The Siren's Song

The Siren's Song

by Jennifer Bray-Weber
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The Siren's Song by Jennifer Bray-Weber

Pirate captain Thayer Drake lures ships onto reefs for plunder, and business is lucrative. Yet, saving a lass from drowning after her ship wrecks becomes more than he bargained for when the crazy wench dives back into the raging sea for her blasted purse.

Tavern songstress Gilly McCoy, penniless and fleeing from the man who murdered her lover, stowed away on the doomed ship. Now at Drake's mercy, Gilly must earn her passage by performing for the captain. And that is not all: she must also kiss the captain at every ring of the ship's bell. But she discovers kissing the handsome rogue is not entirely a bad bargain...

Drake is intrigued by the beauty, but there is no room in his black heart for a woman. He has demons that he drinks nightly to forget. Meanwhile, Gilly has her own secrets to keep—including why her purse is more valuable to her than her life...

81,000 words

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ISBN-13: 9781426893742
Publisher: Carina Press
Publication date: 05/14/2012
Series: Romancing the Pirate
Format: NOOK Book
Sales rank: 1,140,953
File size: 744 KB

About the Author

Jennifer Bray-Weber has always wished for real life to mimic adventuresome tales, especially those of the high seas. Holding degrees in Music and Video Business and Liberal Arts, she continued her higher education, until a professor challenged her to write a novel. Never one to back down from a dare, her passion led to award-winning pirate romances. Though she hopes to one day live as a Caribbean island goddess, she currently lives in Texas.

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Off the Florida Coast, 1727

"Abel, please, I'll drown. Don't leave me!"

The ship's desperate sighs and quaking hull masked any hope of Gilly's shouts carrying beyond the walls of the muggy cargo hold. Snaps and tremors vibrated beneath her feet. Each crashing wave, each jolt warping the bulkheads, jarred her knees and spine. Water spit through the seams of the planking, a sinister prelude to what surely was to come. Panic leached into her mind as the cool water pooled on the floor at an alarming rate. The Rowena was breaking up.


Gilly floundered her way around a row of barrels toward where Abel stood at the hatch door.

"I'm sorry, Miss Gilly."

What was he saying? Even in the darkened hold, she saw the shadows shift across the ship cooper's face.

He reached for the metal ring handle. "The captain will see me hang from the yardarm if he found out I stowed ya."

His words, his meaning, were crowded out by her need to reach him, to get out.

The ship bucked and Gilly smashed her hip into the rim of a cask. She winced at the sharp pain radiating into her bone. Another crack split in the ship's belly, spewing more water inside. The humid air grew stifling with the tart smell of brine. Eddies swirled around her ankles, seeping over the tops of her boots and soaking through to her toes.

Abel cast a worried glance behind him. "I'm sorry," he said again.

"You can't do this!"

He shook his head before yanking the handle and shutting the door, closing off her only way out, her only way to survival.


She raced forward through the maze of barrels stocked with provisions, sails and drinking water. Fallen kegs rolled across her path. The floor tilted violently beneath her and she stumbled over a wayward cask, landing on all fours. Seawater splattered up on her face. She choked on the salt caught in her throat. The brine tingled on her lips and stung her eyes. Frantic from the burning, she swiped at her lids squeezed tight.

The depth of the water lapped at her elbows as she crawled ahead until she reached a cluster of secure kegs. Grabbing a barrel for leverage, Gilly pulled herself upright. Her waterlogged bag, hanging from her wrist by the drawing string, was burdened by rivulets dribbling off the velvet fabric. Its weight put her at ease, if simply to remind her she still possessed it. It was the one thing she had left, the one thing that remained of Hyde and the last four months of her life. And inside, the contents held her fondest memories and darkest secrets.

With an unsure foot, she struggled to keep her balance as the vessel pitched.

Four hours had passed since the ship sailed into the gale. Gilly had remained wedged against the wall, out of sight, in the same spot she took up when she stowed away on the Rowena. It didn't take long before she decided no occasion would have her sailing again. Her queasy stomach roiled along with the churning sea and she took great pains to keep her last meager meal down. The creaking boards and ominous howls of wind—unlike any she'd heard—were frightening. The only comfort to be had she found by pulling her knees to her chin and knotting her arms around her legs.

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The Siren's Song 4.3 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 4 reviews.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
500 pages fast read, flows nice , every book in the series has not been disappointing at all . Look forward to more.
DaleneH More than 1 year ago
I was able to snag this book from Netgalley shortly after finishing book two in Romancing the Pirate series. I again enjoyed this historical romance setting of pirates. This author is amazing with weaving the females into such a known male area and time period. Gilly (Gillian) was such a great character who didn’t really understand or know all the trouble she was in. She was a strong female. Thayer, the ship's captain, was also strong, who tried to be really tough with Gilly, but did find he had a soft side with her. This read had great pace and I kept turning the pages. There is plenty of action on the sea as well as off the waters, in the town of Havana. There were a little politics involved, but nothing too heavy. Fairly quick read.The descriptions of the towns and seas are great. I can just imagine the darkness during the storms on the seas. Sometimes I felt like I needed to turn the light on brighter. I enjoyed the part of the book when it was describing the heists, the reason for them and why they were happening. There are a lot of underlying stories going on along with the main story. These side stories are what hooked me into liking both the hero and the heroine.
LilyElementBookReviews More than 1 year ago
Gillian McCoy, a tavern singer, is a woman on the run. She stows away on a ship only to find out that it is going down. Captain Thayer Drake comes to her rescue and you can see the sparks between them instantly. Drake is the captain of the Rissa, a scavenger ship that helps relieve sinking/stranded ships of their cargo. His crew is a fierce and loyal bunch that I grew to enjoy as the book went on. There are a few steamy scenes scattered around the book. Though not as many as one would hope. You feel the tension between Gilly and Drake, yet nothing happens on several occasions. When there are intimate scenes be prepared for it to be hot! The plot is very intricate, details you do not believe will connect manage to wiggle their way into the story later. The characters were well thought out and detailed nicely. The plot itself is engaging and leaves you wanting more as the book progresses. The end ties together nicely and sums everything up. I found the book hard to put down and it left me wanting to read more of Jennifer Bray-Weber's work.
Jutzie More than 1 year ago
The Siren's Song by Jennifer Bray-Weber Romancing the Pirate Book 3 Welcome to adventure and romance on the high seas. Captain Thayer Drake “helps” those who have become stranded as their ships run a muck or whatever bad luck befalls them. He is kind enough to not only take them aboard but their cargo as well...after he gives them the choice of giving up the cargo or returning to the sea of course. On one such adventure they rescue all the men just to find a lone woman left out on the ship in the middle of quite a squall. After Drake rescues her. Twice! Seems the fool woman thought her purse important enough to jump back into the sea for, he figures she was cargo and now belongs to him as well. For a man fighting demons of his own he has no plans of keeping her but somehow she keeps ending up in his care. Gillian McCoy, a young woman with the voice of an angel, is running for her life by stowing away. When the ship is caught on a reef and a fierce storm rises up, she must escape her hiding place alone and get to the deck. Once she is rescued her life will never be the same. Has she run away from one dangerous situation just to find herself even deeper, or is the dangerous looking Captain Drake a man she can sing her way into his heart? The rest of the books in this series are: Book 1: Blood And Treasure, Book 2: A Kiss in the Wind, the 3rd book is a Novella called Beneath the Water's Edge. The Siren's Song was well written and keeps a steady pace with all the adventure. Never a dull moment. There is some language and sensual situations. **Received through NetGalley for review.