The Silent Thought

The Silent Thought

by Charlie Wurz


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Silent thought! What is it? And what do we do about it?

When we consider what the silent thought is, it is important to see the implications of taking or not taking a thought to verbal expression or action. We are approaching a critical crossroads in the American way of life, and the 2016 presidential election results will have profound consequences.

At times, we all fail to identify the warning signs, which are more disguised now than ever before in our country. All of us should realize that America’s greatness has never been at greater risk, for many reasons that we will discuss in detail throughout this book.

My greatest hope is that this book will reach the many Americans who have never considered thought in the way I will explain it and all too often just accept everything as it is. The first three chapters deal with spontaneous, targeted, and stubborn thought, providing examples of each and how the concept of silent thought interconnects with all three.

In chapters 4 through 8, I talk about several crises and the transitional period currently facing America and discuss how silent thought can have a negative influence on these major challenges facing every American.

Those crises are the following:

• Leadership in America

• Political correctness

• Race relations in America

• Politics in America

• Open borders and immigration

Throughout this book, I also provide alternatives and solutions to combat the negative consequences of silent thought. My strongest desire is that America become a nation of leaders and then, as leaders, reestablish the greatness of America and all its citizens.

I hope my readers find this book to be a quick read and one that stimulates their thought processes in ways that they may have not considered before.

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Publication date: 01/11/2018
Pages: 130
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