The Slave Memoirs 8: Bondage University (Taboo BDSM Erotica)

The Slave Memoirs 8: Bondage University (Taboo BDSM Erotica)

by Prof. Enoch Pickman

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The Slave Memoirs 8: Bondage University (Taboo BDSM Erotica) by Prof. Enoch Pickman

Very taboo. Not for the faint of heart. May include taboo and forbidden elements. This is a vintage **full length** (100+ Pages), post-censorship erotic novel.
The rescuing of that individual coed on that college campus years ago on the occasion of our first meeting, Geoff, hardly makes up for all the attractive college students I recruited in my years with the OMO. That girl's look of relief was hardly solace for all the looks of wide-eyed terror I have stared at as I dragged and/or carried away my latest conquest in the unending service of supply and demand.
But I digress. There was a good reason for me to be on that campus on that particular night. It was no coincidence that I rescued you and the shapely victim of your attentions. That New England campus had quite recently been the focus of intense interest in the WSN. To all our surprises, a steady flow of absolutely beautiful women had entered the White Slavery Network from that area and then, just as suddenly, had stopped.
I was there on that fateful night in a sort of mopping up operation. I knew that the OMO would be especially interested in why such exceptional product was no longer flowing into their coffers and take steps to ensure that flesh would flow again. And if the original supplier couldn't hack it. they had execs who could--or so they thought.
Finally, I have a little time to tell you what happened on that campus and how I figured into it.
It wasn't that long ago--about a year, in fact, before our first meeting. It was late September, with the summer dying and the fall being born. The sudden thin warm breeze would be an echo of the past season as the trees became brittle rainbows of falling colors. The sky would become a rich, dark blue, with glorious sunsets of orange. The rolling, grassy ground was a deep, giving green--a blanket which surrounded the eclectic campus buildings.
Some were squat, gray granite blockhouses; some were tall, stately colored rectangles; a few were modern, desperate designs by ambitious architects; and one or two were old houses, just barely renovated into campus service centers. Sarah Jane Collum was walking toward one of them in the autumn dusk.
Sarah was glorious. She was not a "killer woman," one of those overly lush, all too aware bombshells. She was a "normal girl." That is the factor which made her beauty all the more extraordinary. She did not leer with sexual promise, like a bombshell. Her smile was real, bright, and friendly, between smooth pink lips that hovered between the description of thin and full, which revealed white, seemingly perfect teeth.
Her eyes were light blue, sharp and distinct. Her hair was straight, silky, and light brown, tousling down on either side of an oval face. Her nose was ordinary, straight, perfect. There was just a hint of a cleft in her chin. Her body, too, hovered between extremes. It hovered between a full roundness and a lithe strength. Her breasts were not huge, not really even big--just perfect for her five-six height. Her breasts were strong, with low nipples, in the middle of her chest, creating a subtle but wildly effective cleavage.

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