconstruction 30

Whose Dictionary and Words Can We Trust 34

Which Text is Inspired and Preserved, the LXX or the Received Text? 37

The Received Greek and Hebrew Texts are set Aside. Revisions are Claimed to Justify Further Revisions 42

The Debunked Canons of Modernistic Textual Critics. 51

Did Jesus and the Apostles Quote the Septuagint? 53

So, What is the Greek Text of the Old Testament? 65

The Agenda Concluded 74

The Character of God's Words 80

The Evidence of the Character of God's Words 86

Conclusion 91

Appendices 95

Bibliography 105

About the Author 108

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