The Shaitan

The Shaitan

by Daniel Canada

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The Shaitan is a saga about Staff Sergeant Hank Donaldson, who is a member of the elite 75th Regiment of the United States Army Rangers and a decorated veteran of the recent Gulf Wars. Staff Sergeant Donaldson is also an unwitting candidate in a secret government psychic warfare program, wherein he is unsuspectingly pitted against the world's most wanted terrorist, Ismial Abdur Rahim.

Staff Sergeant Donaldson is on the prowl, chasing Ismial, who goes by the code name The Shaitan, through the most unlikely places, the poetry community of the Lower East and West Side of Manhattan. His pursuit will take him through all the spoken word haunts of the artist communities, in an effort to catch Ismial and eliminate him before he can launch a terrorist attack in the heart of New York City.

However, Staff Sergeant Donaldson has a serious drinking problem, which threatens to get worse with each passing day as he delves deeper into his assignment. Instead of sobering up to rise to the occasion, he resorts to even heavier drinking as a way of coping with the stress of his special mission, as well as his failed marriage and estranged relationship with his children. His unbearable drinking threatens to jeopardize the entire undertaking and place him in great risk. On the other hand, his undiscovered, latent, psychic abilities are the reason the Army brass back at the Pentagon and the secret think tank in Fort Benning allow him to stay on the job.

Unbeknown to himself, Staff Sergeant Donaldson is being subtly dragged into the uncanny world of the occult. On the other side of the world, in the city of Sanaa, Yemen, the treacherous Witch Queen, Jamilyah has made her lair in the Middle East. There she covertly establishes numerous cells of loyal Muslim sorcerers dedicated to destroying the United States and bringing about mayhem to the Western world and the Middle East. Jamilyah and her protégé, Ismial, scheme to rain down havoc upon the sons of mankind and to bring about a New World Order under the powers of The Great Dragon.

The Shaitan is a fast moving narrative of one man's herculean struggle against unseen forces, within and without, taking you from the teaming alleyways of the Holy Land in Jerusalem and Yemen, to the bustling streets of New York City, and through a labyrinth of deceit in the artist community in the Lower East and West Sides of Manhattan, all the way to its shocking finale.

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BN ID: 2940152342888
Publisher: Daniel Canada
Publication date: 08/29/2015
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Format: NOOK Book
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Age Range: 18 Years

About the Author

Daniel Canada's foray into the wilderness of writing began in his senior year in high school, when he entered into and won the 1982 NBC Award for amateur journalism for New York City, after interviewing NBC's news reporters Marv Albert, Gabe Pressman and Larry Varas. After wandering about in an attempt to find the meaning of life, he found himself strongly entrenched in the New York City poetry scene, reading and performing under the name Obsidian. He also co-hosting two renown open mic poetry venues in New York City, the "Times Square Shout Out" and the "Shout Out at Ottos," from 2007-2010. As a result he and his co-host were the subjects of a documentary of NPR Radio's "This American Life," entitled "Social Engineering," hosted by Ira Glass. Daniel Canada aka Obsidian appeared on Columbia University Radio station WKCR-89.9FM, "Studio A Series," hosted by Anne Cammon Fiero, along with several members of the celebrated "Brownstone Poets." He has also soiled his hands in a little publishing, and has been twice published as a contributing poet in the anthology "Diner with the Muse," and “The Venetian Hour,” edited by Evie Ivy and sold at St. Marks Bookstore. Years earlier he had spent a decade researching the ancient Middle East, in a land that was once called Assyria and co-authored the yet-to-be published epic historical fiction novel entitled, "Hegemony."

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