The Sexy Little Book of Finance III

The Sexy Little Book of Finance III

by Frank J. Eberhart Cep(r) Rfc(r)


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The Sexy Little Book of Finance III by Frank J. Eberhart Cep(r) Rfc(r)

THIS BOOK IS RATED “G” as in gee I wish I did this stuff sooner. No matter what stage in life you are at, no matter how much or how little money you have, whether you’re a family, individual, small or mid-size business you need a plan…and a good book to help get you there, that’s why this book is a MUST.

Reader’s Favorite 5 star review - Whether it is personal or business or both, you need a plan. The Sexy Little Book of Finance III is a simple and easy to follow guide which leads the reader through the necessary steps in each of five areas in order to help plan and execute their goals; Estate Planning, Budgeting, Retirement Budget, Investments, and small to mid-size Business. The workbook is as easy as filling in the blanks on a form with excellent guidance from the author. Straight forward, easy to use and excellent advice makes this a book that will provide an excellent return in knowledge for a very small investment of time. The Sexy Little Book of Finance III

In retirement, the goal is to live off your assets not on them-Spend and replenish…

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ISBN-13: 9781480808423
Publisher: Archway Publishing
Publication date: 06/16/2014
Pages: 144
Product dimensions: 8.25(w) x 11.00(h) x 0.31(d)

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THE Sexy Little Book of FINANCE III


Archway Publishing

Copyright © 2014 Frank J. Eberhart
All rights reserved.
ISBN: 978-1-4808-0842-3


Book 1: Estate Planning

Control Your Destiny

It's not just about dying and setting up your estate-it is about how you live before you die....

You work hard, save and invest wisely, but alas, you never thought about what happens to your family when you're dead if you are not prepared? Not exactly a pleasant thought (or one we think about on a regular basis), but a necessary one for sure. The consequences for not being prepared can be quite devastating. If you don't each have health care and investment proxies, a valid specific will or trust. A valid will or trust is one that is signed, witnessed and notarized. Dyeing without a valid will or trust is referred to as dyeing intestate-without a will when your family goes to probate court, there is no direction (no will to read) so potentially the state takes over for all your affairs-not a pleasant process. You need to name your beneficiaries to all of your life insurance policies, 401K and IRA'S, savings, or any other financial or property you own. You need to change your will to match your beneficiaries as your will overrides your beneficiary designations, this is very import- ant especially in cases where there has been a divorce. If you own a business, a succession plan is crucial-what happens to your business and family?

Most of the items in my book never happen until the need arises, generally through some type of crisis, family issues, law suits, hospital bills, divorce, death etc. Putting off these important decisions is (somewhat) understandable in today's busy environment with both spouses working, self-employment, kid's activities–I know, we have soccer, wrestling, baseball, basketball, dance, I'm self-employed and my wife works; like you, we need that 8th day just for us.

You need an EASY to UNDERSTAND & EASY METHOD for investing, estate planning, and budgeting.

My 4 step combined workbook will guide you through probate, trusts, understanding duties of executors and trustees, living wills, power of attorney's, budgeting, and investing in an easy fill-in-the-blanks approach. It starts with a plan (in writing); I made it real easy (Hint: just fill in the blanks) add a little knowledge (which I provide), common sense (you have to apply), and research (I show you where and how). Life changes happen all the time, you need all the information this book provides to make and update proper decisions on investments, estate planning, budgeting, retirement, Medicaid, Medicare, individual and business succession issues. This information is important for your accountant, your attorney, your broker, you, and your family.

Financial success doesn't just happen; it takes hard work, good organizational skills, planning, execution, review, and revision when necessary. I have provided direct links for Medicare/Medicaid, Gift Tax, Estate Tax, State Gift and Estate Tax, Tax Tables, Nursing Home Search, Social Security Enrollment, and a whole lot more. I prefer financial SUCCESS to financial STRESS. So let's get started.

Take your finances, your estate, YOUR BUSINESS and yourself to a new level

It's not just your future, or your money, it is preparing your family for their future without you

Estate Planning Checklist: Personal and Business

The first item that you will need to complete is the estate-planning checklist, which you will find on the next page. You should make copies for changes and updates to your plans and budgets. Put this information in a separate book for your records.

You need to have a current will or trust, establish your living wills, make provisions for executor/executrix of your estate and business, assign a guardian for your children (in the event of simultaneous deaths), name all beneficiaries, and assign any successor trustees (like a bank trust department). Wills, which only become effective after death, and can take 6 months or longer to complete, are public information and anybody can see them. Wills and trusts should be reviewed every three to five years.

Furthermore, a will (or no will-dying intestate) does not provide for incapacitation or the ability to make short-or long-term decisions for yourself; it becomes court appointed in which case the court makes financial decisions on your behalf. So you need proper health and investment proxies, and power of attorney's for you and your spouse (each of you has one) and your business to provide direction for and control of your financial decisions.

You will also need the following:

• Safekeeping for children's, you, and your spouse's original birth certificates

• Life insurance for estate taxes and living expenses for surviving spouse

• A copy of your trust or will with all proper insurance policy numbers, brokerage accounts, bank accounts, annuities, and any other investments deemed important—and a video of your wishes to leave no doubt of your intentions—with your attorney or executor

• Life insurance on children (to guarantee insurability)

• Long-term health care provisions, durable power of attorney's for health and investment directives, living wills, you each have to have these items as separate proxies

• Updated adequate homeowner's insurance to reflect current market price

• Mortgage insurance–sometimes a regular life insurance term policy may be less expensive

• Umbrella policy(s) for additional liability coverage on your real estate properties

• Stocks, bonds, and mutual funds (if you own certificates, put them in street name with a brokerage firm Street name means that you hold your securities and stock certificates in a brokerage account versus in your safe deposit box.

• Disability insurance, find out how much it costs and covers and for how long

• Long-term care policies for financial help for nursing home or assisted living facilities

• IRA, life insurance, or other qualified plans—make sure beneficiaries match your will or trusts

• Out-of-state property (find out probate rules and whether it's in trust)

• Safe-deposit box or in home safe with copies of social security numbers and birth certificates

• Business succession plan, key-man insurance, buy-sell agreements-determine who takes over in the event of your death

• Current budget review as needed at least annually

• Current retirement budget review at least annually

• Review wills and trusts every 3 to 5 years as the laws and your circumstances may have changed

• A filing system that identifies all categories such as auto, insurance, expenses, credit cards, investments, receipts, and any other pertinent information

Quick-Reference Contact Information


Name __________ __________ __________
Address __________ __________ __________
City, state, ZIP __________ __________ __________
Phone __________ __________ __________
Fax __________ __________ __________
Pager __________ __________ __________
E-mail __________ __________ __________
Cell phone __________ __________ __________


Name __________ __________ __________
City, state, ZIP __________ __________ __________
Phone __________ __________ __________
Fax __________ __________ __________
Pager __________ __________ __________
E-mail __________ __________ __________
Cell phone __________ __________ __________

    Accountant Funeral director Bank safe deposit/number

Name __________ __________ __________
Address __________ __________ __________
City, state, ZIP __________ __________ __________
Phone __________ __________ __________
Fax __________ __________ __________
Pager __________ __________ __________
E-mail __________ __________ __________
Cell phone __________ __________ __________

Additional Items for Business:

    Suppliers Bank/Credit Line Loans

Name __________ __________ __________
Address __________ __________ __________
City, state, ZIP __________ __________ __________
Phone __________ __________ __________
Fax __________ __________ __________
Pager __________ __________ __________
E-mail __________ __________ __________
Cell phone __________ __________ __________

    Credit Card Processor 401K/SEP Health Care Provider

Name __________ __________ __________
Address __________ __________ __________
City, state, ZIP __________ __________ __________
Phone __________ __________ __________
Fax __________ __________ __________
Pager __________ __________ __________
E-mail __________ __________ __________
Cell phone __________ __________ __________

Other: School. School nurse, nursing home, hospital, broker, insurance company/agent, Cable Company, electric/gas/oil company emergency numbers, pharmacy

Notes: _____________________________________________________________________ _____________________________________________________________________ _____________________________________________________________________

Personal/Business Information

This important information will help you establish guidelines for your estate. It will also help you understand the roles of executor, executrix, and guardians; summarize your investments, real estate, and other valuables; and learn what wills and trusts can do for you, your family and your business. This information can also assist your financial adviser, accountant, and attorney for drafting your will or trust.


Excerpted from THE Sexy Little Book of FINANCE III by FRANK J. EBERHART. Copyright © 2014 Frank J. Eberhart. Excerpted by permission of Archway Publishing.
All rights reserved. No part of this excerpt may be reproduced or reprinted without permission in writing from the publisher.
Excerpts are provided by Dial-A-Book Inc. solely for the personal use of visitors to this web site.

Table of Contents


Book 1: Estate Planning, 1,
Estate Planning Checklist: Personal and Business, 3,
Personal/Business Information, 6,
Trusts, Wills, Probate, and Executor Duties, 13,
Asset Protection Trusts, 20,
Book 2: Budgeting, 23,
Personal/Business Budget, 24,
Long-Term Care Policies/Medicare/Medicaid, 28,
Retirement Budget, 31,
The Impact of Withdrawal Rates on Your Money, 33,
How Much Life Insurance Do You Need?, 34,
Book 3: Investments, 37,
Risk and Reward Questionnaire, 39,
Who Regulates This Stuff?, 42,
Understanding Mutual Funds-Closed End Funds-ETF's (exchange traded funds), Hedge Funds, Bonds, REIT's, Options, 1031 exchanges, Annuities, 47,
Calculate Returns, 49,
Annuities: Protecting your Income and Beneficiaries, 50,
Market, Limit, and Stop Orders, 57,
Investment Checklist, 64,
How to Help Choose an Adviser, 67,
Book 4: Book of Business, 69,
Business Budget, 70,
Best Practices, 72,
Retirement Plan Overview, 78,
401(K) Plan Checklist, 80,
Plan Set-up Checklist, 81,
Annual Plan Limits, 83,
Types of Qualified Retirement Plans, 84,
401(k) Plans, 86,
Divorce and Business: Don't let the QDRO be Worse than the Marriage, 91,
Business Requirements Planning for SBA/Bank Lending, 96,
Key Man Insurance for Business Owners, 99,
Employee Benefits, 100,
Marketing Tips, 122,
SEO (search engine optimization) and Your Business, 125,
Quick Reference List of Web Pages, 127,
Glossary, 129,

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