The Sex Drive Solution for Women: Dr. Jen's Power Plan to Fire up Your Libido

The Sex Drive Solution for Women: Dr. Jen's Power Plan to Fire up Your Libido


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Dr. Jen doesn't only talk about weight management, renewed energy and sexual vitality for women over 40 - she is a living, breathing example that all of that and more are possible. The Sex Drive Solution is a wealth of information not only from an expert doctor, but a woman, a wife, a mother who has walked a mile in your shoes.

Sex Drive Solution offers women of all ages the chance to learn what is happening to their bodies, why sex isn't over after 40 and how to reinvent their love lives in every stage of life. Using her expertise as an OB/GYN and now a pioneer in bioidentical hormone therapy, Dr. Jen shares real life stories of patients who have re-ignited their sex-lives and experienced complete wellness transformations with renewed energy and zest for life! Applying The Sex Drive Solutions, women can stop dreaming and start living sexier and happier than they ever believed possible.

Part doctor, part cheerleader, part coach, Dr. Jen’s Sex Drive Solution helps women set and achieve realistic goals to “Get Your Sexy Back and Keep It!”

* Secrets to mid-life weight loss

* The key ingredient for amazing sex at any age

* Creative ways to revive a bored libido

* A Libido Quiz to help you find the sex sinkers in your life

* Answers to, “What if it’s him, not me?”

* The truth about hormones from a leading expert

* The best remedies for rekindling desire (and which ones to avoid)

* Proven techniques to revive energy and kiss chronic fatigue good-bye

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ISBN-13: 9781601387189
Publisher: Atlantic Publishing Company FL
Publication date: 02/01/2012
Pages: 288
Sales rank: 796,749
Product dimensions: 5.90(w) x 8.90(h) x 0.80(d)

About the Author

Dr. Jennifer Landa is a forty something wife, mother, physician and speaker whose energetic, upbeat and straightforward style has made her a favorite of women seeking health solutions, from fatigue, PMS, and low sex drive, to baby blues, hot flashes and menopausal mood swings.

After a decade working as a traditional Ob/Gyn, Dr. Landa realized she wanted more—for her patients and herself. She spent two years becoming certified in Anti-Aging and Regenerative Medicine, with an emphasis on hormones and nutrition. She specializes in helping women restore their energy and their sex lives, and is the Chief Medical Officer of BodyLogicMD. Dr. Landa regularly speaks to physician and lay audiences on the subject of female sexuality and hormone balance.

Practicing MD, author, blogger and triathelete, Dr. Landa also serves as volunteer faculty at UCF Medical College and performs volunteer gynecologic care at a local women’s clinic. She earned her medical degree from Albany Medical College of Union University in Albany, NY in 1996, and completed her internship and residency at Beth Israel Medical Center in NYC, where she was distinguished as the Administrative Chief Resident in OB/GYN.

Dr. Landa lives in Orlando, FL with her husband and two children. For more information about Dr. Landa, visit her website at

Virginia Hopkins has been a writer and editor since she graduated from Yale University in 1976. She is co-author of the highly successful “What Your Doctor May Not Tell You…” books with Dr. John Lee. She is also co-author of the best-selling book Prescription Alternatives. Hopkins is currently the author/editor of a popular newsletter and website, the Virginia Hopkins Health Watch.

For more information about Virginia Hopkins, visit her website at

Table of Contents

Introduction 13

Part I The Basics of Sexuality and Desire 17

Chapter 1 Doctor, I've Lost My Libido! 19

The Urge to Merge 20

One in three women (at least) has lost her libido 21

Prioritizing Your Own Health 22

The benefits of sex 22

Bioidentical Hormones, Properly Prescribed 23

But there's more to it than hormones 24

Your Man and Your Libido 25

The Psychology of Libido 26

Mindfulness: The secret ingredient 27

A New Consciousness of Libido 28

Chapter 2 What is Sexy? 29

Youth is Sexy 30

Cultural Sexiness is Ever-Changing 31

A Short History of Sex 32

Sexy Body Types 34

Sex and religion 35

Medicine dictates sexiness 35

A New Paradigm 37

Chapter 3 Let's Get Physical-The Organs of Libido 39

The Sounds, Smells, Sights and Sensations of Desire 40

Touch connects, arouses and heals 41

Oxytocin, the cuddle and bonding hormone 42

Sound, sight and sexuality 43

The Scent of Desire: Pheromones and Libido 44

Non-Genital Zones of Pleasure 45

The Genital Zones 46

The vulva 46

The clitoris 48

The vagina 50

The urethra 52

The G-spot; Fact or fiction? 53

The cervix 55

The uterus 56

Hysterectomy 57

The ovaries and fallopian tubes 58

The Orchestration of Libido 58

Part II The Libido Restoration Kit 59

Chapter 4 Sexuality and Hormones-An Overview 61

Hormones: An Introduction 63

Estrogens: Feminizing, Growth-Promoting 64

Estrogens and mood 66

Progesterone: Menstrual Timing, Estrogen Balancing,

Pregnancy Maintenance 66

Estrogen Dominance: An Introduction 68

Estrogen dominance, libido, and the pill 71

Testosterone: The Hormone of Libido 72

Thyroid Hormones and Adrenal Function 73

Cortisol and Adrenal Fatigue 74

Hormones Through a Woman's Ages and Stages 75

Infancy, childhood and puberty 75

The 20s andearly 30s 76

Premenopause: mid-30s through mid-40s 76

Perimenopause and menopause 78

What You Should Know About Using Bioidentical Hormones 80

How about DHEA? 81

Summing Up: Hormones, Libido, and Quality of Life 82

Chapter 5 Testosterone-The Hormone of Arousal 83

The Biochemistry of Testosterone 84

Testosterone, PCOS and Heart Disease 86

Women who miss testosterone 87

When to Use Testosterone 88

How to use testosterone 89

Testosterone' Approach with Caution 90

Chapter 6 My Favorite Libido-Boosting Supplements and Herbs 93

Sexual Arousal is All about Blood Flow 94

Recommended Supplements and Herbs for Arousal 95

L-Arginine 96

B vitamins 98

Damiana (turnera aphrodisiaca 99

Epimedium (horny goat weed) 100

Ginkgo biloba 101

Ginseng 103

Maca 104

Muira Puama (ptychopetalum olacoides) and Catuaba (trichilia catigua) 105

Chapter 7 Drugs That Sabotage Your Sex Life 107

Hormonal Contraceptives 110

Hypertension Drugs and Heart Drugs 114

Cholesterol-Lowering Drugs 118

How to reduce cholesterol without drugs 120

Psychiatric Drugs, Sleep Drugs, and Anti-Seizure Drugs 121

Remedies for depression: 124

Remedies for anxiety or sleeplessness: 125

Self-Medication: Alcohol, Marijuana and Cocaine 126

Knowing Your Options 128

Chapter 8 How to Resolve Stress and Fatigue and increase Libido with Lifestyle Changes 129

Stress Douses the Fires of Libido 131

Adrenal recovery 134

The sexiness of a good nights sleep 135

Mindfulness -The Ultimate Stress Management 137

Tantra 142

Awakening the senses 142

Mindfulness and sex 143

Chapter 9 Pro-Libido Lifestyle - Nutrition, Supplements and Exercise 145

Small Changes Add Up to Big Benefits 146

Overcoming resistance to change 147

The Pro-Libido Nutrition Plan: An Overview 149

Eat foods the way nature makes them 150

Good carbs, bad carbs 151

Food Sensitivities 156

Putting Fats in Perspective 159

Fat and inflammation 160

Keeping Portion Sizes In Proportion 162

More Pro-Libido Nutrition Guidelines 164

Pro-libido nutritional supplements 166

Omega-3 fish oils 168

Vitamin D: Sunshine and supplements 170

Calcium and magnesium 171

Other supplements I recommend 172

The Pro-Libido Workout Plan 173

Keeping It Real 182

Moms: It's OkayTo Insist on Privacy 183

Enhancing Desire and Sensation 185

Awareness, blood flow and energy 186

Libido strengthening and warm-up exercises 188

Masturbation: Lovemaking for one 189

What about sex toys? 190

Erotica, pornography and fantasy 193

Part III The Ages and Cycles of Sexuality and Libido 195

Chapter 11 Childbirth and Children 197

The First Few Months 199

Breastfeeding and post-partum libidp 201

Mommies Don't Have Sex, Do They? 202

What About Contraception? 204

How To Renew Your Sex Life Post-Partum 206

Giving birth changes things. ..Down there and all over 207

Chapter 12 The Fluctuating Forties 209

Is It Your Hormones... or Is It Your Relationship? 211

Premenopause and Estrogen Dominance 212

Estrogen dominance, libido and the pill 216

Testing and prescriptions for estrogen dominance 217

Reduce exposure to xenoestrogens 218

Nutritional supplements for estrogen dominance 219

When Relationship Issues are Part of the Problem(and They Almost Always Are) 220

Helping Him Get What He Wants 223

Chapter 13 The Fifties and Beyond - Menopause 225

Not Your Mother's Menopause 226

Menopause Confusion 228

Get Real and then Get Creative 229

How Aging Can Sink Your Sex Life (and what you can do about it) 230

Weight 231

Sight 231

Creaky joints 231

Dry va-jay-jay 232

Sagging organs 232

Hot flashes and night sweats 232

Moodiness 233

Insomnia 233

Disappearing parts 233

Bioidentical Hormone Confusion 234

Chapter 14 Where Did it Go? The Libido Quiz 235

Low Sex Drive Solutions 239

Chapter 15 What If It's Him, Not Me? 241

Libido Problems in Men: An Overview 242

Erectile Dysfunction (ED) 243

Physical causes of ED 243

Other causes of ED 246

Premature Ejaculation 247

For men: Start/stop technique to delay ejaculation 248

Delayed Ejaculation 249

Andropause, Libido and Performance 50

The Low-Testosterone Generation? 251

When testosterone is low, replacement has many benefits 252

Defining low testosterone is trickier than you might think 253

Testosterone replacement: Guidelines., precautions and benefits 254

How to replace testosterone 258

Side effects of too much testosterone 259

Communication and Relationship Challenges 260

Resources 265

Glossary 267

References 271

Author Biographies 283

Index 285

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