The Sequence Of Events

The Sequence Of Events

by Leo Spaziano


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At one time, there was once nothing. There was no heaven, no god, no hell, and no earth. There was nothing that could be understood or comprehended by man. There was no substance that could be named or described. There were only bits of frozen, nameless parts, scattered in a world of total darkness. The total size of this world that was made of darkness would be past the wildest imagination of any man. The Sequence Of Events will document when light was born. This book will describe, a believable understanding and a description of the first moments as never explained before. The only way to comprehend the un-comprehendible is by measuring things in the sprit rather than measuring things in the mind or in the flesh. The sprit is strong and it is limitless, but the flesh and the mind are highly limited and weak. The author will not use his own wisdom to explain these events since human wisdom is highly limited. Since no person has a monopoly on wisdom, the author will present, prewritten and ancient records. Those records are so scientifically believable and supernaturally enriching; that they can gave way to explain the unexplainable.This documentary was not just thrown together in twenty five minutes, in some dark basement. The ancient writings were scrutinized and heavily studied since 1986. The writings were edited for simplicity and for speed, in hopes to seduce the reader to become morally prosperous and financially enriched.

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