The Signature of All Things: Signatura Rerum

The Signature of All Things: Signatura Rerum

by Jacob Boehme




Signatura Rerum (The doctrine of signatures), written by the German mystic, Jacob Boehme. It has been reprinted and re-titled as The Signature of All Things. The author was considered an original thinker within the Lutheran tradition, and his first book, commonly known as Aurora, caused a great scandal and threatened him with excommunication.

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About the Author

Jakob Böhme was a German Christian mystic and theologian.
Twelve years after a vision in 1600, Böhme began to write his first book, Die Morgenroete im Aufgang (The rising of Dawn). The book was given the name Aurora by a friend; however, Böhme originally wrote the book for himself and it was never completed.
The chief concern of Böhme's writing was the nature of sin, evil and redemption. Consistent with Lutheran theology, Böhme preached that humanity had fallen from a state of divine grace to a state of sin and suffering, that the forces of evil included fallen angels who had rebelled against God, and that God's goal was to restore the world to a state of grace.

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