The Small Transformation: Society, Economy and Politics in Hungary and the New European Architecture

The Small Transformation: Society, Economy and Politics in Hungary and the New European Architecture



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ISBN-13: 9789630577526
Publisher: Akademiai Kiado Rt.
Publication date: 02/01/2001
Series: Transition Competitiveness and Economic Series
Pages: 560

Table of Contents

Transformation and Adaptation of Hungary in the 1990s19
I.Society and Economy: Actors and Social Conditions of the Transformation
Introduction to Part One39
I.A Classes, Elites, Institutions
1.The Making of the Hungarian Postcommunist Elite: Circulation in Politics, Reproduction in the Economy (1995)44
2.Class Position, Income Opportunities and Satisfaction (1999)70
3.Privatisation and the Tertius Gaudens (1996)92
4.Characteristics and Origins of the Comecon Open-air Market in Hungary (1999)104
I.B Inequalities and Social Services
5.Poverty in Hungary in 1992-1995 (1996)126
6.Regional Unemployment Rate Differentials in Hungary, 1990-1995: The Changing Role of Race and Human Capital (1998)160
7.Returns to Education in Hungary (1995)188
8.Tax Awareness and Reform of the Welfare State: Hungarian Survey Results (1998)202
9.Transition of the Housing Sector in the East Central European Countries (1996)233
10.New Technology in Rehabilitation: A Hungarian Perspective (1992)287
I.C Primordial and Demographic Conditions
11.Modelling the Interrelation Between Macro-society and the Family (1990)302
12.Women's Career (1999)315
13.Orientations by Generations in an Unstable Social Environment (1995)336
14.Victims of Change or Victims of Backwardness? Suicide in Rural Hungary (1995)366
II.Politics, Society and International Relations: Democratic Institutions, European Integration and the International Environment
Introduction to Part Two379
II.A Transition in (East) Central Europe
15.Re-emergence of Post-Communist Small States in Central/Eastern Europe: A Research Agenda (1996)386
16.Questions of State Identity and State Succession in Eastern and Central Europe (1999)397
17.Labour Productivity and Competitiveness of East Central European Transition Economies 1990-1998 (1999)411
18.Economic Transformation and Political Stability in East Central Europe (1996)433
19.Civil Society and Interest Representation in Hungarian Political Development (1994)455
20.Representation Deficit in a New Democracy: Theoretical Considerations and the Hungarian Case (1998)483
II.B Hungary and the European Union
21.Economic Policy Conditions of Hungary's EU Joining (1999)502
22.Hungarian Foreign Policy - with Some Historical Hindsight (1994)516
23.Basic Treaties, Minority Issues and the Enlargement of the European Union (1998)528
24.A Small Country in a Big Union: Hungary's Anticipated Role in the CFSP (1999)560
II.C The Post-Cold War International System and the New Europe
25.More Bosnias? National and Ethnic Tensions in the Post-Communist World (1997)588
26.Europe: Myth or Reality (1999)601
27.The Protection of Human Rights, The Main Principles and Instruments in Europe (1998)613
28.Europe and the New Transnational Security Challenges (1998)629
29.Global Governance, Regionalism, Fragmentation: New Realities for Social Sciences (1999)649

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