The Singing Mountaineers

The Singing Mountaineers


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ISBN-13: 9780292709942
Publisher: University of Texas Press
Publication date: 01/01/1957
Edition description: Reprint
Pages: 218
Product dimensions: 5.50(w) x 8.50(h) x 0.70(d)

Table of Contents

  • Introduction by Ruth Stephan
  • On Andean Fiestas and the Indian by José María Arguedas
  • Quechua Songs
    • To Be Wandering
    • The Fire that I Have Started
    • That She May Not Find Dew
    • I Nurse a Fly
    • You Were Crying Alone, Little Duck
    • Ay Purple Flower!
    • A Wandering Hummingbird
    • In this Growing Darkness
    • The Bird that Hides Itself
    • The Black Water
    • Without Anyone, Without Anyone
    • Crystalline River
    • Leave-taking
    • Divided Herb
    • Flying High in the Air
    • Celso Medina
    • Emerald Hummingbird
    • The Sand of the River
    • When You Find Yourself Alone
    • The Ischu Is Weeping
    • Snow Storm
    • Like Two Doves
    • Carnival Song
    • Tambobamba Carnival
    • Tell Her that I Have Wept
    • The Sweet Water
    • What Sorrow Will She Dream
    • Falcon of the Heights
    • Like a River My Weeping
    • Yunca
    • The Threshing Songs of Angasmayo
      • First Song
      • Second Song: Guavas
      • Third Song: Green Olive Tree
      • Fourth Song: Little Lizard
      • Fifth Song: The Bagre Fish
      • Sixth Song: Cerbaschay
      • Seventh Song: Bachelor
      • Eighth Song: Lima Lima Flower
      • Ninth Song
      • Tenth Song: Majordomo
      • Eleventh Song
  • Quechua Tales
    • The Hail
    • The Youth Who Rose to the Sky
    • The Little Bull with the Shiny Skin
    • The Flour Dealer
    • The Head of the Town and the Demon
    • The Condor’s Lover
    • Miguel Wayapa
    • The Snakes Sweetheart
    • Isicha Puytu
  • On The Songs And Tales by José María Arguedas
  • Editor’s Notes And Bibliography

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