The Shakespeare Novels: Volume Three

The Shakespeare Novels: Volume Three

by Coleman Thomas Randall



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ISBN-13: 9780738812502
Publisher: Xlibris Corporation
Publication date: 12/28/1999
Series: Shakespeare Novels Series
Pages: 528
Product dimensions: 5.70(w) x 8.42(h) x 1.50(d)

Table of Contents

The Shakespeare Novels
King Lear
Interlude: Love in the Afternoon19
Chapter 1(I, i) "Who Loves Me the Most?"25
Chapter 2(I, ii) "Now, Gods, Stand Up for Illegitimate Sons"47
Chapter 3(I, iii) Oswald Reports56
Chapter 4(I, iv) Lear Confounded61
Chapter 5(I, v) Interim with the Fool77
Chapter 6(II, i) Edmund's Plot Advances80
Chapter 7(II, ii) Kent in Stocks87
Chapter 8(II, iii) Poor Tom o' Bedlam95
Chapter 9(II, iv) "What Need One?"101
Chapter 10(III, i) News from France114
Chapter 11(III, ii) "Blow, winds, and crack your cheeks!"117
Chapter 12(III, iii) Father and Son122
Chapter 13(III, iv) Poor Tom124
Chapter 14(III, v) The New Earl of Gloucester132
Chapter 15(III, vi) The Court of Equity and Justice134
Chapter 16(III, vii) Cornwall Acts140
Chapter 17(IV, i) "As flies to wanton boys are we to the gods."148
Chapter 18(IV, ii) A Noble Duke153
Chapter 19(IV, iii) Affairs at Dover159
Chapter 20(IV, iv) Cordelia162
Chapter 21(IV, v) "Remind her that she has a husband!"165
Chapter 22(IV, vi) The White Cliffs of Dover169
Chapter 23(IV, vii) Reconciliation182
Chapter 24(V, i) Edmund and Regan189
Chapter 25(V, ii, iii) The Gods Are Merciful197
Chapter 1The King and the Queen223
Chapter 2The Lord Cloten230
Chapter 3Imogen: The Princess Follows Her Heart238
Chapter 4Posthumus Banished245
Chapter 5(I, ii) Lovers Parted268
Chapter 6Posthumus Sails Away277
Chapter 7(I, v) Philario's Feast287
Chapter 8(I, vi) Queen Moira301
Chapter 9(I, vii) Iachimo's Treachery311
Chapter 10(II, i) The Lord Cloten at His Best343
Chapter 11(II, ii) A Night of Infamy346
Chapter 12(II, iii) Lord Cloten, the Lover359
Chapter 13(II, iv) Iachimo Returns to Rome366
Chapter 14(III, i, ii) Cymbeline Defies Augustus381
Chapter 15(III, iii) The Caves of Wales394
Chapter 16(III, iv) Imogen Flees400
Chapter 17(III, v) Pisanio and the Lord Cloten415
Chapter 18(III, vi) In the Mountains of Wales424
Chapter 19(III, vi-contd.) Imogen Meets Some Kindly Strangers437
Chapter 20(III, vii) Augustus Speaks441
Chapter 21(VI, i) Lord Cloten on the Trail of Imogen446
Chapter 22(IV, ii) All Awry450
Chapter 23(IV, ii, continued) A Time of Change459
Chapter 24(IV, iv) Morgan Goes to War!466
Chapter 25(V, i) Posthumus Leonatus Returns470
Chapter 26(V, ii) Iachimo Sails to Britain473
Chapter 27Queen Moira477
Chapter 28(V, ii, iii) The Armies Clash486
Chapter 29(V, iv) Posthumus, the "Roman," Awaits Execution506
Chapter 30(V, v) Cymbeline's Justice513

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