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The Seventeen Guide to Sex and Your Body

The Seventeen Guide to Sex and Your Body

by Sabrina Solin, Paula Elbirt

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My friend is constantly popping diet pills and skipping meals.
I'm afraid she might be anorexic. How can I know for sure?

I'm 15 and upset that I haven't gotten my period yet. I feel as
if all my friends have matured and I'm still a child. Do you
think I'll get my period before I actually reach 16?


My friend is constantly popping diet pills and skipping meals.
I'm afraid she might be anorexic. How can I know for sure?

I'm 15 and upset that I haven't gotten my period yet. I feel as
if all my friends have matured and I'm still a child. Do you
think I'll get my period before I actually reach 16?

Every one of my friends tells me I'm weird 'cause I don't sleep
with guys. They say I'm a scared little virgin. The thing is, I
don't just want sex; I want a relationship. Do I keep saying no?

My parents have told me I can always talk to them about
everything, and that if I was thinking of having sex, I should
talk to them. But I'm afraid they'll kill me if they know I am.
Should I tell them?

Yikes. You wouldn't believe how many
readers write to seventeen
each month with questions about their changing bodies: Why is my
period irregular? When should I shave? How can I lose weight? And
there's sex, from crushes and kissing to birth control, safety,
and, well, guy control.

seventeen presents
informative, straightforward answers to the most-asked
questions-even the tough ones. Divided into two sections, the book
covers all the crucial issues that girls might be too embarrassed
to ask even their friends about, from eating disorders to
fitness, from starting your period to falling in love. Plus, of
course, strategies for staying safe and saying no. Written with
seventeen's medical adviser, this book arms teenagers with the
information they want and need, from a source they can really
trust - seventeen.

Editorial Reviews

Publishers Weekly - Publisher's Weekly
This witty, slang-filled guide to a girl's adolescence supplies answers to all the most perplexing questions. What are the 10 absolute worst reasons to have sex? Should a tampon be worn for intercourse during menstruation? And what's a good response when some obnoxious boy asks, "Whatsa matter, you on the rag?" Though packed with information on anatomy, birth control, menstruation and anorexia, the book is never dry. Each chapter begins with excerpts from letters written by Seventeen magazine readers, and the thoroughly practical explanations are punctuated with boxed text debunking common misconceptions: "Myth: A guy can have such a large penis that it won't fit in a woman's vagina. Truth: He wishes!" Also included are lists of resources for those with eating disorders and HIV, and a bibliography of books on growing up gay. Solin and Elbirt repeat crucial information several times in different ways to ensure that readers will understand the facts, but they also take time to give hints on hair removal and French kissingstuff they never seem to cover in health class. Ages 11-up. (Sept.)
School Library Journal
Gr 7 Up-A practical and straightforward guide. Solin uses as a resource the thousands of letters written to Seventeen magazine from young women expressing their anxieties, needs, and misinformation. In the first section, the author deals with such topics as nutrition and fitness, female body image and eating disorders, as well as the changes in pubescent males. The section on sexuality covers issues of dating, sexual readiness and orientation, pregnancy and birth control, drug and alcohol use, and the health consequences of sexual activity. Generally, the tone of the book is reassuring and pragmatic. Solin emphasizes the usefulness of guidance by parents or other responsible adults as well as the most important edict-being in control of one's self. Advice is offered on topics such as body odor and first periods, masturbation, and oral sex. Gray-toned sidebars highlight sexual myths, agencies for advice and guidance, and print and electronic sources to consult. The author is explicitly clear about the definitions and consequences of date violence and rape. A few problems exist: Candida albacans is referred to as a microorganism; it is, as she also says, a yeastlike fungus. The word "stasis" is used in the text without clarification and the reassuring pronoun "she" is used consistently in reference to OB-GYN (or other) doctors who may just as easily turn out to be male. The lack of an index is disappointing, but young women will nevertheless respond positively to this reassuring and informative presentation.-Sylvia V. Meisner, Allen Middle School, Greensboro, NC
Kirkus Reviews
From the editor of Seventeen magazine's "Sex and Body" column, a frank, accessible, information-packed guide to puberty and sexual involvement for teenage girls. Solin seeks to provide answers to the hundreds of questions girls ask Seventeen each month about their changing bodies and emerging sexuality. The first section deals with puberty, covering everything from pimples and body odor to eating disorders and yeast infections, including an informative chapter on the changes boys go through. The second section addresses sexuality with a strong emphasis on personal responsibility when making decisions about sexuality. Among the topics covered: crushes, dating, resisting sexual pressure, the influence of drugs and alcohol, sexual orientation, avoiding pregnancy, and sexually transmitted diseases, including HIV and AIDS.

Throughout, Solin maintains a breezy, nonjudgmental style, interspersed with questions from teens and myth-busting "Do Not Believe" sidebars, e.g., "MYTH: A guy can't get a girl pregnant as a result of his first few ejaculations. FACT: Oh, yes, he can." This comprehensive and reassuring book should be available to every adolescent girl.

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