The Sleepers of Lethe: Chronicles of the Greater Dreeam II

The Sleepers of Lethe: Chronicles of the Greater Dreeam II

by Michael Francis Gibson


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Chronicles of the Greater Dream
A Full Account of Recent Events in Gondwana

Cast in the familiar form of a fantasy novel, this sweeping trilogy by Miguel Errazu (alter ego of the art writer Michael Francis Gibson) is a work of tremendous scope, imagination and sensibility. Combining imaginative playfulness, colorful imagery, and seriousness of purpose, this wise and witty book is about our being in the world and about the status of the imagination in modern society. The thrilling narrative conjures up a parallel world of such dazzling beauty that it should prompt readers to stand up, like the protagonist of this tale, and reclaim this half-forgotten dimension of their own lives

Second Episode: The Sleepers of Lethe

In the second volume, Teddy and his friends recover the bodies of the Sleepers of Lethe, seven legendary figures that have been resting for close to a hundred years beneath the colossal glacier of Oblivium. As Teddy continues his journey, he discovers love, begins to remember his own past and understands at last why his grandfather was sent into exile, why both his parents were assassinated, and why he himself was being secretly detained.
"A great history - original, and marvelous and strange and fascinating!" Brian O'Doherty
"An unusual work of high literary fantasy. The author's astonishing powers of invention propel us beyond time and space, into a strangely familiar world that is a mirror-image of our own. A work of strong humanistic and internationalist convictions." World Heritage, October 2007

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