The Serial Killers: Butchers and Lunatics

The Serial Killers: Butchers and Lunatics

by Rodney Cannon


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The Serial Killers: Butchers and Lunatics by Rodney Cannon

In Volume 3 of my Serial Killers series, The Serial Killers Butchers and Lunatics, you will be introduced to some of the most vicious and disturbed Serial Killers. In Butchers in Lunatics we are going to explore the crimes and lives of men such as Ted Bundy, killer of at least 36 woman and perhaps more than 60.

Randy Kraft convicted of 16 counts of murder and rape of young men.

Herbert Mullin an almost forgotten serial killer from the 1970's who committed 13 murders. This lunatic believed that his killings would help to prevent earthquakes.

Edmund Kemper a six foot nine mountain of a man who was every bit the monster that his size would indicate. His total number of murders may only be in the single digits, but of all the killers that I have read about or written about this is by far the sickest creature of them all. The evil acts that he perpetrated on members of his own family, innocent strangers, the living and the dead marks him as one of the vilest creatures to ever roam the earth. Reading about his crimes may cost you a part of your humanity. He is the reason that this book is titled Butchers and Lunatics.

Robert Berdella, the Kansas City Butcher. Kidnapping, torture, rape and murder was the stock and trade of this man for over a decade before his capture.

The first name in serial killers and even after a hundred and thirty years Jack The Ripper's crimes are not to be overlooked. These were some of the most vicious murders ever and his reign of terror all but paralyzed the largest city on earth for nearly a year. You have heard of him, but do you really know how bloody those murders were?

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