The Sinful Man

The Sinful Man

by Keith Rommel

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The Sinful Man by Keith Rommel

Headaches. Hunger. Pain.

Leo needs something . . . his stomach growls, but it can wait. That's not hunger he must feed. He has to get to his next high, but without money he knows he can't buy what he needs to sate the voice inside telling him to get more, get more.

Voices. Visions. Addiction.

No luck asking his father. His mother is in no position to help. After failing to steal the money he desperately needs, Leo must appeal to his dealer, the dangerous and infamous Saint Nick--despite the inevitable beating he'll take for showing up empty-handed. Still, anything to keep the voices and flashbacks at bay . . .

Demons. Addiction. Death.

Leo soon learns that everything has a price--not just money for drugs, but that every choice he makes has a repercussion. Suddenly caught between a world where he can see the sins of his past and a new consciousness that he doesn't fully understand, Leo finds himself not only chasing the dragon, but being chased by demons of a whole different kind. He must learn the finality of being past hope--all while reliving his missed opportunities for second chances--and truly come to understand that he is responsible for his own undoing before he runs out of time. After a lifetime of bad choices, this Sinful Man discovers the consequences to his actions and the mortal responsibility of exercising free will.

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BN ID: 2940149784820
Publisher: Hellbender Books
Publication date: 06/28/2014
Series: Thanatology , #3
Sold by: Barnes & Noble
Format: NOOK Book
Pages: 178
File size: 405 KB

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The Sinful Man 5 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 3 reviews.
jlynnp79 More than 1 year ago
This is a great book, I loved it from beginning to end. Leo is an addict, and in order to get what he needs, he has to do things he is not proud of. He has alienated himself from his parents, and his dealer is out to get him. When Leo goes to the house in the forest, he soon realizes that his dealer was just the beginning of his problems. I could not put this book down, I just kept wanting to know what happened next. I highly recommend this book to those that love a good suspenseful story.
plappen More than 1 year ago
Leo is running through a night-time forest, frantically trying to escape unseen, but evil, creatures that are chasing him. He stumbles upon a small house, and pounds on the door. Twyla, the elderly woman inside, eventually lets him in. Leo's only thought is to find a phone, or the nearest road, or maybe he can outrun his tormentors (in an unfamiliar forest at night). Twyla tries to tell him that there is no phone, or road, and with an injured shoulder, Leo should forget about trying to outrun the creatures that are waiting for him. She also tries to tell Leo that his presence at this time is not an accident. Included is the story of Leo's immediate past. He became a junkie with "help" from Saint Nick, the local drug kingpin. Leo's parents have thrown him out of the house. Leo wanders the streets in a torrential rainstorm. A local priest tries to help, but Leo is not interested. Leo owes Saint Nick a considerable amount of money, and really needs a "hit" to calm his physical agony. Back at the house, someone else is pounding on the door, desperate to get in. Keir, a young boy who lives with Twyla, eventually lets him in, and takes him to a different part of the house. It is vital that Leo and the other man don't see each other until the right time. The other man's thoughts are also consumed with escape, and Keir tries to tell him that it's not possible. The other man tries to escape, but does not get very far. Twyla takes Leo into a different room in the house, which opens into a vast room, full of shelves containing a book for every person who has ever lived. Leo's name is on one of those books. He also gets to confront the other man, who Twyla says is the source of all of Leo's problems. Is it Saint Nick? The author does an excellent job at turning up the tension in the first few pages, and keeping it going until the end. It also gets nice and weird, without going overboard, by the end. This one is very much worth reading.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
A thriller, a mystery, shadows? Leo chasing his next high. Fighting voices in his mind to feed his addiction. Money nowhere to be found, maybe just maybe his dealer will front him what he most needed? Voices again and again wrecking havoc in his head. Running through the dense forest, a group of shadows approaching quickly. Leo hears sinister voices and whispers telling him to run. Headaches and stabbing pain in his shoulder, intense fear overwhelms him. A cabin appears, smoke billowing from a worn chimney. "Help, you've gotta let me inside," shouted Leo. Greeted with a shotgun in his face. An old woman cautiously let him in only to be approached by another. A boy, his name is Keir with unnatural calmness took his turn with the shotgun, aiming it ever so carefully at Leo. All the while scratchy sounds moving along the outside of the cabin walls. Sound so eerie and frightening that it makes you wonder why? Are these unknown shadows after Leo? Leo enters the cabin but what he doesn't know, the lessons of his life decision will unfold, Leo becomes the pawn. His stomach aching, pain nothing but pain and craving,why? Keir tells him the shadows want him to know you're not in control. Keir asked Leo, "Have you learn humility yet? You can't escape what you must answer for." Leo must face his demons, his life, addiction and the death of someone. The parody of this cabin scene and his life goes hand in hand. Subliminal messages can be interpret to his irresponsible life of addiction. FIX IT! You cannot run away from it. You reap what you sow. The last chapter title sums it up, "Consequences of decision." So appropriate for the end. Intense mystery thriller. What an ending, only a good writer could pull it off. Thank you! Won this book on Goodreads, First Read Giveaway. Darlene Cruz