The Serpent's Empire.: Satan, Yesterday & Today.

The Serpent's Empire.: Satan, Yesterday & Today.

by Joaquin Caminero Guerrero




Why have millions died in wars, rebellions and genocide? asks Jaoquin Caminero Guerrero, M.D., in The Serpent's Empire. While unproclaimed, this empire has been in existence for thousands of years, claims the author, as power-hungry leaders have satisfied their ambitions. After having studied ancient civilizations, the Bible, the Koran and the Book of Mormon, the author has come to believe that there have never been many religions but rather only tow: "The satanic and the true religion of those who followed the God of Abraham." But how did the satanic worship originate and spread? Here is a forthright and challenging book, filled with historical and scriptural evidence for its thesis.

The author maintains that ancient Egyptian pharaohs, Amerindian kings, popes and modern leaders like those of the French, North American and Soviet revolutions, as well as leaders of Latin American countries' independence, were members of secret satanic societies. Dr. Caminero Guerrero claims to have discovered secrets of the Bible and the Koran, including the real meaning of the biblical book Apocalypsis, and revealing them in this book.

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ISBN-13: 9780533138760
Publisher: Vantage Press, Inc.
Publication date: 08/01/2001
Pages: 191

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