The Sin Soldiers

The Sin Soldiers

by Tracy Auerbach


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Red compound makes them angry. Yellow exhausts them. Blue drives them into a state of ravenous addiction. The thief Kai knows about the chemically controlled soldiers of the Eastern forces and their savage, deadly nature. When a robbery attempt at Club Seven goes wrong, Kai is captured by a handler and his bestial soldier-boy. She wakes up inside the military base with no idea what happened to her twin brother, Dex.

Things go from bad to worse when Kai is started on a drug and training regimen, and forced to take injections of blue compound. The scientists in charge plan to make her into a working soldier who will mine the mysterious power crystals beneath the desert. Kai becomes a victim of the bully Finn, a handsome but nasty soldier whose years on red compound seem to have erased his humanity. Still, she begins to pity the Seven Soldiers, including the monstrous boy who tried to rip her to shreds at the club. They appear to be nothing more than genetically enhanced, drug-controlled teenagers.

On the outside, Dex and his tech-savvy boyfriend try to crack the soldiers' chemical code to find a weakness that will break the system. But Kai has already been drawn deep into her new world. Strong feelings for the soldiers she's come to know have started to cloud her judgment. Can she escape and find Dex without becoming a monster herself?

Product Details

ISBN-13: 9781987080834
Publisher: Barnes & Noble Press
Publication date: 07/18/2019
Series: The Fragments Series , #1
Pages: 308
Sales rank: 374,865
Product dimensions: 5.50(w) x 8.50(h) x 0.69(d)

About the Author

Tracy Auerbach is an author of science fiction and fantasy for teens and adults. As an avid reader with a vivid imagination, she chose to study film, English, and education, and went on to teach and write STEM curriculum for the New York Department of Education. This helped to polish her writing skills and ignite her passion for science fiction and fantasy.

Her first scholarly article, published in Language Magazine, was about the value of active, creative learning in science.
On the fiction side, Tracy’s work has been featured in the online literary journal Micro-horror, The Writing Disorder fiction anthology, and the “(Dis)ability” short story anthology, in addition to her novels.

When she is not teaching or writing, Tracy is usually reading or spending time with her family. She lives in New York with her husband and sons.

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The Sin Soldiers 3.5 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 2 reviews.
CarmichaelReviews 10 days ago
4.5 Stars (I chose this on Net Galley) I chose to read this book because I find that sometimes sci-fi can get rather repetitive and this seemed very different than the usual. I thought it would be a fun read and I was wrong: it was brilliant and completely engrossing. I try to pay attention to if books include marginalised groups and this had a Black woman as the main character with a gay brother. So the book had lots of diversity without seeming forced (and by forced I mean using stereotypes not when there is more diversity than people tend to expect) and the premise was so interesting. The book has so many themes such as consent, autonomy, war, war profiteering, and many more. Like Jonathan Swift's "A Modest Proposal," "The Sin Soldiers" looks at the effects of when logic is completely distinct from any emotion in such a way as to show the dangers but also to feel sorry for people who are like this. There is also definitely a critique of toxic masculinity and toxic behaviours and I really enjoyed that Kai's love interest didn't necessarily change for her, nor did she rehabilitate him-- but did address his own problematic behaviours and took responsibility for them. Too often in books bad behaviour is written off as attractive and is not totally addressed. "The Sin Soldiers" definitely did not follow that mold. Kai is a really fun main character and I really appreciate that her relationships with the other primary characters (her brother Dex and the 3 soldiers she ends up living with) are each unique. Sometimes I feel like when one character gets introduced to a group their relationship is shown as the same with each individual and Tracy Auerbach did a fantastic job creating unique relationships. I read a lot of books and not many of them do I read the last page and feel jolted back to reality. This was one of those books. I was so into it and then when it ended I was momentarily dazed before looking up when the sequel comes out (which tragically I was unable to find). I totally recommend this!
Anonymous 27 days ago
This book was very underwhelming for me in a lot of aspects except one: the characters. I requested this book mainly because of the synopsis. I liked the main characters and as I read on, the secondary ones never disappointed me either. Every interaction was able to put me through the wringer, some of the dialogues were amazing, the characters were diverse and filled with personality and I had to take a deep breath several times before continuing to read. On the negative side though, the world-building is original and creates an interesting parallel with ours, the author created an extremely complex universe but was not able to ground it properly, so the big themes are there but it is sometimes very difficult to believe in the situations the characters face. The characters youth is another of the biggest turn-offs for me as well: they are sixteen years old and are stuck in the middle of being amazing thiefs but their plans are absolutely ridiculous and they seem to know as little about the world in which they live as the reader, which defeats the earlier promise that they were street smart. Although this was not my favorite book, I did like some aspects of it and would love to read more from this author. Thank you to NetGalley and Parliament House Press for this ARC.