The Simplified Guide: Paul's Letters to the Churches

The Simplified Guide: Paul's Letters to the Churches

by David Hazelton


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ISBN-13: 9781937756840
Publisher: Deep River Books
Publication date: 09/05/2013
Pages: 216
Product dimensions: 5.50(w) x 8.40(h) x 0.50(d)

About the Author

Like Paul, Dave's professional background is in the law and business. He is a senior partner in one of the world’s largest and most prestigious law firms. For many years Dave has taught Sunday School and has led Bible studies in his home, church, and workplace. Dave's passion is to lead Christians into deeper knowledge of and love for God. Dave has been married to his high school sweetheart for over 30 years. They have three children and live outside Washington, DC. He serves as an elder at Cornerstone Evangelical Free Church. In his free time, you might catch him watching college basketball.

Table of Contents

Introduction 15

Part I Right Beliefs 33

Chapter 1 The Pure and Simple Gospel 35

What are the essentials of the gospel message of salvation? 35

What is the significance of the crucifixion of Jesus Christ? 37

What is the significance of Jesus Christ's resurrection from the dead? 39

Who is Jesus Christ that his death and resurrection could have this significance? 42

How do we receive the gifts of forgiveness and eternal life available through the gospel? 43

What do Paul's instructions mean for us today? 45

Chapter 2 The Threats of Addition and Subtraction 47

How important is it for us to remain faithful to the gospel? 47

What is an example of an "addition" to the gospel? 48

What is an example of a "subtraction" from the gospel? 50

Who poses these threats to the gospel? 51

Why isn't the content of the gospel open for debate? 52

What do Paul's instructions mean for us today? 55

Chapter 3 Freedom in Christ 57

What types of differences existed among early Christians? 57

How should we decide on personal practices and views on secondary issues? 59

How should we deal with others who have different personal practices and convictions on secondary issues? 60

What should we do when confronted with potentially divisive differences of opinion? 62

How should we exercise our freedom within our local churches? 63

Is freedom in Christ an excuse for sin? 65

What do Paul's instructions mean for us today? 66

Chapter 4 The Standard of Scripture 69

How does Scripture provide the foundation for understanding the gospel message of salvation? 69

Were Paul's letters recognized as Scripture during his lifetime? 70

What does Paul teach about the Old Testament? 71

How is Scripture the foundation for sound teaching and doctrine? 74

What if we have a hard time reading and understanding Scripture? 75

What do Paul's instructions mean for us today? 77

Chapter 5 Paul's Practical Theology 79

What is Paul's approach to creeds and doctrinal statements? 79

What instruction does Paul provide on baptism? 80

What instruction does Paul provide on communion? 81

When will Christ return and what will it be like? 83

What about free will and predestination? 85

What do Paul's instructions mean for us today? 89

Part II Right Conduct 91

Chapter 6 Our High Calling to Holy Living 93

What is the standard of living to which God is calling us? 93

How can we possibly live a life worthy of God? 94

Are we still Christians if we do not lead holy lives? 97

What do Paul's instructions mean for us today? 100

Chapter 7 The Battle Between Our New and Old Natures 101

Why do we still struggle with sin if Christ dwells in us and already has given us victory? 101

Where is the battle fought? 103

What is the source of the power needed to win this battle? 105

How does our speech reflect the status of this battle? 106

Is the outcome of this battle in doubt? 108

Does this victory result from a natural process or does it require real effort? 109

What do Paul's instructions mean for us today? 111

Chapter 8 The Importance of Prayer 113

How often should we pray? 113

What is the role of the Spirit in our prayer lives? 115

What about praying in "tongues"? 116

What are Paul's instructions about praising God? 117

How did Paul pray for other believers? 119

Does prayer change anything? 124

What do Paul's instructions mean for us today? 125

Chapter 9 The Ups and Downs of Life 127

How can we stand firm and be content under all circumstances? 127

How should we view our human accomplishments? 129

What is the role of suffering in a Christian's life? 131

Should we seek to suffer? 133

What was Paul's experience with suffering? 133

Can life's ups and downs separate us from God's love? 136

What do Paul's instructions mean for us today? 137

Chapter 10 Sexual Purity 139

What is God's plan for sex? 139

Why is sexual purity so important? 140

What is God's view of sex outside of marriage? 141

What do Paul's instructions mean for us today? 144

Part III Right Relationships 147

Chapter 11 The Foundational Principles of Love and Service 149

What is the role of love in a Christian's life? 149

Why is love so central to a Christian's life and relationships? 151

What does love look like in practice? 153

How does love express itself in service to others? 154

What do Paul's instructions mean for us today? 156

Chapter 12 Family Relationships 159

What is the basic framework for a Christian family? 159

Does God really have the best plan for a family? 161

What is God's plan for marriage? 162

Should singles remain single? 164

What about divorce? 166

What instructions does Paul provide to parents and children? 168

What do Paul's instructions mean for us today? 169

Chapter 13 Relationships in the Church 171

Why does Paul stress the importance of unity within the church? 171

How do spiritual gifts promote unity within the church? 174

What are examples of specific spiritual gifts? 176

How can we overcome threats to Christian unity? 178

What about denominational divisions within the Christian church today? 180

What do Paul's instructions mean for us today? 181

Chapter 14 Relationships in the World 183

How should we treat our neighbors? 183

What about the workplace? 184

What should our relationship be with governing authorities? 185

What is our role in sharing the gospel message of salvation with unbelievers? 187

What if some people respond negatively to the gospel message? 188

What do Paul's instructions mean for us today? 189

Chapter 15 Caring for People in Need 191

What principles does Paul identify to guide our charitable giving? 191

What are the benefits of generous charitable giving? 192

What is the proper balance between individual responsibility and community support for the needy? 193

How did Paul encourage charitable giving? 195

What is our responsibility to support the spread of the gospel? 197

What do Paul's instructions mean for us today? 198

Chapter 16 Personal Relationships 201

What do Paul's personal greetings in his letters reveal about the importance of individuals? 201

What does Paul's relationship with the churches reveal about the need to invest ourselves in the lives of others? 203

What can we learn from Paul's deep affection for the churches? 205

Should Christians have role models? 207

What do Paul's instructions mean for us today? 208

Conclusion: Your Own Study of Paul's Letters to the Churches 211

Put aside your fears that you are not up to the task 211

Take a fresh look at Paul's letters by studying them in the order they were written 212

Listen to Paul's letters read aloud with a group of fellow believers 212

Focus on Paul's major points and recurring themes 214

Expect insights that have practical application in your life 214

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From the Publisher

“No doubt about it—The Simplified Guide will quickly become recommended reading for anyone wanting to effectively shine the light of Christ’s Gospel onto the pathways of their daily life. In clear, concise and compelling language, author/lawyer David Hazelton opens up the letters of Paul and powerfully lets them speak not only into our individual Christian lives but into our corporate witness to a watching and ever-changing world. Simply outstanding!” —Harold B. Smith, President and CEO of Christianity Today

“David Hazelton has a passion for God’s word and a gift for making it clear. Not only will his book help you understand Paul’s letters to the churches, it will give you a firm grasp of the nature of the gospel and its implications for daily living. If you love God’s word, you will love this book.” —John Koessler, Author, Professor & Chair, Department of Pastoral Studies, Moody Bible Institute

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The Simplified Guide: Paul's Letters to the Churches 5 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 1 reviews.
OCDHandwasher More than 1 year ago
This book is a great resource for a small-group study of Paul's letters to the churches. Not too long, and broken into logical subsections and presented in an easy-to-read Q and A format. Gave me a fresh appreciation for Paul's practical theology.