The Skookumchuck Poems

The Skookumchuck Poems

by Grant Jones

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THE SKOOKUMCHUCK POEMS, is a collection of 30 poems written over a fifty-four year period.
The poems spring from the sounds, gulfs, straits, channels, passages, canals, great-bends, reaches, passes, narrows, rapids, harbors, inlets, bays, bights, coves, landings, banks, holes, deeps, boundary-be aches, lagoons, tidal creeks, sandbars, tideflats, mudflats, deltas, spits, distributaries, logjams, looped meanders, braidworks, backsloughs, tributary rivers, waterfalls, creeks, swamps, marshes, fens, salt-prairies, guzzles, seabluffs, terraces, bald and ledges, peninsulas, heads, points, cliffs, rocks, reef islands and tombolos of the Salish Sea estuary.
"Each landscape's fractal design code is part of the genes of a place...each regional landscape creates its own words and language...on the beach the pungent smell of the driftlogs, dried seaweed, crusty sand, and flinty shells on the salt breeze wrap the clouds and waves, ships and seagulls into a fragrant veil of edible, swishing sunlight...a place to learn escape can be discovery." "When the tide went out, there was a vast tideflat in front of my house; I was a beach kid and my home place shaped my DNA, its biology formed my language. The architecture of my landscape and the architecture of my poems became one and the same."
The book includes sketches by the author and a photo of the author.

Grant Jones

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Publication date: 10/10/2017
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