The Seven Faces of Leadership

The Seven Faces of Leadership

by Robert J. Allio


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What qualities and talents do you need to lead and transform an organization? In this comprehensive view of transformational leadership, the author argues that successful leaders focus on developing a clear set of values, purpose, and meaning for their organization. They identify an inspiring vision and set direction for the future. And they build a culture and community that supports and strengthens the rapid development and implementation of effective strategy.

To address these challenges, the leader adopts seven distinct leadership roles:
  • The purposeful leader (reinforces purpose and the meaning of work)
  • The visionary leader (enunciates an inspiring vision and sense of direction)
  • The strategic leader (devises a set of strategies to realize the vision)
  • The beneficent leader (builds a strong and committed community)
  • The adaptive leader (masters the art of initiating and managing change)
  • The guiding leader (coaches others so they can assume leadership roles)
  • The virtuous leader (embodies the personal qualities needed for success-
  • character, creativity, and compassion)
The author demonstrates that we judge leaders best on their legacy: an organization that performs well over time. Leaders who stress short-term economic performance will not meet this standard. In fact, the great leaders build their legacy by looking beyond economics to also consider the needs of all the organization's stakeholders. Such leaders emerge when a motivated individual with the appropriate skills and virtues encounters or creates a challenging situation.

The Seven Faces of Leadership combines theory and practical tools to help aspiring leaders achieve better results during challenging times of change.

About the Author
Robert J. Allio has developed his perspectives on leadership over a long and successful career as an executive and management consultant. Since founding Allio Associates in 1979, he has worked with the leaders of many public and private organizations in the United States, Canada, Latin America, Europe, and Asia. His corporate history includes positions as president of Canstar, an early leader in the fiber optics industry, and senior executive roles with General Electric, Westinghouse, Babcock & Wilcox, and Noranda.
He has served as chairman of a number of private firms, including Nicon and TracRac, managing director of the Anasazi venture firm, and a member of the board of TBS, GardenWay, Springboard, Fourth Shift, and Valtec. His academic credentials include positions as Dean of the School of Management at Rensselaer and Professor of Management at Babson College. He has designed leadership education programs for numerous organizations, including The Conference Board, Business Week, the American Management Association, and the Young Presidents' Organization.
Allio was the founding editor of Planning Review (now Strategy & Leadership) and was president of the North American Society of Corporate Planning. He has published extensively in the fields of strategy and leadership; his recent books include The Practical Strategist (Harper & Row) and Leadership Myths and Realities (Tata McGraw Hill).

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