The Simple Power of a Broken Life

The Simple Power of a Broken Life


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The Simple Power of a Broken Life serves to bring meaning to and ultimately healing from the suffering and pain that accompanies the broken seasons of our lives. Drawing upon the brokenness of seven individuals from the Scriptures and their respective pain, a picture of hope and usefulness emerges that serves to begin to make sense of the mysteries, betrayals, rejections, heartaches, and disappointments that we all eventually come into contact with in one form or another.

Not only do we each matter to God, but our brokenness actually sets us apart as being more likely to be used to impact other lives. Being fully convinced that God uses broken things, we find that our brokenness is the starting point in a deeper, more intimate experience with God. Broken lives may experience a beautiful and simple power in the midst of their pain and suffering that the Father can use as a rich blessing for other wounded souls.

My strong desire is that the purpose of your pain and the healing of your heart will lead you into deeper waters of God's grace than you have ever known before and that multitudes of people will be helped on their journey because of your brokenness. Here's to believing that the simple power of your broken life will gloriously transform both you and all the lives God wants to touch through you!

""If there has ever been a companion guide to the Bible for those who are currently or ever have been broken, this is it! There are few Christian books that I would call a 'must read,' but this one certainly makes the top of my list. We all have experienced brokenness at some point of our lives, but for some of us we bury it, ignore it, or dismiss it. J. Daniel Moore challenges us through the pages of this book and God's word to find purpose in our brokenness! Having had a front row seat to some of the brokenness the author and his family have humbly walked through, I believe his experiences uniquely qualify him to guide any reader through brokenness to find victory in Christ. This book will challenge you to take a fresh look at your circumstances and experiences to find the power of God in them.""
--Brandon Berg, Associate Pastor & Worship Evangelist

""In this life changing book J. Daniel Moore brings to life the power of servant-leadership that has been developed through reacting properly to our pain. He points out that while life's pains are very difficult and sometimes debilitating, God uses them to develop our character and prepare us for a higher and more impacting level of freedom and ministry. . . . He helped my life's pain make sense like never before! You'll walk in freedom and peace at a much higher level after reading this powerful and life changing book!""
--Joseph Cameneti Sr., Lead Pastor, Believers Church, Warren Ohio

""So many hurting people confuse pain with brokenness and thus never experience triumph. J. Daniel Moore makes the distinction between the two so very clear and you can sense that the principles he shares are not the result of 'head work,' but of 'heart work.' He speaks from a place of personal brokenness. I'm so thankful he moved from pain to power. I heartily recommend The Simple Power of a Broken Life.""
--Gary L. Frost, The Mission America Coalition, Associational Missionary, Southern Baptist Convention

""The Simple Power of a Broken Life is filled with practical, fundamental teaching from years of experience and brokenness. J. Daniel Moore writes as he preaches with power and conviction. . . . With keen biblical insight, he leads us on from our own brokenness, to see God's never-failing love, and his ultimate plan for us to experience his power through our broken life!""
--Mark S. Mackneer, The Salvation Army, Northern New England Divisional Leader

""The author has been my friend and brother in Christ for over twenty-five years. I have observed him as a missionary, a senior pastor, supporter of Christian education, and a leader. I consider him a mentor. He has been through the crucible

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ISBN-13: 9781532679667
Publisher: Wipf & Stock Publishers
Publication date: 05/30/2019
Pages: 128
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About the Author

J. Daniel Moore's forty years of ministry have taken him to twenty-nine different countries on five continents as an evangelist, missionary, and pastor. Having preached in hundreds of churches across a wide variety of denominations and ethnicities, he enjoys being among people of all ages, cultures, and walks of life. Grace, brokenness, transparency, and the power of the cross to transform lives are key elements of his message. He currently pastors Grace Family Church in Youngstown, Ohio.

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