The Simple Life

The Simple Life

by Tara Sivec


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ISBN-13: 9781724146960
Publisher: Independently Published
Publication date: 10/16/2018
Pages: 330
Product dimensions: 5.00(w) x 7.99(h) x 0.69(d)

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The Simple Life 5 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 7 reviews.
Anonymous 8 months ago
What an amazing and hilarious book! Once I started, I couldn't put it down! Tara Sivec is a master at writing heart warming stories with a lot of heat and a whole lot of humor!
Anonymous 8 months ago
Another great read by one of my favorite authors. Sweet, sexy, funny and heartfelt. Loved this book.
Anonymous 8 months ago
I love all of Tara Sivec's books but this one just made me smile that entire time. It was sweet, sexy, and funny. But it also had a real tenderness too. No one was an a$$hole. Everyone was normal with normal feelings and problems. I read it in 2 days. I couldn't put it down.
Crankybrandie 8 months ago
Save a horse. Ride a cowboy. Hell yeah!! I couldn’t put this book down. It’s just too good to let things like feeding your family, laundry & sleep interfere. Perfect mix of comedy and hot steamy cowboy love. You instantly connect with the characters in this book. I’m not a fan of cowboy romance, so I was a bit hesitant. But this book is perfect Tara Sivec comedy & lots of hot rolling in the hay scenes. You’ll be taking a second look at the pumpkin farm this year! Keep your eyes peeled for your own badass, hot cowboy to lead you to the simple life.
Steph7anie 8 months ago
This is The Simple Life by Tara Sivec. Brooklyn gets into some trouble and finds herself back in her childhood home. She and Clint have always had a quirky little friendship. And boy would I love to be a spy just so I could watch Brooklyn and Clint constantly messing with each other. They have some of the best one liners and zingers for each other. It’s very funny! Well, when life throws you into a tailspin, sometimes you have to begin again. Can Brooklyn find her footing? How will Clint fit into the picture? Tara Sivec is definitely one of my favorite authors
AmyBosica 8 months ago
The Simple Life is everything I’ve ever wanted or needed from a rom-com. Have you ever read a book that just had you laughing until tears came out of your eyes? A book with excellent banter and explosive chemistry? A book where the characters gave just as good as they got? A book that gave you all the feels and you never saw it coming? For me, that is this book. The Simple Life is hands down one of the best rom-com’s that I’ve read this year. From the moment I picked up The Simple Life I was HOOKED. I mean completely and utterly sucked into the life of Brooklyn Manning. The things that happened to this woman, I wouldn’t wish on anyone. But, I’d be a liar if I said she didn’t have me laughing my butt off. With her life in shambles, I was excited to see how she would turn things around. And when a unexpected job fell into her lap that had her facing off with her arch nemesis. I just knew I was in for one heck of a ride. And let me tell you, Brooklyn and Clint do not disappoint. I love, love, loved the banter between the two of them. It was just so entertaining. They didn’t hold anything back and I just lived for the moments they were together because I didn’t know what they would say next! And the sparks! OMG, the sparks!! They were everywhere and so palpable. You just knew that if these two were to get over themselves, that they would be dynamite. I loved the push and pull and the flutters they gave my heart. I was swooning all over the place and couldn’t wait to see these two figure things out. The Simple Life was a terrific read from beginning to end. I easily devoured this book in just a few short hours. It was everything I needed and then some. It was smart. It was funny. The story-line was addicting and kept me on my toes. The characters were real, flawed and just totally stole my heart. This story made me laugh so much, my cheeks still hurt as I’m typing up this review. It had the perfect amount of steam and just the right amount of drama. Simply put this story made me fall totally head over heels and I loved every single moment of it.
BJsBookBlog 8 months ago
Brooklyn left her tiny Montana home town right after high school. She wanted to make it in New York City. And she did. She's writing for the world's biggest fashion magazine. She's going to the best parties and has a great boyfriend. Or ... she kinda HAD all those things. After a tiny little incident that landed her in the gossip mags, she's now back home at her dad's place in Montana. She's not staying forever - obviously. But she needs a job. Which she finds at her childhood's best friend Ember's family's pumpkin farm. Which is also the family farm of her childhood's nemesis Clint. Aka the boy she kinda loved since kindergarten. But she won't be picking any pumpkins ... nope... ☺☺☺ It's much worse ... Let the fun times begin .... What will happen with Brooklyn & Clint?? Will we get a happily ever after?? READ THE BOOK TO FIND OUT! ☺ ════════════════════ LOL! That was hilarious! And adorable and cute and cowboyish and pumpkinish and ... just adorable. I finished it in one day - I just kept on reading. I couldn't stop. Clint and Brooklyn are so cute with all their bickering and insulting - you just see the sparks flying around them. They've been flying around them since they met in Kindergarten! They're just a bit stubborn to see it... But they will! And those kids are adorable too and Clint's sister and Brooklyn's dad and his lady-friend! All so very adorable and hilarious. But we also have a few very moving and heartbreaking moments. This was the perfect rom-com for a boring weekend - I just adored everything about it! And I need this to be on Netflix or Passionflix asap! ► THE SIMPLE LIFE was such an adorably hilarious Cowboy-Nanny-RomCom! I loved it! Hurry to your nearest amazon for your own Clint ... this one is MINE!☺