The Seventh Plague

The Seventh Plague

by Gaston D. Cox


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ISBN-13: 9781504964371
Publisher: AuthorHouse
Publication date: 01/14/2016
Pages: 264
Product dimensions: 6.00(w) x 9.00(h) x 0.55(d)

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The Seventh Plague

By Gaston D. Cox


Copyright © 2016 Gaston Cox
All rights reserved.
ISBN: 978-1-5049-6437-1


In the 1960's, NASA launched two deep-space probes that traveled to the outer regions of the solar system and sent back data to be studied. Dr. Jane Brice, a Ph.D. in quantum physics and space anomalies, was head of the regional department of deep space studies at CASIS and interstellar research and development at NASA. Dr. Brice, Dr. Andrews, senior research analysts along with research staff jobs were to analyze new data sent back from the probes. Survey atmospheric pressures on different planets troubleshoot any probe malfunctions issues as it relates to solar system differentials.

But on September 9, 1975, the day began differently. Dr. Andrews discovered what appeared to be an object moving at extraordinary speed. The size of the object created a buzz in the international science communities. Many of the leading scientists were concerned. If the object was to reach the earth's solar system, would it likely destroy the earth's surface?

Talks about what happened to the dinosaurs prompted an international debate on genocidal reoccurrences. First to discover this phenomenon was the Russian space probe Mars II. Believed to have disappeared the probe sent back images that Russian scientists viewed as crystal base compounds. The chance of the object reaching earth seemed unlikely unless the object had been projected through a wormhole. However, Dr. Nicolai Austin consulted with Dr. Sergai Steklov and believed that the Mars II probe was in fact sucked into a wormhole.

Dr. Austin concluded some wormholes were portals and had the ability to teleport objects that came into contact with them. He further asserted that his research discovered a wormhole in sector V4641, had the capability to teleport object to a different quadrant of the universe, disrupting time barriers.

Dr. Steklov went on to say if the enormous iceberg object was to come in contact with the wormhole, then the object might be teleported, but to where and when would be considered unknown variables. However, if the portal opened in the earth's solar system, the planet faced extension and the greatest catastrophe ever recorded in human history.

He supported his theories of the wormhole by using the disappearance of the Mars II Probe in the V4641 sector. The Russian community of scientists became outraged and prompted the government to silence Dr. Strelkov's findings, in an attempt to further investigate his theories and not to alarm the international science communities with misleading rhetoric and propaganda.

In the Capitol, in the office of the head of joint committee, the red phone rang. "Senator, we have a problem," said National Security Advisor, MacMara. "Our Russian sources tell us that there is a possible solar threat. As to where and what time this threat is to become imminent, it's still unknown, sir."

"Am I to act on a hunch?" Senator Hanford replied.

"Sir, it's best we are prepared for the worse rather than wait on, the worse."

"Exactly what are we talking about here?" The senator inquired.

"The Russians discovered an object the size of the Grand Canyon that would likely kill every living thing on the earth."

"What?" the senator replied alarmed at what he'd just heard. "I will schedule a joint committee hearing. And what are our people saying about these findings?"

"Well, I'm not sure at this time. We have a Dr. Jane Brice on the matter from NASA. However, my main concern is whether there's an immediate threat and whether the discovery is a matter of national security," replied the voice on the other end of the call.

"Well, let's try to keep this out of the press until we have some definite answers on exactly what the Russians found. It is also important the international communities not falsely be placed on alarm by the ranting of a mad man. I will send over joint aides to the meeting. Keep me posted." He hung up the phone.

Voyager 2 sent images of what appeared to be a large glacier-like object moving across the Alpha Centauri Quadrant. Dr. Andrews, following protocol, logged the similies and notified the department's heads. An emergency committee meeting was called, three Pentagon members clad in highly decorated military uniforms sat on the left side of National Security Advisor MacMara while three senators from the oversight committee of NASA sat on his right behind a long desk on an elevated platform. In front of the platform, Dr. Brice, and Dr. Andrews sat on the right facing the platform. While Dr. Austin and his associates sat to the left. Senior staff from NASA's research and development and Dr. Austin's senior staff from research and development along with regional staff and government affiliates all sat in the gallery.

Dr. Jordan recognized a list of attendees posted on the committee's meeting door. He snuck into the meeting already in session and took a seat at the back of the gallery. Dr. Brice informed the secretary of defense, the heads of NASA and the Pentagon of the discoveries. Dr. Brice stated, "Gentlemen, what we have here is unprecedented." She began her presentation on the images.

No sooner had she begun, the secretary of defense interrupted. "Dr. Brice I have your report in front of me. Does this new discovery pose an immediate threat to our planet? Have these findings been verified by the regional and international space centers?"

The committee members eagerly awaited a response.

Dr. Nicolai Austin, from Russian Interstellar Research and Development, and liaison to international space center interjected.

"The Russians have also recorded these images and named it, [TEXT NOT REPRODUCIBLE IN ASCII] which means black ice."

Dr. Brice rebutted, "It is a matter of urgency. We conducted further observation and data on these images, raising focal points, and we nicknamed the object OSA, for outer space anomaly. The origin of OSA could have been from parts of the galaxy as yet unexplored, and based on trajectories from Voyager 2 may be able to reveal vectors and origins, not in line with our current research.

What we do know is the outer surface of OSA are made of compounds and elements that are inconclusive because only a few of the compounds we've detected are known to us. Furthermore, we have new images and vibrations that could be communication waves. We are yet to retrieve and study these patterns. The inner core of OSA contains what seem to be living genetic strains or deoxyribonucleic acid from what origin or species, we don't know at this time."

Again the national security advisor imposed. He stated, "Gentlemen, we are not here to speculate on what could be, but to determine whether what we are dealing with now poses a threat. This question has yet to be answered by Dr. Brice."

Dr. Brice responded, "It is arduous to say whether a threat is imminent or not at this time, and it's best we don't approach this situation from a unilateral perspective."

Suddenly a voice from the back of the gallery spoke out. At the same time, the committee speaker quickly stood up and shouted out "the floor recognizes Dr. Oliver Jorden, a professor at Oxford University and senior research advisor at United Kingdom Space Program!"

Dr. Oliver Jordan says. "What Dr. Brice is apparently stating is, matters of this nature are not black and white, and to draw conclusions on such matters can inevitably leave us at a disadvantage if and when the matter is to become a threat to the planet. Therefore, this must be approached step by step."

Dr. Brice recognized the voice and was surprised turned around peering into the full gallery searching to put a face with the voice.

The committee members felt a sense of relief from Professor Jordan's advice. National Security Advisor MacMara and the committee members ordered a ninety-day accelerated report and contingency plan if matters were to turn threatening.

Dr. Brice stormed out of the meeting room. "What an asshole," she mumbled under her breath.

A warm, firm hand touched her shoulder. "Yes, I can agree with you there," replied the stranger.

Turning around, she saw a longtime friend she had not seen in a few years. Dr. Jordan said, "Good to see you, Jane."

"Oli, What are you doing here?"

"I just dropped by to see an old friend," Dr. Jordan replied.

Dr. Brice chuckled, "Just dropped by? I thought you were in London. When did you get into town? Why didn't you call me?" Dr. Brice was excited to see her longtime friend.

"I did call! Well, Jane, it's not easy to have social calls with the head of regional NASA."

They both laughed. Dr. Brice said, "Thanks for backing me in there."

Dr. Jordan replied, "What's a friend for? What about those vibrations you mentioned? Crystals are conductors of energy used as an energy-storing source. It is possible that the elements and compounds found on the outer surface of OSA are actually crystal bases that give off energy waves. This will account for the vibration readings you've been getting."

Dr. Brice replied, "Yes, we've considered that. In fact, the outside surface of the OSA may not be solid ice, but crystals. If the crystals are conducting some sort of energy that is giving off a vibration, then it's not a meteor."

Realizing they both had come to the same conclusion, they briskly walked to the lab.

In the east wing of the Pentagon, about 02:30, well-dressed employees with special clearance badges dangling from their lapels buzzed about the office. They were working on national security matters. The boiler-like room was brightly lit like the mid-day sun, although it was the wee hours of the morning.

The members of the oversight committee, along with the national security advisor hustled down the long corridors into a private, glass-enclosed room. A long, polished, mahogany conference table and shiny black leather swing chairs lingered around the table. Folders were placed neatly in front of each chair.

The members found their seats and the national security advisor sat at the head. The Chairman of the oversight committee sat at the farther end, and the members of the committee occupied the chairs.

The national security advisor opened the meeting. "Gentlemen, we are still at odds concerning the current state of affairs, and I urge we seriously consider Operation Black Mask."

The chairman inquired, "National Security Advisor MacMara, just out of curiosity, what are we to expect from Operation Black Mask?"

"The mission of Operation Black Mask is to investigate and warn against intergalactic threats to the United Nations. Such threats may stem from interstellar anomalies, planetary transfigurations, or extraterrestrial invasions," replied the secretary of defense.

"Aliens! Is that what we're talking about here? You are asking for government funds to investigate aliens?" The chairman interjected.

Snickers and chuckles slowly echoed around the table.

"Gentlemen, do you understand the gravity of the potential threat?" He signaled the lights. The room dimmed and the projector began to roll a clip of Dr. Sergai Steklov and his team. Accompanied the national security advisor and seated to his right, was the director of CIA Tenant. Tenant began to brief the room concerning Dr. Steklov findings. And then a recording of Dr. Steklov was played. After an hour, the projector turned off and the lights came on. Silence took over the room the members with heads buried in the files looked up in silence turned their attention to the Chairman of the Joint Committee. After a few minutes, the chairman replied,

"The full approval of this operation will be contingent on what follows in the upcoming months. At this time, I will grant conditional approval for Operation Black Mask to move forward."

Soon a buzz took the room as the members raised from their seats and began to shake the hands with the Secretary of Defense and the Director of CIA. Secretary of Defense along with the CIA selected agents from Langley and the Black Mask Agency was official formed, deep cover inside the CIA and only answered to the Secretary of Defense.

No sooner had Dr. Brice and Dr. Jordon entered the lab, "We have imagery!" Shouted Dr. Andrews.

"Oliver this is David, David this is Oliver," Dr. Brice introduced, all joining in a brisk march-like walk.

"David, I need the reports on the sounds vibrations and check the recordings, listen for any time lapse or break in tremors," instructed Dr. Brice.

"Also, gradual acceleration or deceleration in the tremors," added Dr. Jordan.

"Yeah, Yeah, but look at this!" Dr. Andrews insisted.

Staring at the Voyager's monitors, a clear and alarming picture of the image had finally emerged. It was about the size of the Grand Canyon, with pointed edges and blue, green and white crystal many caverns on what appears to be a surface and it looked like the lipids were generating a dim then bright glow similar to a breathing pattern. Suddenly the image became distorted and disappeared. Dr. Jordan yelled, "What the hell happened!"

"It's not us!" said one of the lab technicians.

"We got recordings, right?" Dr. Brice shouted.

"Got it!" Dr. Andrews replied.

"It's gone!" Yelled out Dr. Andrews,

"What you mean gone?" screamed Dr. Jordon,

"It's gone! We got nothing on sound or video! It's gone!" Dr. Andrews shouted back. Just as the object mysteriously appeared it vanished without a trace.

At the 90-day briefing, Dr. Brice reported, "The mysterious object became visible three months ago had now disappeared. And what we do know, the object was not black ice as previously been reported, but limpids of various shapes and sizes protruding from the surface like thorns. These crystals contained a high source of energy, the vibrations that were recorded was emanating from the crystals at the surface of the object and solidly covered with the same materials. The core of the object consisted of genetic strains housed in an unknown compound which changed shape randomly. The object's location before it disappeared was recorded at 4.21 years outside of V4641 which is 1600 light years away from earth's solar system. From the time Voyager 2 had visual on the object and its' disappearance 14 days had passed."

Dr. Nicolai Austin from Russian Interstellar Research and Development interjected,

"Dr. Brice, in 1971 the Russians launched a space probe one of its first Mars exploration, as you may know, the probe was lost. It is believed, before the probe disappeared it sent back data which not only revealed the probe was off course but may have been consumed by micro-quasar, V4641. Is it possible the disappearance of OSA may have met with the same faith as the space probe in microquasar V4641?"

Dr. Brice replied.

"That's inconclusive at this time. Our researchers are still investigating what caused the sudden disappearance. Further, we have determined the distance from voyager's position and last recordings ..."

Secretary of Defense interrupted,

"So there is no threat? Dr. Austin, what are the Russians views on these latest developments?"

"The Russians are in line with Dr. Brice reports but have reasons to believe this is not the last we see or hear of this object."

Dr. Brice interjected, "Dr. Austin, we cannot deal on "what-ifs" but what is factual and scientifically sound. It is indecisive to determine if this object will reappear or not because data on wormhole anomalies are still, in the beginning, stages of development. Which may take years to fully understand how a wormhole works."

"Then you are in agreeance Dr. Brice that the object may have been consumed by V4641!" interjected Dr. Austin.

"Dr. Austin, Sir, to admit or deny would certainly be a conjecture and, therefore, I cannot!"

"Yes, Dr. Brice, but the Russians are of a different opinion on these matters!" Dr. Austin interjected.

"If we, meaning mankind are to encounter this object again Dr. Brice, it will spell extinction for the human race. The size alone will cause severe atmospheric damage to the earth surface not to mention habitation on the planet will be non-existing or close to extinction!"


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