The Smile Prescription

The Smile Prescription

by Rich Castellano

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ISBN-13: 9781630478254
Publisher: Morgan James Publishing
Publication date: 11/21/2015
Sold by: Barnes & Noble
Format: NOOK Book
Pages: 192
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About the Author

Rich Castellano MD, The Smile Dr. is a double board certified facial plastic surgeon, WSJ Bestselling Author, scientist, and highly sought after speaker. He is an expert on how to change the facial appearance, and also on how our facial appearance changes us. He has performed hundreds of live and media appearances, and has performed over 10,000 cosmetic procedures of the face and neck.

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Humble Beginnings

It all started when I was seven years old. Life was free, fun, full of play, and limitless. I had what I thought was a happy home and loving parents, and I had no idea what was coming when I developed a deep, painful ache in my left hip. Unfortunately, this went on to become a chronic and life-changing bone condition that forced me to spend two-and-a-half years in a wheelchair and on crutches. The doctors agreed that I would have a limp for the rest of my life. I was numb and horrified. I was told I would be put in an “A-frame” leg brace and would have to walk around like a stick figure. I have always been thankful that Mom never allowed that brace.

As I did my best to recover, there were a lot of tears. I needed to be accepted and acknowledged by the other kids. It was painful to be bullied and called names. I felt excluded and invisible, and compared to those around me it seemed my body was crippled and not natural. During this time, Mom was struggling with schizophrenia, and my parents got a divorce which took years to settle. During the separation, Mom took my brothers and I to live with my family out-of-state. It seemed as if my whole world and family had turned upside-down, and as a child I felt completely out of control and depressed.

I still had family that cared for me, and the doctors I saw were kind and compassionate. Despite these challenges, I had a lot to be thankful for. When I look back, this was one of my big “aha moments,” when I first realized I would become a physician and have the same impact on the lives of others. While I was healing my hip, I was confused and scared, and my deepest fear was that my condition was untreatable. With the help of my family and faith, I put on my best smile and I started my road to recovery. My doctors would joke with me to make me smile, and it made me feel better. I made it through and I learned to walk normally again (and even became the captain of my high school tennis team). I learned a very important lesson: No matter how bad it got, there was always something to smile about. Smiling was the cure that changed my whole life. I learned this from my dad who smiled no matter what happened to him. He loved making people smile, and as a dentist he worked on people’s smiles all day long. He always made me laugh and smile and I loved him very much. He was my hero.

We all go through challenges in life that push us to our limits. When we are forced to dig a little deeper, we realize we always have more to smile about. I used this lesson to get me through many stages of my life. Helping my mom with her mental illness was exasperating. She tried to convince me that my father was a part of the mafia and had murdered people. What is worse, she said he was trying to kill her too. Her life was surrounded with fear and paranoia. There was no laughter or smiling in her pain.

“Fall seven times, stand up eight.” — Japanese Proverb

It was a huge burden for my family. No one understood her, and we were embarrassed to admit there was a problem. I did my best to make her happy and smile, and we just looked harder for things to be grateful for and reasons to smile. I was shocked to learn that as many as 1 in 200 people1 are diagnosed with schizophrenia. In the face of these challenges, I still found the strength to excel in college and get accepted to medical school. When times got tough for the unbelievable amount of work required for medical training and residency, I just had faith that God had bigger plans for my life and did my best to keep smiling. And boy, did he ever!

When I was going through my surgical training, I met and married the woman of my dreams, Irene. She definitely put a smile on my face and we made a great team together! Now I had someone to smile with, and I no longer felt alone. What a great feeling! ( : We now have three beautiful children and an amazing family that we dearly love. With her assistance, I became a successful double board certified facial plastic surgeon with patients from all around the world, which of course carries even bigger challenges yet. I love caring for my patients like they are my family. What a gift it is to be invited into someone’s deepest vulnerabilities, and then to take this privilege and help them smile and change their life for the better. Nothing compares to the emotional feeling it gives me when my patients smile.

As I think back to medical school, I was influenced greatly by the detailed works of Rubens, Leonardo da Vinci, and many of the classical artists. The realism of the facial expression they captured was so moving I was awestruck. Body-image, facial expression, and self-image have always fascinated me. After all, what is more important to our identity than our face? I found I have something very special to share that has changed my life and helped me to cultivate a love of people. I’m dedicated to sharing this so that it will change your life too. Smiling has saved my health, my marriage, my business, and my life!

I applaud the scientific community for proving the abilities of our smile as an untapped power. There are very specific strategies on how our facial muscles and behaviors can change our appearance to make us likeable, weak, strong, or unlikeable. Isn’t it exciting that smiling has been proven to reduce pain and improve your recovery from stress? When I learned this, I was ecstatic because I knew I was on the right path to assist people to rediscover the joy and beauty within their lives.

I know you might be thinking, “What gives Dr. Rich the ability to make these distinctions?” Well here it is. As a double board certified facial plastic surgeon, I am an expert on how to change our facial appearance AND on how our facial appearance changes us! My mission in life is to share this knowledge and help you use these simple yet powerful strategies to build your confidence and self-image to a new level. I absolutely guarantee it will make you smile, feel good about yourself, and IMPROVE YOUR SELF-ESTEEM!

Our world today has experienced a massive shift in cultural consciousness that has people seeking innovative solutions into health sustainability, social responsibility, and personal development. We now have the ability to live longer, grow stronger, and increase our quality of life. I’m excited to be a part of that! I love showing people the way to make a greater impact in their lives and in their relationships. It is wonderful that no matter how good our quality of life gets, we are always finding a way to make it even better yet. In today’s world of instant information and rapidly advancing technology, The Smile Prescription is your personal GPS to guide you to better ways to connect and communicate. That puts a smile on my face. ( : You have to think bigger than what you have seen before. "The Smile Prescription" allows you to make a change in your life and in your relationships right now.

When I first saw my daughter’s face, she made me smile like I never have before. When she first opened her eyes, I did everything I could to show her my smile. Research has shown that smiling and laughter stimulate the reward centers in our brain. 2 Smiling is the gateway to laughter, one of the most powerful feelings in our body. Studies have demonstrated that laughter can protect the heart, burn calories, and even improve memory, 3-5 whether or not it makes milk come out of your nose. Yet, if everyone loves laughter so much, why do people smile so little?

As a facial plastic surgeon, it is easy for me to say a smile is Mother Nature’s facelift! It is free and beautiful, it makes you look younger, and it makes you feel better! It is the facelift we should all do many times every day! In fact, I will ask you to smile RIGHT NOW. What are you waiting for? Feels good, right? If more people did this, there would be a lot fewer visits to plastic surgeons. There are no treatments performed in a plastic surgery office that compare to the beauty and power of a genuine smile.

Table of Contents

Chapter One: Facing Life

Chapter Two: Smile Faster, Better, Longer, and Stronger

Chapter Three: Face Presence

Chapter Four: Reading Faces Tells You Everything

Chapter Five: Be Present With Your “Why” to Create More Smiles

Chapter Six: Your Superhero Smile

Chapter Seven: Smile Harvest

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