Seven Chakra Sisters: Make Friends with the Inner Allies Who Keep You Healthy, Laughing, Loving, and Wise

Seven Chakra Sisters: Make Friends with the Inner Allies Who Keep You Healthy, Laughing, Loving, and Wise

by Linda Linker Rosenthal


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ISBN-13: 9781571746924
Publisher: Hampton Roads Publishing Company, Inc.
Publication date: 06/01/2013
Pages: 256
Sales rank: 436,724
Product dimensions: 5.40(w) x 8.40(h) x 0.80(d)

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Linda Linker Rosenthal is a licensed psychotherapist with advanced degrees in Metaphysical Healing and Transpersonal Psychology. This is her first book. Visit her at

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The Seven Chakra Sisters

Make Friends with the Inner Allies Who Keep You Healthy, Laughing, Loving, and Wise


Hampton Roads Publishing Company, Inc.

Copyright © 2013 Linda Linker Rosenthal
All rights reserved.
ISBN: 978-1-57174-692-4


The Septuplets Arrive

Once upon an ancient time, when all conditions were aligned with Mother Nature's wisdom, a magnificent crystal castle grew from the rocks and earth of a towering mountain called Mt. Iknowmenow, in the enchanted land of Thisismeville.

Mother Queen and Father King lived at the highest pinnacle of this crystal castle in a floating penthouse hovering just above the majestic mountaintop. They acted as one, so evolved were they, and they were often referred to as the Queenking.

Owl Woman paced over rough stones on the precipice of the mountain in anticipation, her white feathers flying out in small tufts of fluff as her large foot-talons gripped the shaking ground beneath her. "It is almost time! I can feel the rumblings right here on Mt. Iknowmenow! Finally! For eons, the royal crystal castle has been preparing for this moment. I am ready to assist the Queenking! Soon, she—I mean he—I mean they will be preoccupied with parenthood!"

Owl Woman, a magical being on Mt. Iknowmenow who carried the essence of a winged one with human attributes, was known as a wise and lovable character. While wringing her bird-hands with expectancy, a great blaring of trumpets issued forth, signaling the momentous event. The blasts of sound catapulted her into flight as she screeched, "Wait! Wait for meeeeeee! I am the frequency holder, the earth and starseed medicine woman. You can't start without me!"

The townspeople from the nearby village of Thisismeville quickly gathered to hear the news. Something extraordinary was happening in the castle. It was another step in the evolution of humanity! The celebration was so joyous that Mother Earth shook every leaf and the skies broke open to bursts of golden rays.

Swooping through the pink quartz doors of the crystal castle, Owl Woman took her place with the Queenking's ancient lineage of advanced sages, healers, alchemists, shamans, energy masters, and wisdom keepers.

A royal family event such as this happened on Mt. Iknowme-now whenever the settled and accepted way of life in Thisismeville needed a change. Everyone in the queendom was ready for a quantum leap in consciousness. This moment was too precious to experience from a distance, and Owl Woman wanted a front row seat. She was determined to be present with an appropriate bird's eye view.

She spread her wings like elbow plowshares and pushed her way through the adoring crowd. "Let me through ... please excuse me ... coming through, please ... move aside now!" All were there to welcome the birth of the newborn princess septuplets.

Owl Woman made sure that she was the first to touch the crowns of their glistening heads. The contact immediately lifted her feathers up, covering her with a blanket of owlbumps. "Energia! Welcome! My little darling way-showers, you have no idea how powerful you are yet! I have so much to teach you. I can't wait to get started!"

It was an honored guest at the welcoming celebration—the inner energy sage of the Far East—who acknowledged right away that the seven royal newborns each carried a circular energy which swirled inside and around their tiny bodies at their own particular speed and color. At that time, no one but the energy sage and Owl Woman could decipher their individual distinguishing characteristics.

Clearing his throat, the sage spoke slowly and deliberately, stringing out his s's in long notes of emphasis, enunciating like an aged linguistics professor, "I now proclaim ... that the gyrating energy vorticessss which emanate from thesssse newborns'ssss colorful electromagnetic fieldssss ... ssshall be called ... chakrasssss!"

A polite chorus of ooohs and ahhhs were accompanied by gentle clapping so as to not disturb the babies.

Owl Woman chimed in next. "These chakras look like adorable little spinning wheels, though you can't see them," she said, ignoring the fact that many of the guests surrounding the babies were also masters of metaphysics who could easily see the active movement of the newborns' energy fields.

Feeling quite proud that she was chosen to be the children's godmother, Owl Woman continued with a bit of drama to just slightly upstage the sage. "I proclaim ... for these precious seven chakra princess sisters ... that the speed of the spin of these invisible wheels shall match the aliveness and vitality of their consciousness!"

Nods of approval and more soft applause filled the spacious foyer of the castle.

The septuplets arrived as the newest bodhisattvas, or wise teachers, knowing their journey was to come back to Earth to shine a light on others so they would see their own greatness. Entering the earth plane for the first time, the sisters were tiny in body but huge in spiritual memory. They knew they had work to do and welcomed it as the joy of their purpose, later learning that living on purpose was the purpose for their joy.

The story keepers chanted homage to their radiance, and collectively the seven sisters were imbued with a sound that translated as "Beautiful Oneness." It was the kind of beauty that flowed from their tiny infant bodies in streams of Technicolor energy waves, touching everything around them, from the nearest healing hands to the vast infinite space of the great expanse.

The celebration continued as Spiderwoman began weaving a soft cradle of luminous silken threads for each chakra sister. Archangels watched over them and cooed in subliminal languages that spoke of the new babies' intuitive powers. Black Panther came and offered himself as their first animal totem, paying homage by pacing slowly around the princesses three times, creating a circle of everlasting protection. These seven special children already knew how to shine their eternal lights with skill and grace even at birth. They accepted their gifts with deep love and gratitude, so advanced were their boundless souls. The little ones dazzled the castle with their powerful life force.

Even from a great distance, way out in the Thisismeville countryside, people could see a brilliant light emanating from the crystalline castle high atop the mountain.

"Look! Each floor of the castle is shimmering in its own colorful glow!"

"Amazing! Our Queenking's crystal mansion is enchanting now that the seven little princesses have arrived!"

In the years following the royal birth, the townspeople could always tell if the kingdom was running smoothly by how brightly the castle lights were shining.

The Beautiful Ones brought great happiness to Thisismeville, and all the townspeople collectively sighed. Their hearts opened wide to the new additions in their village.

For the next seven days Owl Woman circled above the mountain, keeping vigil over the baby sisters. Centering herself in the palpable love from the crystal castle, Owl Woman gushed with pride over every step taken by the blessed family on this sacred ground.


The Naming Ceremony

Mother Queen and Father King prepared for their baby daughters' naming ceremony. It was tradition that on the seventh day after a royal baby's arrival, her spiritual name was to be revealed. The appointed guardian, in this case the ancient and wise Owl Woman, was to draw the seven chakra sisters' names directly from the Queenking's ancient cedar chest, where everything bore the lasting scent of cosmic and ancestral memory. Sometimes the royal familial chest emitted a peculiar smell as old as the fossilized mossy forests on Mt. Iknowmenow. Sometimes the fragrances were as fresh as the apple blossoms in the kingdom's spring gardens. On the rare occasion that called for the age-old trunk to be opened, the odor was a sign to be prepared for the unexpected.

Owl Woman opened the trunk, and the sacred fragrances of myrrh and frankincense filled the room. She reached down deep into the bottomless chest with crooked hands that resembled tree bark and raw amethyst wands. As she rooted around, touching each name with tender understanding, smells of the salty ocean, damp black earth, and galaxy dust wafted out.

She felt the profound titles that would saturate each sister with their proper frequency. One by one, she let the essences roll slowly between her palms. Closing her huge, knowing eyes, Owl Woman held each name to her heart until seven designations evoked the strongest impressions. Each name carried a specific vibration which rippled through the enchanted crystal castle and throughout the land.

Owl Woman knew that together these vibrant beings would carry the memory and information necessary to awaken all the inhabitants of Thisismeville. Slowly and deliberately, while tapping each tiny child on the crown of her head with knobby fingers, Owl Woman lovingly spoke the seven precious names out loud for the first time. Aneeda ... Ivanna ... Ahafta ... Ahluvya ... Singya ... Useeme ... and Iamone.

Owl woman turned to the first child and said in a resonant tone of prophecy, "Aneeda, your strong legs will be a stable foundation on the ground floor of the crystal castle. You will learn to plant and anchor your life energy deeply into Mother Earth to keep yourself and all your sisters centered and connected to all of life."

Holding Aneeda's infant feet with firm resolve, Owl Woman spoke a bit louder now. "My little rooter, you hold the key to igniting the energy in the entire castle. You are the gatekeeper for the life force to rise up to the upper floors of the castle. You must have the ability to feel secure, even during times of stress and change. You will encounter challenges, but you must continue to trust that all of your needs will be met and that you are always safe in a world of abundant sustenance. You must be steadfast and well grounded on the first floor, Aneeda, or the entire castle may crumble and fall! All of your sisters will be depending on you for good health, so keep your focus on the everlasting value of your family and your life."

There was a long silence before Aneeda gave a little shudder of acknowledgment for her blessing.

Next, Owl Woman took the second sister's hands and placed them low upon her tiny abdomen. Holding her around her flexible little hips, Owl Woman said, "You will carry the name of Ivanna, my little intense, juicy child! Your emotional states will govern all of your relationships. Your moods will determine how well all your sisters get along with each other. Be aware of your changing temperament, and always remember that you must cooperate with others—especially with your sisters. When you honor all of your feelings and emotions, Ivanna, most of all your natural state of joy, the flowing waters of your sweet sensuality will help you move through any obstacle."

At this point Owl Woman's smile shifted and her eyes squinted a bit. "Ivanna, heed my warning to be very mindful of your many wants and desires! You will want, want, want your world to be all about you, and it is ... but you must remember that it's also not about you at all! Your job is to establish healthy relationships with others. When you generously share yourself, the whole castle will benefit with pleasure."

Ivanna wiggled her little hips to loosen Owl Woman's grip as her godmother continued, "Your gift of clairsentience will give you the ability to feel and sense what other people are feeling and sensing. Know what is yours and what belongs to others, little empathic one!

Owl Woman sighed deeply and sent extra love to Ivanna, knowing how this little princess would need to mature to keep the castle flowing and growing.

"Never underestimate the powerful force of the vroom-vroom energy that you carry within you. Just as the power of water can both nourish life and drown it to death, do not overstep your bounds with that emotional power on the second floor!" Ivanna squirmed a bit more and then gave Owl Woman a tiny mischievous wink.

Unruffled, Owl Woman moved on, rubbing the next chakra sister on her tummy as she spoke. "Ahafta, sweet sunshine, you will establish your powerful solar energy on the third floor of the castle. You will be in charge of all the elements of fire in the castle and beyond. Remember, little brilliant jewel, that fire can warm and transform ... but it can also destroy everything in its path. Use your individual fire energy wisely. It will give you the courage and motivation to believe in yourself and burn through the ego's self-doubt.

"You have the gift of control, but only of your own energy. You might feel like you have to control things, situations, and even manipulate other people, but stay focused on your own personal power—no one else's. Your concern will be learning to establish a strong relationship with yourself. Self-honesty and integrity will be the keys to your high self-esteem." Ahafta gazed up into Owl Woman's eyes and pursed her young pink lips with a shiver of determination.

"There is one more important message for you, my golden roaring-fire child. Your two little sisters who live on the floors below you will have a strong pull of gravity. You will have to stoke your fires to help pull Aneeda up out of inertia and to guide Ivanna from flitting about too much. You will be the one who can bring them up to the heart of the castle so the three of you can enter into the heart of love."

Ahafta was feeling her sense of personal responsibility expanding inside her solar plexus. She placed her tiny hands over Owl Woman's and they rubbed her midsection in one circular swirl.

Owl Woman was halfway through the naming ceremony and was getting more energized with each radiant being of light. She turned toward the next sister, knowing that Aneeda, Ivanna, and Ahafta would need the loving energy of Ahluvya to pull them even higher up the castle floors for their spiritual nourishment.

"Little Ahluvya, you open our hearts!" exclaimed the Owl Goddess of Wisdom as she slowly placed both of her healing hands on the front and back side of the fourth floor chakra princess. A stream of pink and teal green light poured out from the center of Ahluvya's tiny chest.

"Ahluvya, you will be the great compassionate balancer. From the middle floor of the castle, you will lift up everyone around you. Your electromagnetic vital energy will be the strongest of all your sisters, and I will gift you with the blossoming green lotus flower of love, which will guide your life every day. You carry the precious right to love and to be loved, so be extremely gentle with your heart."


Excerpted from The Seven Chakra Sisters by LINDA LINKER ROSENTHAL. Copyright © 2013 Linda Linker Rosenthal. Excerpted by permission of Hampton Roads Publishing Company, Inc..
All rights reserved. No part of this excerpt may be reproduced or reprinted without permission in writing from the publisher.
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Table of Contents

Acknowledgments xiii

Introduction xv

Part I

1 The Septuplets Arrive 1

2 The Naming Ceremony 5

3 The Spiral Staircase 17

4 1st Floor, Aneeda: The Grounded Sister-I Need 19

5 2nd Floor, Ivanna: The Sensual Sister-I Want 23

6 3rd Floor, Ahafta: The Motivated Sister-I Have To 30

7 4th Floor, Ahluvya: The Loving Sister-I Love 36

8 5th Floor, Singya: The Expressive Sister-I Tell It Like It Is 41

9 6th Floor, Useeme: The Intuitive Sister-I See Everything 47

10 7th Floor, Iamone: The Spiritual Sister-I Am One 53

11 Queenking: The Androgynous Generator on the Highest Level-I Witness 57

12 The Fundalini's Visit 59

13 Meanwhile, Back on the Top Floor-The Manifesting Journey Begins 63

14 The Journey Back Up the Castle Again-The Sisters Are Getting the Hang of It 67

15 A Grand Festival-The Seven Chakra Sisters Work as a Team 73

16 A Secret Ceremony Takes Place-The Chakra Sisters Have Sweet Memories 77

17 The Festival Flows As It Comes and Goes-All Is Well in Thisismeville 86

18 Sweet Dreams for the 7 Chakra Sisters-Or Is It a Nightmare? 89

Part II

19 A Mysterious Virus on Mt. Iknowmenow-Forgetfulness Descends 91

20 The Spell of Fear-Aneeda Encounters Fergetcha Kundameanie 93

21 The Spell of Guilt-Ivanna Is Enticed 98

22 The Spell of Self-Doubt-Ahafta's Fires Are Extinguished 103

23 The Spell of Worry-Ahluvya's Heart Gets Broken 106

24 The Spell of Dishonesty-Singya Loses Her Voice 109

25 The Spell of Confusion-Useeme Is Blindsided 112

26 The Spell of Boredom-Iamone's Lights Go Out 115

27 The Spells Take Hold-The 7 Chakra Sisters Forget Their Natural State of Being 118

28 There's Dissention in the Castle-A Precursor to Dis-ease 126

29 Ahluvya Worries-The Separation Starts from the Center Floor 129

30 Iamone Forgets Who She Is-There's a Dangerous Disconnect on the Seventh Floor 131

31 Useeme Can't Make a Decision on the 6th Floor-Her Third Eye Gets Blurry 133

32 Singya Is Feeling Bad Vibes on the 5th Floor-"Why Won't They Listen?" 135

33 The Heart of the Crystal Castle Weakens-Ahluvya's Health Is in Decline 137

34 There's Trouble on the 3rd Floor-Ahafta Becomes Compulsive 138

35 The Castle Slips and Slides-Ivanna Forgets How to Go with the Flow 140

36 The Foundation Is in Danger-Aneeda Becomes Needy and Loses Her Footing 144

37 The Castle Is Collapsing-Singya Becomes Desperate 147

38 The Dis-ease on Mt. lknowmenow Is Contagious-Thisismeville Is in Conflict 151

Part III

39 The Royal Parents Finally Wise Up-Don't Just Witness, Do Something! 153

40 Owl Woman Returns-To the Rescue 156

41 A Message Is Revealed-The Healing Begins 160

42 The Sacred Fire Is Lit-Will the 7 Chakra Sisters Remember Themselves? 169

43 Mom and Dad Start Breathing Heavy-And There's Nothing Sexy About It 195

44 It Rests on Aneeda-Remembering Who's Who 198

45 A Final Encounter with Fergetcha Kundameanie 207

46 One More Important Choice for the 7 Chakra Sisters 221

Glossary 227

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