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The Silver Cow: A Welsh Tale

The Silver Cow: A Welsh Tale


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From Wales comes this tale of young Huw, whose lilting harp music enchants Tylwyth Teg, the magic people of Bearded Lake.
From the depths of the black lake comes the gift of a beautiful silver cow; and the cow is magic, for its milk is three times as rich as the milk of an ordinary cow, and she gives three times as much.
Huw's father is a selfish and greedy man, and his wealth makes him greedier than ever. Huw tries to make his father see the magic, but he scoffs at Tylwyth Teg...until they seek their revenge.
Told with a rhythm that evokes the Welsh language, Susan Cooper has brought new life to this ancient tale. Warwick Hutton's evocative illustrations capture the magic of this fateful story.

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ISBN-13: 9780689715129
Publisher: Margaret K. McElderry Books
Publication date: 09/30/1991
Pages: 32
Product dimensions: 8.12(w) x 10.75(h) x 0.20(d)
Lexile: AD640L (what's this?)
Age Range: 6 - 9 Years

About the Author

Susan Cooper is one of our foremost children’s authors; her classic five-book fantasy sequence The Dark Is Rising has sold millions of copies worldwide. Her many books have won the Newbery Medal, a Newbery Honor, and the Boston Globe-Horn Book Award, and been shortlisted five times for the Carnegie Medal. She combines fantasy with history in Victory (a Washington Post Top Ten for Children novel), King of Shadows and Ghost Hawk, and her magical The Boggart and the Monster, second in a trilogy, won the Scottish Arts Council’s Children’s Book Award. Susan Cooper lives on a saltmarsh island in Massachusetts, and you can visit her online at

Warwick Hutton had a strong conviction that pictures for children should have depth and distance, space and mood. His own books—Noah and the Great Flood, The Sleeping Beauty, The Nose Tree, Jonah and the Great Fish, Beauty and the Beast, Moses in the Bulrushes, and The Cricket Warrior—demonstrate that conviction. He resided in Cambridge, England.

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Once upon a time, high in the green hills of Wales, there lived a farmer named Gwilym Hughes. His small stone farmhouse was bleak and lonely, and his black cattle wandered the mountain.

Not far from his farm was a lake, up on a ledge of the mountain where you would not expect a lake to be. Today it is called Llyn Barfog in English, "the bearded lake" because of the starry white waterlilies that fringe its dark water. But the water-lilies were not there then.

Gwilym Hughes was a man with a heart as small and mean as his beady black eyes. Every day of the year he sent his small son Huw out to look after the cattle. Huw would rather have gone to school, like the boys in the village below the mountain, but Gwilym Hughes would have none of that. "I am a poor man," he said. "My son must work."

He would not even let Huw take his harp to the pasture, to make music while he watched the cows. "Do you want the cows dancing off the mountain?" he said. "I'm a poor man. It is milk for the market we need, not music in the empty air."

But every now and again, when his father was not looking, Huw would take his harp with him under his arm. Bronwen his mother noticed, but she said nothing. She only shook her head and smiled sadly, and gave him a hug.

Up on the mountain alone, Huw played his harp beside the lake, while the black Welsh cattle chewed away at the grass and paid him no attention. But suddenly one day he knew that somebody was listening, and he looked up from his music and saw a strange shining cow, looking at him from deep brown eyes.

Copyright © 1983 by Susan Cooper

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